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August 27, 2010
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Eevee TF Series
Part 4
Chapter VI

"Alright, kid, you better start explaining what's going on." Don muttered, frustrated, as he stood up and walked for the bathroom door. He was still getting over his fright of seeing the wierd blue figure lying on the bed, without having to deal with it popping up in the tub from out of nowhere. He paused as he saw Ron not moving to stand up, and turned around to lean on the door frame. Taking note of his temper he tried to calm down and asked, "Why did you want me to bring my dog over here?"
Ron looked over his shoulder, still kneeling next to the tub. He groaned as he reached his hand around to his side and pushed himself up, holding onto the tub with his other hand for balance. Turning around, Don looked miserable. His pale face beheld small, tired blue eyes that fell back into his head, surrounded by thin eyelashes that habitually squinted to block out the blinding afternoon sun while driving. A pair of pursed lips poked out thoughtfully under his nose. The scruffy hair on his head and chin was a mix between black and silver, that hinted at his masked aging which he constantly refused to accept. The red vest that was obscurely tossed over his white shirt fell lazily to one side, untucked from his faded blue jeans which tore slightly at the ankles.
Ron looked him over and understood his stress and confusion. "There," he said, patting his friend's back. Don eyes met his and he smiled sympathetically. Ron continued, encouraged. "I have no better idea of what's going on than you do. But," he emphasized with a pointing finger, "I plan to find out." He gently sidestepped around Don and walked out of the bathroom, with Don following slowly behind.
They made their way back over to the bed. Sitting on its covers were three creatures: one unfamiliar one was sitting aloof near the window, and the other two, who Ron knew only too well, were on top of each other, playing. The small brown one was ebulliently licking the large blue one with a small pink tongue from on top of the large blue one's back. Valencia calmly showed neither consent nor annoyance.
Ron took off his coat and gently folded it across his arm and placed it on the table before backing onto the bed and crawling back to sit with legs crossed and his back against the wall, next to Vulpix, who eyed him sternly. He stared back for a while, but tried to ignore the deep golden eyes. He couldn't help feeling an affinity with the creature. As he took in the figure, his mind- reluctantly- went immediately back to his dream from that morning; the one where he saw his frightened Julia trembling on the brick floor with those same golden eyes that glimmered in the firelight, longingly and helplessly. The thought that this creature might have some relation to his dream crossed his mind. Maybe it is Julia, he thought. He felt like he was back in the dim alleyway again as he reached over cautiously to stroke the creature's red curling headpiece. To his surprise the widely-opened eyes softened and seemed to relax under his hand. The rust-red fur felt smooth and warm as it passed between his fingers, and for the first time since leaving the hospital, he felt at ease.
"Careful, there. 'e's not too fond of strangers." Don cautioned as he moved his chair over to the bedside. Eevee paused his playing and gave the red-vested man an apologetic look. Don acknowledged the sorry face but was unmoved, still not understanding why the strange brown furball was trying to warm up to him. He sat down in the chair and turned to face Ron. Again, Eevee sighed as his head turned downwards and he sulked over to Vulpix, curling up between his two auburn socks.
Valencia got up and trodded over to the disconcerted fox. "What's wrong? I've never seen you like this before."
Eevee pulled his legs closer to his head and exhaled. "He doesn't- I- Why doesn't he..." He broke into a muffled sob.
Vulpix looked down over the troubled infant. "There, there."
Valencia stared at them, oblivious. "Who?"
Eevee sniffed, his head completely hidden under his bushy tail. "My friend Don." His voice started cracking and his speech staggered. "I guess he doesn't like me anymore."
"There, there."
Valencia's tail stopped moving and fell to her side. Eevee got up and crawled onto Vulpix's dark-brown paw. Vulpix started rubbing his back with his large nose. "What is he talking about?"
The large red fox looked up at her with his huge, deep eyes. She shrank away under his concrete gaze and decided not to converse with him. Whatever reasons he had for not talking to her were his own.
"Tell me, Don," Ron muttered, gently running his fingers through Vulpix's silky fur. "How long have you had your 'dog'?"
Don looked up with a deep, thougtful countenance. He scratched his chin and gazed over at his pet, who was providing a soft paw to sleep on for the alien creature that kept coming up to him like they knew each other. As the soft bristles on his face snapped back into curled positions as they were unfolded, he tried his hardest to remember all of the memories he could recall about his dog and how they met. No matter how far back he thought, though, an older memory slowly dusted itself off in his mind. "Hmm... Quite frankly, I haven't the slightest idea. It's been so long-"
Suddenly a loud pound exploded from behind him and pulsed throughout the room. Everyone jolted and turned their heads around to peer at the motionless, metal door. No one said a word, and the silence was broken by another, prompt bang. The group flinched as the door seemed to jump out of its frame upon the hit. A hardly discernable humming came from the walls around them, and the lights flickered steadily, followed by a strain of yet more pounds. In a rapid procession they came and rattled in their ears, and seemed to get softer and softer, also seeming to get more hollow. The lights began flickering violently. The three creatures on the bed started shouting in their discordant cries. The hum grew softer, yielding a slowing stream of gentle taps and scrapes against the door. The lights went out. From the miniscule space under the door and through the eye-hole could be seen a brilliant strobe of pale light. A few seconds later the scraping slowed to a halt and the fluorescent lights hummed back on to a silent room.
The two men looked at each other with surprise, as did the three on the bed. Ron lurched forward and crawled off of the bed. "What the hell do you suppose that was?"
"Not a clue, but I'll tell you what."
Don got up and, with a spark of sarcasm, "I do believe someone is at the door."
Ron shook his head and smiled grimly. "Thanks." He walked to the door with extreme caution and peered through the small lens of the eyehole in the center of the rectangle. At first he could see nothing discernable; everything was gray and silvery and unreal. As he squinted the void began to swirl and gave way to more definable colors; he could make out the wall on the opposite side of the hallway. "My goodness," he muttered.
"What?" Don impatiently grabbed the door handle and turned it. Without opposition Ron stepped back and moved to the other side of his companion as the door was slowly opened.
Through the crack poured a thick haze that smelt tart with a nostril-turning, chemical odor. Ron shut his eyes as the warm smoke curled over his face. One could have easily thought there was a fire in the building. Across the hall and to the left a bright light drew their attention to a door that was slightly ajar. In front of them lay a large pile of clothing, from which the smoke appeared to be rising. The heap was large and looked to contain more than one set of garments; possibly a result of an ill-packed suitcase that refused to carry its load any longer.
Don shook his head incredulously. "Would you look at that." He bent over to get a closer look. "Some people just have no respect, you know?" As he gathered the clothes together he noticed the bulkiness of the pile and paused. A faint, low coo came through the layers of fabric as he placed a hand on it and struck the two dumb. The clothing shifted and rose slightly, issuing another groan. Out of the neck of the large white shirt that lay on top poked a small blond patch of fur, followed by a similarly-colored canid head. A pair of long, erect ears were folded back under the rim of the shirt's collar, holding it up like a tent. Both men caught their breath at the queer sight.
The jaundiced fur under the stale clothes was stunningly bright. With a small black nose pointed away from them, its eyes flitted open suddenly, revealing a pair of deep, ebony disks with an amethyst tint that radiated from the sides. A bright light cast from the overhanging lamps hit the wide shells and formed a white ovate gleam in the upper corners. The fur on the dog's forehead looked unnaturally scruffy and rose up to form numerous, recurring peaks. It raied its head higher and the shirt fell around its neck, revealing a white band of long, spiked fur. Its sulfurous, bristly ears stood upright, with a black region inside.
Ron wondered whether or not he should pursue its attention or to hide from it. It seemed to be in a self-induced stupor, unaware of anything around it. The head slowly angled downward, staring at the pile of clothes. Its eyes rose and widened as the spiked mane came into view and it barked, looking around frantically.
Don came down on his right knee and gently placed a hand on the shirt, feeling the array of spikes that covered the dog's back. In an instant the anxious head swung around and its eyes tensed as it spat, furious. A golden glow appeared on one of its facial spikes and turned into a bright, jagged beam that leapt into the air and struck Don's arm with a crisp, resonating pop. The whole limb glowed whitish-yellow and he let out a pained yelp, falling back and hitting the wall. The dog's eyes eased and looked over the body. It's face fell with astonishment and it leapt out of the pile of clothes and walked over to him, nosing his reddened arm apologetically. Don's eyes, however, were wide with fear and perplexion.
Ron's chest heaved with anxiety. "Hey!" he slipped, not knowing what else to do.
The dog lifted its head away from Don and turned toward the sound of his voice. He shuddered under the deep purple eyes that loomed in front of him. The beast stuck out one front paw and lowered its head. The furry spikes on its back, now visible, rose high above its head, and its eyes squinted. Ron took a step back when he heard a deep, raging growl come from its inner being. Without another thought the creature without a tail ignited its fur with a yellowish-white aura that crackled and hummed loudly. The tight, powerful muscles in its hind legs flexed and sent it soaring towards Ron's chest with a war-like battle cry.
Ron had no time to shriek before he felt the impact of the heavy paws on his chest, and before he knew it, he was on his back, several feet inside his room. A blinding white light filled the room and he felt a numbing feeling at his feet spread up to his chest. He could hear the whip-like zaps around his face and the outraged barks of the creature that stuck its nose an inch away from his, glaring at him with rabid condemnation.
The three on the bed looked on worriedly. Valencia ran over to ths side of the bed and tried to make out the ragings of the hostile creature that she was quick to identify as a Jolteon.
"What the hell is going on, Ron? Damn it, kid! Talk to me! What did you do to me?!" The angry feminine voice sounded only too-familiar, especially given the short temper that it contained. She spat out numerous curses and swears that Valencia hoped never to hear again.
She saw the bright light surrounding the Jolteon grow brighter, and Ron started to scream in pain. Biting her lip and looking from attacker to helpless victim, she felt a surge of heroism explode from deep within herself. She stepped backwards and arched her back. She felt her smooth skin bead with potent water and her throat also felt congested as she surged forward and jumped off of the bed. The warmth of the sparking energy below her made her eyes water, and she felt herself moving slowly towards her fate. Her legs made her feel like she would land clumsily, and she felt herself instinctively angle midair into a swift dive.
Her insides cramped and she felt like she would burst at any moment. She opened her mouth wide. A huge rush of white water shot out in a straight line towards the yellow dog. Her head swung upwards to see Valencia flying towards her, and she was met with a concentrated blast of cold water that stung like bullets on her back. She dropped onto her chest and the sparks died.
Valencia landed on the carpet next to Ron and immediately lunged for the Jolteon with her muscular tail. The yellow dog found herself sailing through the air and yelped when she slammed into the thick wall and fell to the ground. She slowly managed lifted herself onto her limp legs and spun around to meet the new avenger. Valencia, panting heavily from her exertion, stood with the extent of her sleek, impressive body stretched alongside Ron's and lowered her head to the ground indignantly. Ron looked over at the standoff and winced from the pain that still coursed through his arms and chest.
"What are you doing?!" Valencia screamed.
The creature coughed. "Why didn't it hurt?"
Valencia raised her head at the change of subject. "What do you mean?"
"That! You slammed me into the wall!"
Valencia's mouth dropped open and she tried to think of an answer. She was interrupted, however, by a strident voice from behind her that startled the both of them.
"Why are you trying to hurt Ron?" Eevee squeaked defiantly from the safety of the high bed. His tiny brows were pulled down covering half of each eye, and his tail darted briskly. Vulpix had also taken a vigilant post next to him, with legs spread at the ready and his countenance shadowed by a reproachful glare- colder than Valencia had ever seen before, in pokémon or humans alike.
Jolteon's gaze snapped over to the two characters and she yelped again in anxiety. "Gah!" Her rear lowered and he ears folded back as she tucked her shoulders into her neck. "Will someone please tell me what the hell's going on?"
Vulpix sighed with an audible Hmph!
"What are you talking about?" Valencia cooed as she carefully approached the volatile creature.
Jolteon narrowed her gaze and tried to look upset at this gesture. "Watch it." Valencia stopped respectfully and sat down with her long tail curling elegantly around her front. "What the hell are you, what the hell are they," she poked her shoulder toward the bed, "and what the hell am I?"
Suddenly Valencia felt a swelling in the pit of her stomach and her mouth dropped wide open again, speechless. She saw the Jolteon's cheeks start to twitch as she looked around the room nervously and she lowered her gaze with solemn pity. A string of words formed in her mind but soon became knotted and twisted and soon fell apart. She soon found herself interrupted again as Eevee tumbled off of the bed and freely skipped over to Valencia's side. Vulpix also followed coolly, not saying a word.
"My name is Eevee!" the pup chirped, raising his head to meet that of Jolteon's.
"You!" Jolteon lurched forward and peered over the small brown head with menacing eyes and fur standing up on end. Eevee contracted and pulled his ears back in fear. "You're that thing from before! At the hospital!" she roared. Eevee looked up from the floor beseechingly with huge, watering eyes, whimpering under the fire. "You're that thing that jumped on me and nearly killed me!"
Eevee broke down. In an instant he was on his belly, helplessly and slowly rolling from side to side in strident bawling, covering his closed eyes with his short paws. "Eee! I-I just wa-wanted to play!" Soon a wide puddle had developed on the carpet.
A spark of realization struck Valencia as soon as she heard what Jolteon said and she finally understood. Her face flashed in awe and she stepped back respectfully. "Mrs. Ruck?!"
Jolteon also stepped back in insecurity. Her deep dark eyes gleamed and sparks were whirring on her rear spikes. "How the hell do you know me? I've never seen anything like you before in my life."
Valencia's cerulean cheeks turned reddish with embarrassment as she thought about what she was going to try to disclose to her former teacher. "My name is Valencia Tuman. You should remember my name; we met this morning at the hospital."
She allowed Cathy a moment to recall the morning events. "This afternoon, somehow- by some incredible, impossible means," she shyly swept her muzzle around her sleek, gleaming body, and let her meaning falter and fade away. When she saw the blank stare on her teacher's face, she sighed and continued slowly. "Believe me, I haven't the slightest idea about what's going on. Somehow we've become these creatures called pokémon- you do know what they are, right?"
Cathy shook her head calmly, though still trying to wrap her mind around what this creature in front of her- that was allegedly a former student of hers- was saying. It was a very interesting experience for her- this interspecial communication. All the while she heard strange sounds that made little sense, yet some inner sense in the back of her mind was echoing the sounds into interpretations that she fully understood; she wasn't hearing words, but rather, she was subconsciously comprehending what she was hearing. Talking for her was even stranger. It was like trying to talk underwater. Every time she tried to utter something, her throat muscles contracted and her tongue leapt everywhere, and her sounds came out in distorted barks, whiny groans, and, curiously, the syllable jolt, the only english word she seemed capable of saying.
"Well, I suppose that may be a good thing, then. All you need to know is that in this universe- supposedly- they are fictional creatures; figments of the imagination." She motioned towards Vulpix and Eevee, who, during her conversation, had taken refuge behind Vulpix's cool, intimidating figure. "And yet, here we are."
"You're not making any sense."
Valencia threw her head back and sighed, frustrated. "Mrs. Ruck," she said, trying to control her chagrin that bubbled with an odd anticipation. "Try to not be a scientist for a minute. Look past your strict ideas and laws of physics and stuff like that, and try to see that something incredible has happened."
"You look very pretty," Eevee timidly squeaked, with a generous smile.
"Zip it," Cathy retorted, and Eevee went back into hiding. She turned away slightly and shook her head again, cursing under her breath. She looked back at Valencia and walked over to a comfortable distance from her. "But how? I don't understand what happened. One moment I'm trying to just do my job and teach a class of ignorant kids... the next thing I know, I'm in unimaginable pain." She looked back over to the small brown bump that was peeking around the large red fox's feet. "And it's all your fault!" With that, she lunged in outrage towards Eevee. However, Valencia quickly jumped onto her and brought her to the ground.
"Hold it! Eevee had nothing to do with this!"
"Yes he did! He jumped at me- he scared the crap out of me!"
Eevee bravely poked his head out. "I just wanted to play with you."
"Shut up! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have shocked myself into a coma, and I would still be human! Not a poke-whatever-the-hell-you-call-it thing!" Her voice cracked and she slowly stopped struggling, defeated, under the surprisingly strong hold. Valencia carefully slid herself off of Cathy's yellow fur and allowed her to get back up.
"He can't help it, Mrs. Ruck-"
"Call me Cathy."
"I just got beaten down by you, you might as well call me that," she said, hopelessly.
"Cathy, he's still just a child. He's like a kitten; easily excitable, and completely unaware. He didn't know any better." Cathy didn't say anything. "He jumped at me earlier."
"He did, huh?"
"Yeah, he has a tendency to overdo things. He licked my entire face clean," she said with a short giggle.
Cathy looked calmly off into the distance. "Tell me, kid. How did this happen to you?"
"How did you become a...-"
"Vaporeon," she offered.
"I became a Vaporeon- its a water-type species of pokémon, and you are now a Jolteon, an electric-type. To answer your question, I was at the lake with Ron when it happened. At my request, he brought Eevee with him-"
"Wait- that brown runt belongs to Caverte?"
"That's cute brown runt, apparently," said Vulpix, talking to Cathy for the first time. Cathy disregarded this, though taking note of the absurdity of how his deep, mellifluous voice contrasted with his curling red locks.
"Well, kinda. I don't really know how he got him. Anyway, it was this afternoon and we were at the lake- just Ron, Eevee, and me. Eevee went for a swim with my supervision- Ron neglected to bring his swimwear- and the next thing I know, I hear the poor thing squealing and splashing for his life, and he went under. I dove in to save him, and that's when it happened. I saw this brilliant, colorful glow of light, and found my body turning light blue, like this," she held up her front leg. "Next thing I know, I'm a foot tall, hairless, and have a tail," she said with strained optimism, trying to make a joke. She was elated to see Cathy's lips turn up slightly.
"Hmm. Wait- could there be a connection?"
"What do you mean?"
"We both turned into... pokémon..."
"Right- and when you went down at the hospital, Eevee slobbered all over your face."
"That little-!"
"Calm down, calm down- so, there must be a connection. We both came in contact with Eevee, and then, we changed." Valencia's face darkened and she thoughtfully looked down curiously at her animated tail.
Cathy's ears perked with excitement. "Right! Maybe we can figure out how to change ourselves back now!"
Not listening, Valencia shook herself out of her deep thinking with a wide face of shock. "Oh, my God! Corbyn!
Part 4
Chapter VI

Unbelievable. XD Lol, but seriously, sorry to keep you guys waiting. The past few weeks have been absolute Hades (that's AP Lit language for "hell") for me, with schoolwork and marching band and other stuff getting in the way.
Don't get me wrong- I love school this year. AP Lit, Band, Spanish, AP Calc, and orchestra's going pretty well also. I'm not doing to bad for a first-year, self-taught string bass player! :D Kudos to me.

Lol, and I digress.
In this part, we observe Don's reactions to these goings-on, and another character makes a startling new entrance. :la: Yay for more transformations! :3

By the way, special shoutout to this kid right here: :iconcorbynprower:
Happy Belated Birthday, dude! :D I'm only like a day late with this chapter. :XD:

Ron, Don, Cathy (Mrs. Ruck) characters are (c) :iconchristopherf10:
Eevee (personality) and Vulpix (personality) are (c) :iconchristopherf10:
Pokémon is (c) Nintendo and Game Freak
Valencia is (c) :icongolferdude666:
Corbyn is (c) :iconcorbynprower:

(others not appearing in this segment)
Crystal is (c) :iconyuseidarkumbreon:
Eric is (c) :iconlatios111:
Victoria is (c) :iconwarriorcatgirl365:

next: [link]
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