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December 16, 2011
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Eevee TF Series
Part 5
Chapter V

It was really almost impossible to see anything. A complete whiteout- an absence of any visible detail. She felt a chill and the world before her eyes opened up and she finally began to see small colors- greens and browns, blacks, grays. A forest sprang up around her- trees as tall as giants looked down at her making her feel smaller than the smallest insect. The cool air persisted, wrapping around her. It was unlike any cold she had ever felt before, even in her dreams. She was shivering, but she loved the sensation. An icy wind kept trying to block her vision, blowing her dark hair, soaking with coolness into her face, and each time she had to stop and remove her hands from her warm pockets to wipe it away. She laughed and coughed a little, not having had much experience with such cold. Up ahead, her Olympic torch; her finish line- the peak covered in an infinite untouchable white.
It was hers.
Pushing forward she embraced the thrust of the wind on her chest as she spread her arms out and ran at an easy pace through forests thick with the smell of swelling oak and crisp pine and a dampness that her spiritual intuition identified easily. Every fiber in her being told her so, and she was right. She pushed between two more oaks and bounded out into a wide void of vivid white, diving into it with the delight of a child.
"Yes! Yes yes yes!" she cried out with uncapped glee. She imagined her parents hearing her but couldn't care less. She scooped up some of the moist crystals in her quickly-numbing hand and dropped it at the foreign sensation. "Oww…" she moaned, sticking her dead hand back in her pocket. Not letting her spirits get dampened, she quickly ran further towards the inclining slope, her Converses getting completely soaked as they plunged into the thickening snow. She felt exhaustion mixed with sheer vigor and adrenaline as she began to round around a spiraling path.
Stopping for a moment to catch her breath in a sort of cave-like opening, canopied by the rock and snow above, she felt the necessity to stay there longer- some cooling comfort that came over her and told her to stay a while and relax. Then she turned her head and saw it: the expanse of the land opened out behind the misty air. She had never ridden in an airplane before, but she imagined that this is what it must have felt like. The clouds high up in the sky were no longer above her but around her. The tiny city glistened as if she were looking at a snow globe. More and more comforting thoughts wrapped up her mind as she sat down on the black rocks and let the magic around her seep in, producing a warm foggy sigh that dissipated in the cool air. She closed her eyes, just for a moment.
A snowflake landed on her forehead and melted gently into her body heat. Her eyes flitted open and the scenery around her had changed drastically, filled with more trees and bushes, and somehow a magical sense. Nothing seemed the same except for her carved-out cave.
"Wha…what? Am I dreaming again…" she groaned as she got up and walked out into the undergrowth that had somehow sprung up without her knowledge. A foreign sense told her something and her eyes widened, flashing with alarm and hope. With that she carefully climbed between tightly-packed trees and grunted as bushes tore at her until she came to a familiar place- one she had visited several times, and never thought could ever exist.
"Oh my gosh…it's…" she was at a loss for words as she looked around the canopy of trees that led out into a streaking sky of grays and whites. The ground beneath her was covered in snow and littered with leaves that crunched loudly as she walked over them. She sighed and her face darkened. "I'm just dreaming again… and probably getting hypothermia… come ooooon Victoria, wake up before your parents start worrying…" she shook herself and slapped her wrist to try and wake herself but the scenery around her remained unchanged.
"No… no…. that's impossible…" she slapped herself harder and shook her head, making her hair loose its set-in shape. "I'm dreaming," she insisted to herself, yet still every detail of what she saw matched every dream she had ever had but with real-life vivacity. The smells of the trees, the cool winds blowing at her face, the loud echoing sound of the crunching leaves, all tore her mind up, confused alone, and afraid. She knelt down under the shady canopy and tried to keep her face warm by rubbing her cheeks, her hands icy cold and detached. No way, she cried to herself as fear began to take her, no way this can be real…
Her body warred with itself, half losing to the cold and half trying to keep the cold parts warm, and her mind tumbled endlessly. All sense was destroyed, and all that was left was the hopeless faith that her dream was in front of her, really for the first time. Still countless questions were left unanswered as they would probably remain unanswered. She had no time for silly games of "where am I," and "how did I get here." Losing all thought she shot up and sprinted out of the leafy cavern, stopping just a few feet short of a wide massive cliff that simply dropped down into nothingness below. Fear gripping her suddenly she dropped and clung to the ground tightly, backing away slowly from the nightmarish drop. "Too close, too close," she mumbled in a panic, before getting up and running back to her hideaway, crying lightly. "Too close," she kept muttering between pants. Winds howled through after her as if trying to pull her back to that edge. She dropped to the ground again and wrapped her arms around her knees, her panting slowing as the winds died.
In that moment, curled up in the snow, that close to death, she longed for assurance. The warming image of the boy she met and fell head-over-heels for the other night filled her every thought, wrapping his arm over her shoulder and holding her close. Everything around her fell quiet as she drew warmth from the eyes of the one she longed to be with at that moment. Blissful silence that was shook by a single crunch.
Her eyes shot open. Panic began to seize her again. Now more than ever it was important to know- dream or reality. If it was a dream it would be over soon. If not, then… she shook her head and held her knees tighter and heard another crunch. By the sound of it she estimated whatever it was to be only a couple of feet behind her. In every one of her dreams of this place she had always been woken up around this point. Except instead of being full of excitement and wrapped in passionate awe, she was overcome with sheer panic and could feel her spine shaking uncontrollably. She had always seen a brownish color flash before her eyes and then she would wake up. She bit her lip trying to control her emotions, then releasing her knees she slowly and carefully got up, eyes closed tightly, to face what was coming. Every part of her wanted to squeal in terror but she lifted one eyelid into a slit and looked around at the row of bushes that were behind her, scanning for anything moving. Hearing yet another light crunch her eyes retreated.
"No…" she demanded of them. "Just, just do it and get it over with…" she opened both eyes to the whiteness that enveloped her. Expecting to see some large terrible form in front of her, she was overly relieved to see nothing. She panted and sighed, almost forcing a laugh before another crunch seized her again. Taking a step back she made her own crunch, and the crunch behind the bushes stopped suddenly. "Oh god…" she whispered to herself. Every fearful thought entered her mind as she stood there frozen in the snow, waiting for the unseen trespasser to make a move.
No sound was heard. This sense of luck gave her a shot of bravery as she fumbled for words. "W…who's there…? Please…. Don't hurt me…?" In every syllable she tried to sound as innocent as she could, a technique she had always used back home when she was in trouble.
The source of the sounds seemed to acknowledge the presence of another and, to Victoria's overwhelming relief, made no attempt to yell, howl, bark, or otherwise intimidate. Rather, the crunching quickened and became visible in the distant shaking of bushes. Victoria braced herself for the worst, not letting her eyes close once. A shimmer of hope lay in her mind that it might just be a squirrel or perhaps even a deer. Still a dozen thoughts of mountain wolves or bears kept her frozen stiff anticipating the arrival of the unknown visitor.
Over her own panting she made out animalistic panting, barely audible over the cracking of bushes and twigs as it approached. She could now see the bushes shaking wherever it passed through, and she could tell it was making a direct path for her. "Oh god please, please don't hurt me…" were her final words before she shrieked as some flash of light came toward her, jumping out of the bushes and immediately diving into the snow a few feet in front of her leaving a dark crater.
"W…what..?" Victoria, not knowing what else to do, slowly inched toward the crater, just about a foot wide. She focused closely on the rim as she knelt down a comfortable distance from the hole. "H…hello?" she asked hopefully, carefully examining the hole. Suddenly a pair of whitish arms hooked onto the edge and a large gray head shot up and shook the snow out of its thick fur, making a sort of raspberry with its lips that put a little smile on Victoria's shocked expression. The thin lines marking its eyelids shot open as the last of the snow was flicked off and its bright blue eyes shone with boundless energy up at her eyes as the furry white head gave a little yelp of what she could only assume was excitement.
The tiny creature's energy wrapped her in a lovely warmth as her grin spread into a wide open smile to match the tiny mouth in front of her. "Oh my gosh! You're… an Eevee right?"
Vee vee! the fox confirmed with zeal. Pulling to get its body out of the small hole, it finally popped free and rolled over the snow in a somersault onto its back and looked up at the girl with unharmed delight, its impossibly tiny gray belly just begging to be rubbed.
"Awww you're just the cutest thing!" Victoria sighed as she gently rubbed the furry chest, the Eevee squeaking and licking her hand, pawing at it playfully, and in turn receiving more and more love. Out of nowhere it summoned the energy to leap at her, knocking her clear over as it began to cover her entire face with its fast wet tongue. Victoria tried to pull it away but it was just too fast, easily dodging her arms as she flailed them around. The Eevee turned it into a game, and Victoria quickly caught on, trying her best to get a hold of the wild furball. Finally she caught a firm grip on the body and brought it into a tight hug, the Eevee protesting at first before calmly and tenderly rubbing its face against hers and smiling up at her adoringly.
"You are just too adorable!" she cried as she held the fox, who curled up perfectly in her hands and flicked its bushy gray tail. "But I don't get it… I thought Eevees were brown…?" Eevee only cared about its name being mentioned and yipped happily before closing its eyes and falling asleep freely in her arms. She gently ran her hand over the silky-smooth fur and leaned in to kiss its head, not expecting it to actually turn its head toward hers and lick her nose.
"Hey! Eww!" she laughed as the fox squirmed free of her arms and began to run around her in circles. "He-hey you! You're gonna make me dizzy!" She picked up her foot and put it in the Eevee's path, but the obstacle didn't seem to block its energy as it latched onto her shoe and started to nip at the laces. "Aw, aw man! Aww…" she sighed as her laces quickly became untied. "You adorable little troublemaker…" At this the Eevee's eyes grew and watered up at her apologetically. "D'aww I can't stay mad at you now can I?" She laughed as the Eevee jumped back into her arms and started to nibble at her hair. Taking it back into her arms she wrapped Eevee in a snug embrace, Eevee cooing lovingly at being held so close.
"Aww I just wanna keep you forever," she sighed as she rubbed her nose into the fuzzy head that looked up at her and placed a paw on her forehead before smiling brightly. "You're just so adorable, but my dad would never let me take a wild animal home with me." The long ears of the fox fell down, defeated and it dropped the edges of its mouth in a sad expression it didn't use much. "Don't worry Eevee, I'll never let you go." She hugged the adoring fox tighter and it squealed in delight. "I'll always protect you…"
A gust of wind tore around the mountain and howled through the clearing, blowing Victoria's hair wildly. Eevee looked around frantically and squeaked nervously, squirming to break free. "What is it little guy?" Victoria asked, letting go and watching Eevee curl up in a tight ball in the snow. "It's ok, it's just the wind," she said gently, reaching a hand out to stroke the tiny arched back. As soon as she touched him though, Eevee squeaked in a panic and dashed away, and the only way it saw was the opening where Victoria dreaded to go.
"EEVEE!" She called out in horror as the gray blur bounded blindly toward the edge. Her protective instinct defeating her fear, she sprinted toward the edge to stop him, leaping and landing in the snow, wrapping around him tightly. Wind and snow howled around them and only a few of Eevee's determined squeaks broke through as Victoria clenched the tiny squirming body tightly. "This is dangerous, Vee! We shouldn't be this close to the edge!" Eevee squirmed free and saw the infinite openness around him, freezing in Victoria's grip. He whimpered and she held him tightly, gently stroking his back and calming him down as the wind surrounded them. "You'll be ok Vee…. You'll be ok… I'll protect you…" She looked down at him as the wind lost its force and saw his large nervous eyes glimmer at her and she reached forward and lay a small kiss on the little face. "I'll protect you," she whispered into the small ear.
In their small moment together time froze and Victoria began to feel an immensely strong connection to the little creature- almost as if Eevee were part of her. She felt like a mother to him and she felt like she could hold him forever. For the rest of her life, embracing the young fox; the thought brought warm and fuzzy feelings to her despite the frozen world around them. Again she brought her face closer to the tiny head and whispered, "I love you Eevee." But before her new friend could respond she felt a sudden shift below her back. It was a sort of shift that reminded her of walking through sand back home, and she hated that feeling deeply. The shift slowly turned into more shifts, and eventually into a slide. Her eyes opened wide with sudden alarm as she realized where the shifts and slides were taking her. She tried to get onto her feet but she was already too late. Snow started to pile up around her and soon she was lost in a tide of the white sand, heading right for the edge of the cliff. One word filled her head: Avalanche.
Within seconds she was already under too much snow that she couldn't move on her own, and she was heading toward the edge at such a fast speed that thoughts of falling forever and never being heard of again made her freeze up. Eevee struggled free and jumped onto her chest, pushing his head determinedly against hers to try and get her up, but to no avail. Touched, she wrapped her arms around him once more and held him tightly. Eevee clung to her tightly and whimpered amidst the growing roars around them. Moments before Victoria anticipated her fate time seemed to slow down and the cool calm voice like that of a young child seemed to fill her head: "I love you too, Victoria…"
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Oh hey everyone read this now .D. FULFILL MY NEED FOR LOVING ;W; loljk only anna can do that *kisses his auburn vee~:heart:* love you babe :3

so yeah like, if you didnt read, I wrote this pretty much all in one night, except for the first paragraph and the last few sentences.... think i did a good job? :iconbegplz: anyway, comments on this LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAATEEEEE chapter are greatly appreciated x3 as always, you know what im tired of reposting everyones copywrite things :P if you need proof that these amazing characters arent mine th-
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
thats the only one I'll put XP
ok and Victoria is (c) :iconwarriorcatgirl365: who is of course now :icontheauburnvee: the woman whom with I share an undying love as passionate as the collective energies of a thousand burning suns.

I KNOW ITS BEEN A WHILE GOSH XDDDD I wrote this when I had no internet... dont get any ideas >w>

Anyway thank you all for all your amazing support even like 35 chapters in =3 thats a rough estimate of course ^^; and umm.... consider this close enough to a christmas special ;3
MY 1st ANNIVERSARY IS IN 2 DAYS X33 ANNA I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH <3 This year has been an AMAZING year love, lets have many many more together :heart: :iconloveyouplz:
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