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January 24, 2011
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Eevee TF Series
Part 5
Chapter I

Ron lay on his back and stared up. The sky was an unusual shade of yellow, lit up by the large moon which stared at him obscurely. Something held Ron down in his relaxed position so that he could not tear his eyes away from it- it just looked at him, as if he didn't belong there. Afraid though he was, his emotions kept stirring inside his concrete body. The moon watched over him. The moon watched him. The moon looked at him. The moon saw him.
The moon heard him, he thought to himself. Heh, that's a new one! 'The moon can hear.' Haha, if moons had ears, we'd all be in trouble, now, wouldn't we! Hello, moon! Can you hear me? I suppose you can't because you're so high up there. You see me but cannot hear me! Oh that is hilarious. He smiled and tried to laugh.
As he thought to himself he began to realize things he hadn't noticed before. Like for example, the moon was huge- it filled half of the sky. Why does it fill the sky, I wonder? Perhaps it wants to be seen. Maybe it's lonely. Does it like me? Does it hate me? He tried to turn his head to look around but no effort of his could free him. He started to sweat. Fear began to take over, until his head cocked to the right. Why do I fear the moon? It is just there- not threatening me...
Out of impulse he slowly reached his suddenly-freed left hand up towards the giant orb. You mean no harm, right? There there... Surprise came over him when the air in front of him became palpable, and he found himself touching the moon. What...? What is this? He started to move his hand around on the surface, to find that it was perhaps only a few yards across. Hm! Some moon you are!
At that the area on the smooth surface disappeared and his hand went right through it. It turned black- blacker than the night sky. Wha? Hey..! He reached his hand out of the black hole and it was red- covered in blood-red liquid. He pulled it away from the moon and examined it closely in a panic- not a single scratch or cut- a perfectly healthy, bloody hand. He saw that his other hand was now covered in blood. What's going on?! He looked up at the moon and saw that the cancerous black hole had grown several inches across.
He looked at his hands in shock. Oh my gosh- I did this! he thought. He looked with pity at the moon. Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to... Something compelled him to reach out and try to grasp the moon. He thrust both palms onto the surface and tried to pull it towards him, to see if he could help the dying mass. It wouldn't budge- it was lodged in its low orbit over his head.
He gave up and pulled his hands away, sorry, and tired. For some reason it took a lot of energy to just touch the moon. The blood from his hands left large prints on the yellow surface- two memories of his great mistake. I'm sorry! he screamed. But it did not seem to acknowledge him. The red prints grew larger and larger, haunting him. They became circular and glowed bright red like a traffic light. He found himself unable to move again- the only part of him he could move was his emotions, and even those fluxuated randomly. The prints reflected the black ground beneath him and grew even bigger. A wind swept over him and the moon began to shrink, the red lights staying in place over him like two giant eyes.
Soon there was very little left of the injured body. What remained of it hovered over him with a giant black dot eating up most of it like an eclipse.
Reoooonn..... it moaned, or at least, seemed to moan. For if moons didn't have ears, they certainly didn't have mouths.
Fear flashed across his face as his name was heard. Y-y-yes? He tried desperately to get away from it but was held down by an incredible weight. At last he screamed out a single word:
All of a sudden the vision before him stirred. The large scarlet circles reshaped and seemed to stare at him. He squinted his eyes as the moon brightened, and he became aware of a warmth around him. The eyes glared at him and the yellow ring glowed. A huge weight on his chest prevented his movement. The blackness around the eyes came close to him and almost touched his face, as if it was studying him closely. For some reason he no longer felt fear. He was annoyed that he couldn't move, but he felt a familiarity with the strange moon that stood on his chest.
Soon a silhouette of the head became visible and Ron saw the dark side of the moon and laughed. Oh! Hey! It's you! At last his body was freed and he could move again.
Umbreon stood on him. His strange black paws were stapled to his shoulders and his face was directly in his. A bright ring on his forehead glowed and lit up the face for Ron to see. There seemed to be no expressed emotion of happiness in the creature's bleak stare, but Ron knew it was in there. He realized that he had been pounced upon in his sleep and that the curious visitor was just playing around. As soon as that thought entered his head, he saw the edges of Umbreon's mouth curl up slightly in approval.
"Hey, haven't seen ya in a while," he chuckled. Umbreon crouched down and rubbed his head against Ron's. "Aww, hey-hey-, stop that- haha!" He took his hand through the soft, thin fur and Umbreon licked him gently. "You're very giddy today... or tonight... I don't even know."
He stopped speaking and heard a low pitch coming from the cuddly creature. He thought it might be a growl and he stiffened up slightly. He made no sound or movement, and just as he anticipated an attack, the growl curled into his ear as a soft purr. Surprised, he continued to rub the creature that was firmly holding onto his chest, with the side of his large black head lying on his neck like a pillow.
"Huh..." he mumbled to himself. "I never really thought you were the huggable type!" He could feel Umbreon's claws gently poke his skin playfully, and Ron took a chance by gently holding one of the elongated ears. He didn't seem to mind. Perhaps he was happy to let his new friend have a look at him. His right eye opened halfway to watch him.
"Very interesting," said Ron. The ring on the upper part of the lobe was on a constant, radiant glow. "Why do they glow like this?" He took his eyes off the ring and found that he had been blinded by the bright light. He couldn't see a thing except for the slight red glow of Umbreon's eye through the greenish haze of circles.
A crack, like the snap of a twig.
The sound rose up through the warm air to his ears and he sighed. "So peaceful," he muttered. His hand went down and held hers.
"Mmmm..." she sighed. "Why can't every night be like this?"
The fire flickered on her, creating shadows in the long hair that grew there.
"Who knows." His hand ran slowly through her hair as she gazed up at him. Her head was on his lap, half-asleep. "If every night were like this, then it wouldn't be special." Umbreon purred in agreement.
"True," Vulpix muttered. She sighed and reached over to tap the black cat. "You look so happy tonight. What makes you so happy?" Her hand swept up over Umbreon's head and his ear folded back as the palm swept.
Umbreon purred as Julia's hand swept. I'm happy because I'm happy. The hand felt cool like the fire.
Standing, he could only stare ahead. Nothing else was to be seen- just two large blinding eyes. Standing, he raised a hand to his face to block the light but the pain still came to him. He stood with a pain in his chest and the light was gone. "Wha..?" He turned around to see that the eyes turned red with fury. "How did I?" He stood aloof, red-eyed, along the path. He grabbed his stomach in sudden pain and tried to run but he couldn't. The white eyes still ran at him, angry.
"No!" He shielded his eyes.
The light was gone but he wanted to follow it. He ran.
He heard soft voices that roared when the light reappeared somewhere down the road.
"Don! Why, it's you! Oh, and you've brought your little friend, hey there!"
She crouched down to me and tickled my neck. She smelled like banana milkshake.
Ron reached over and patted the hand that patted Don's little friend. "Hey, there."
"Hi, you want to sit?"
"Sure." Don chuckled. His chest rose as he offered his new friend a seat in his trust. "I see that he's taken a liking to ya, kid!" He sipped his drink slowly as he enjoyed his company.
"Haha, really?" Umbreon stretched around the back of Ron's neck, rubbing heads with Vulpix. They chirped happily against the growing chaotic noise.
"They really like each other, don't they?"
"Yes we do," said Julia. Their eyes met. Ron smiled and she blushed.
The lights died and everything was green.
"Where is he?"
"Where is who?"
"Right here."
"No not you."
"Don't you need me?"
"Of course I do- but you're not the Ron I'm looking for." The green sea of hell passed over her, and a cold wind blew over the city below. Everything was clear before it was seen.
"What you got there?"
"A secret."
"Why not share it?"
"Because a secret is only so if it is kept secret!"
"Give a hint?"
He looked down at the red and white ball. "I love it." Julia hugged him dearly and a cold wind blew between them.
The sun broke through the window and Ron fell out. Her image faded, but did not disappear.
"Ron I need."
"What do you need?"
"What do I need to need?"
"Your head checked."
"Haha, probably. What is he doing?" Trouble showed its furry head.
"He wants to show her he loves her." The head smiled and innocent eyes shimmered.
"But why?"
He saw the brown fox readying for a pounce. "Does he need a reason?" He pounced.
"Ron! Help him!" She raced for the placid sky and jumped for it. The world saluted her departure.
"Help who?" She was gone. It became night.
"Where did he go?"
"He ran in- smoke, flames."
"Into the fire?"
"Into, out of- what difference did it make?"
"And the poor dear?"
"Which one?"
"Ron!" The flames roared into the sky, orange and pink with passion. He looked up from the rock and saw ripples in the sky. An angel decended with his child in her arms. He was barely breathing, and she had a lovelier look than before.
"Where were you?"
"Ron..." She fainted and the child fell into his arms. He loved him.
The door burst open in a fury of light and he stepped in- angry Grendel hunting for one and one in particular.
"Have you come for me?"
"Ron!" Grendel roared. She did not know what she had before jumping at him. His guardian angel stepped in and fought.
"Ron!" the poor dear whined from his bed- and Corbyn too. They were happy together. Two more appeared- he and he both in the door at Ron's request, one shorter than the other, but one in the same, no doubt.
"What is it, kid?" they asked.
"They're happy."
"Him. You. Everybody, don't you see?" He advanced toward the Vulpix. He smiled.
"Easy kid- take it easy. You don't want to end up like your friends."
"Yes I do- they're happy."
"They're happy because they choose to be!"
He woke up, smiling. Purple rings still stained his eyes, but rather than try to clear them, he closed them. "I'll let Umbreon wake me later..." Eevee sighed squeaky snores on his chest. He and the others. They slept soundly in Ron's comfort. Umbreon watched from the moon, seeing but not seen.
He smiled. He was happy.
WARNING: you may lose your mind while reading this. :meow:

Hi guys! 8D It's been a long time! X3 But Part V is officially upon us, time to start seeing more and more action! (hopefully...) I'm having a really hard time trying to keep writing (I love writing, but I just never find the motivation, even though you guys keep pushing me on. Thank you guys :hug:)

Anyway, this is an epic dream sequence that Ron has. You'll notice that there is A LOT of ambiguity.

n., pl., -ties.
1.Doubtfulness or uncertainty as regards interpretation: "leading a life of alleged moral ambiguity" (Anatole Broyard).
2.Something of doubtful meaning: a poem full of ambiguities.

I seriously think I went crazy while writing this XD
You will notice that it is a summary of the story so far- I hope that that bit of advice will help you keep track. ;D

Pokemon is (c) nintendo and gamefreak
Victoria is (c) :icontheauburnvee: :heart:
Corbyn is (c) :iconcorbynprower:
Crystal is (c) :iconyuseidarkumbreon: btw- some of this story was in collaboration with this kid ;D
Eric is (c) :iconlatios111:
Valencia is (c) :icongolferdude666:
All other characters are (c) me :meow:

I'd like to thank you all for your generous support- seriously, without you guys egging me on, this wouldn't be here :XD: Lol, anyway, take care guys!

Next: [link]
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WARNING: you may lose your mind while reading this.
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