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Eevee TF Series
Part 4
Chapter V

The sun started setting in the big city, and the raffish drone of insects could be heard bellowing from the surrounding hills. The rays that peeked around the sides of the mountain gently tapped the sides of the urban limits, leaving the gray concrete jungle in pale moonlit darkness. Moonlight and sunlight combined and gave certain areas in Coledge popularity with exclusive iridescent streaks of purple and teal in the cloudy sky. Far off, at a safe distance, bright white stars watched the spectacle.
"Don," Ron started. "This is Eevee, or an Eevee, as I've been told." He allowed the brown fox to sit in his hand and held it up to Don.
He gave the downhearted creature another look over, but shook his head. "It doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before, much less owned," he apologized. "What are you getting at?"
Eevee sighed hopelessly. Ron stroked his soft pelt and offered Don to do the same. He did so, but only muttered something unintelligible. Eevee didn't move under his hand.
"What makes you think he's mine?"
Ron thought about that question and took his time coming up with an answer. "Well," he began. He really did not want to mention how at the bus stop he had seen- or thought he had seen- his middle-aged friend as a ten-year-old boy named Don with a Mid-Western accent, who had an older sister named Laura who shushed him frequently, and had a curious-eyed red fox named Vulpix and a smaller, brown fox named Eevee who resembled only too suspiciously the small brown fox in his hand whose name was also Eevee. "You said you had a dog?"
"Yeah, he's in my room."
"Could you bring him in here?"
"Sure, but why-"
"Just trust me. Bring Vulpix in here."
As Don got up he gave Ron an incredulous look. "Hey, how'd you know his name? I never told you- in fact, I don't think I ever told anyone."
"Call it a hunch," Ron spilled out. Don walked out slowly and the door closed.
When he knew he was alone Ron leaned over Valencia's sprawled legs and head. He gently stroked her smooth side, knowing that it belonged to his friend. "Don't worry, Val," he wanted to say, but he felt it would be in vain. He noticed as he felt the skin that it felt comfortably moist, as if sweating. He rubbed closer to the neck and it felt noticeably wet, and he scratched his head in wonder. Quickly he walked over to the bathroom and filled up a plastic cup that had a silhouette of a cat printed on the side with cold water and placed a couple of ice cubes in lazily. With cup in hand he steadily walked back over to the side of the bed and sat down on the floor with his head close to the blue head. Slowly and with deep consideration he dipped a dry finger in the cold water and held it over Valencia's head, allowing a few crystal-clear droplets to fall from it and gently land on her short muzzle. Her bare cheeks twitched lightly and a faint, high-pitched coo came from her throat.
An idea suddenly flashed through Ron's mind, lighting his face up in curiosity and excitement. Placing the water cup on the nightstand he ran back into the bathroom and pulled a knob on the bathtub. After a few seconds white water came shooting out of the small rusted faucet and formed a small, growing pool around the drain. The block fell into place and soon the basin was filling at a slow, steady pace. He sloshed his palm around in the two-inch-deep water and was satisfied with the cool temperature, which was starting to rival the lake's water which maintained a chilling fifty degrees-F year-round. After flicking all the water off of his hand he rushed back over to his bed and picked up the towel carrying Valencia. He brought her into the bathroom quickly and gently held the sleeping beauty over the water. Carefully he lowered it into the water, the sound of it rushing out of the pipes not stirring either of them.
The towel touched the water and turned black, soaked. The water in the tub was now well over a foot high, and climbing. It jumped over and onto the towel, spraying the milky-blue skin. Ron prudently pulled the towel down to the bottom of the tub and slammed the knob on the faucet shut. He looked on at his friend, hopeful.
He saw the blue form founder to the bottom and, just like at the lake, disappeared into a clear void. As the faucet ceased its dripping, a rolling chirp came from the clear water and echoed off of every surface. His face beamed with anticipation. "Val?" he asked hopefully.
Another rolling purr came from the water, and the unmistakable sound of light tapping on ceramic followed. Another coo exuded and curled upwards curiously.

"What's going on? Where am I?" She found herself lying down on her side in a giant tube. There were bright lights shimmering above her and every sound she heard was a deafening unintelligible dissonance. She felt cold, and the idea of trying to move made her head hurt. She moved her eyes lazily around, noticing the clean, vertical walls that surrounded her. Building up her energy she managed to lift her head and look behind her. Instead of seeing her favorite skirt, though, she found herself staring at a set of blue alien legs that reached lazily in every direction around her, and a slender tail that wrapped around her smooth, turquoise body.
"Oh, it's just another dream," she groaned, and she heard the reverberation of her high-pitched voice that she knew wasn't really hers, and could never be. Strange, she thought though, that this water felt more fluid than it usually did. Suddenly her eyes bulged and she remembered a vague blurb of another experience; she was out at the lake, and Ron was there. Eevee was there too. She started to worry, wondering how she got out of the lake, or if she even got out of the lake. Am I dead? As her thoughts swirled around in her head she heard an authoritative, though muffled voice come from the scintillating void above that seemed to be calling her by name.
Her small head shot upwards and saw a dark familiar figure on the other side of the void with no distinguishable features. "Ron?" she questioned impulsively and with a hopeful mien. With the four lean legs she inhabited she stood up with her back parallel to the ground and felt a sensation she had never felt before; not only did the walls look smooth, but they felt smooth. It was then that she noticed the soaked blue, scratchy towel underneath her that she remembered having at the lake. In shifting her legs she felt unnaturally hindered by some unseen force that prevented her from making sudden movements.
Again the voice sounded.
She was certain it was Ron. Whether it was a dream or not, she recognized the warmth in his tone. She crouched down and, head down, lurched upwards and shot out of the smooth-walled prison.
As soon as her head breached the wavering ceiling she found herself in a much brighter world. She realized just how wet she was, annoyed at the water that dripped off in her speeding wake. Her feet and tail cleared the top of the walls and her entire body was in the cool, dry air.
In front of her was a perfect outline of the figure she expected to see. Ron was sitting on his knees a couple of feet from the tub- she realized she was in a bathroom and had been given a dunk in the bathtub- with a surprised and ardent visage.
Her wet front paws pounded his vertical chest and effortlessly toppled him over onto his back. In an affectionate embrace she wrapped her front legs around his head and right arm, and let her back legs fall off to the side, her tail flapping around wildly. She nudged her head against his left cheek, tickling his chin and neck with her dripping fins.
Confused as to what to do, Ron hesitantly wrapped his arms around the moist blue body that quivered in his grasp. Her smooth resilient skin felt heavenly under his stroking arm. He was still busy comprehending that Valencia, whom he had taken to be lying lifelessly at the bottom of the cold lake, was not only alive and vividly animated, but was in a completely different body- one that did not naturally exist in his world, at that. His mind raced; he tried to figure out why she paid no mind to her non-human body- or even if she noticed. "Oh, Val," he groaned, eyes starting to water. He reached his arms around further and squeezed firmly but gently. "It's going to be okay," he cooed.
Valencia quickly jumped off of Ron, who turned onto his side to face her. She sat on the cool tile floor in the way any normal Vaporeon would sit, however she felt a tingling pain in her joints as she did so. Her head cocked to the side curiously. "What do you mean 'okay'?" she questioned, though all that came out was a rolling Va-Poreon. Her head straightened with indignation. Funny, she thought to herself, I usually speak English when I'm a Vaporeon. She looked for approval from Ron, whose reddened smile was obscured by his trembling chin. He looked like he would burst into tears at any moment. "What's wrong?" she asked, again hearing a fluid, sighing Vapor.
"There, there," he murmured calmly. "It's going to be okay," he repeated. He looked at her unreadable countenance amidst the fins and muzzle and felt afraid and helpless. He tried to imagine what she was thinking; waking up in a larger world and feeling the slow shock of seeing your humanity completely washed away. At the same time he thought about how she was right before whatever experience changed her underwater; free-living, ambitious, and giddy with her fascinations. He beamed with a warm heart at the prospect of her being thrilled about achieving her deepest dreams of becoming such a creature.
From outside the bathroom came a slow knocking and muffled speech. Ron rose to a sitting position and motioned openly towards the bathtub. "Here, why don't you swim for a bit?"
Valencia followed his hand over to the white porcelain tub and reluctantly jumped onto the side, looking back worriedly as Ron strode out of the room. She sighed with pseudo-content, leaned over and dove silently into the clear water.
Ron firmly gripped the worn handle of the door and turned it, opening it slowly and narrowly. Don's large form walked in, followed by a small animal- not much bigger than Eevee, Ron noted- with short, faded red fur, and a large fanning tail of deeper, warmer red-orange. Its sock-like paws were a darker brown, and its underside was white. On its head was a quaint patch of naturally-curling orange fur that resembled the groomed locks of a human. Just like all of the other strange creatures he met recently this one had unusual bodily proportions and an unreal, but enticing white gleam in each eye. As it timidly stepped in it raised its snout to sniff the air and its gaze sternly rested on Ron for a moment before being called by Don to follow him.
Don paced over to and sat in the chair he was in earlier, and his attendant leapt onto the bed and sat loyally as close as he could get to his master, continuing to sniff the air curiously. His pupil-less eyes skipped all over the room and they recurrently locked onto Ron's blank face before flying off to resume his sniffing. He was looking for something, Ron could tell, and a number of possible things in his hotel room came to mind that could interest such an animal.
"Well, here he is," Don announced proudly, stroking Vulpix's soft red-brown fur. The fox took no notice and continued sampling the air. He raised a paw in front of him as if in mid-step and turned his head decisively to the right.
On the windowsill he saw Eevee sitting motionlessly, staring out the glass window into the moonlit night sky. He let out an impulsive bark and Eevee's ears twitched. The fuzzy brown head turned around quickly and lit up immediately upon seeing the fox who walked over to him and lay down next to him. Eevee playfully pounced on Vulpix's back and the two excitedly chatted in their arcane language while Ron tried to discuss the situation with Don.
"Well," he began, as all great speeches began, "I think that-"
"Wait a minute," Don interrupted. "Where's your little friend?"
"Oh- here," he began walking to the bathroom, gesturing for Don to follow. They leaned over the tub filled with water.
"Hey, Val, you still in there?" Ron asked the clear water.
"I don't see-" Don started before he was startled by a light-blue, cat-like head that popped suddenly out of the transparent water and which was followed by a pair of similarly-colored paws that gently hung over the edge of the tub. Valencia's visage looked slightly ill and when she chirped to confirm her presence and to greet Don- whom she had never met before- her voice trailed off into an apathetic groan.

Valencia bobbed in the calm motionlessness of the hotel water Ron had courteously ran for her. She was still trying to understand everything, but was met with only more and more confusion. Something was certainly not right, but she had no idea what it was. Everything in this dream was more palpable and more articulate than any daydream she ever had before. The water felt more refreshing, the room smelled strongly of chemicals that made her dimple-sized nose turn in on itself, and she had a chronic, pinching pain in her back and legs. She sucked in some of the metallic-tasting water around her and blew it back out between her pointed teeth, bored. I shouldn't be bored she insisted to herself. Not in a dream, anyway.
A voice came from overhead; it was Ron's again, she noted. She looked up and saw two figures standing in the light. Who's this? She wondered. The other figure began speaking as she stood up to hang over the side of the tub. The large, scruffy-haired man in the red vest- the one that was not Ron- almost slipped on the wet floor as he jolted at the sudden appearance of her.
"Hello," she said with false enthusiasm.
"Hey," exclaimed Ron, hoping to cheer her up. He was kneeling next to the tub close to where she was standing. "Glad to see that you're up and around, Val." He looked to his older friend who stood over him. "You may not remember him. This is Don, a good friend of mine." Don slowly lowered himself into a kneel next to Ron. "He helped me save you at the lake."
Valencia's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. What? she stuttered with suspicion. She tried to show her confusion by tilting her head slightly and looking up.
Ron picked up the feelings she conveyed. "I was getting kinda worried when you rushed out to save Eevee," he began explaining.
At this point Valencia jumped out of the tub and took a perch on the floor behind the two men. She stared curiously at them with her large dark eyes. Oh, yes, she thought, I sorta remember that. But what does that have to do with- she stopped and turned her head around quickly. Outside the bathroom she thought she heard voices- two voices, to be exact, but they were not fully perceptible with Ron's talking. She turned around and walked towards the door, looking back apologetically.
As she walked into the main room everything began to feel more ostensive. The thick carpeting compressed under the soft pads of her paws and the room no longer smelled of chemicals. She could feel air and the moisture from her back being lured towards the monstrous vent on the wall as she passed. Ron and Don where still talking behind her but they became drowned out by the new voices she was hearing. They came from high up on the bed, out of sight from the floor. She crawled over to the side of the bed and arched her back, preparing for an impossibly high jump. She froze, however, when the crystal-clear voices came crisply to her ear-flaps.
One of the voices was unnaturally high-pitched. Every other squeaking word it said was followed by the sound of old springs buckling under the bed and the sound of light, muffled thumping. The other voice was notably quiet; it spoke with age and authority, and controlled its speech well. Unlike the former voice this one sounded mature and masculine, and had a smooth, deep resonance. Valencia ducked low as she silently eavesdropped into the conversation from the floor.
"It was so much fun! When he let me out to show everyone they were so nice and- and- he let me hold them and play with them and- and-" the squeaking voice sounded almost out of breath.
"Well, it sounds like you had a very exciting day, huh?" the deeper voice sounded exceedingly calm and courteous, like the proud parent of a hyperactive child.
"Yeah, and then we went to the lake and it was lots of fun too! Me and his friend went swimming and- and-" Valencia gasped at the statement. She was the friend the squeaky voice was talking about. She took advantage of the speaker's breathlessness and jumped onto the bed.
On the bed were two creatures she thought she had never seen before. Both were covered in fur and were about her size. The one on the left was notably smaller, though, and was presumably the owner of the strident voice. This character was busying itself by jumping a foot or so into the air and landing nimbly back on the sheets. It looked like a cappuccino, and where it was not light-brown it was cream-white. Its head was as big as its body and its feathery tail followed with each bound. Its face was made up of huge, brown eyes, a pair of long ears with plumes of fur sticking out, and a small, short snout with a small black dot for a nose. The one on the right that was lying down was motionless except for its bobbing head that closely followed the small one's leaps. It had much shorter fur than the other one, and was reddish-brown. Its paws and ankles were a darker brown and its chest and underside were cream-white. A huge set of red-orange tails protruded from its abdomen and curled gracefully at the ends. Between its cupping ears was a charming patch of orange locks that, to her, looked very fitting. As soon as she landed on the bed the two stopped their conversation and turned to look at her. It wasn't long before she recognized what they were; the brown one with the squeaking voice was Eevee, and the other one, to her surprise, was a Vulpix. Why, she thought, is there a Vulpix here? The red creature looked at her silently with sober conviction in its deep, golden-brown eyes, possibly wondering the same thing about her.
The silence was only broken by Eevee's shrill squealing. "Eeieee!" He rushed over to Valencia with his eyes high on his head. Vulpix watched with hidden amusement as the excited fox pounced forward at her, knocking her over and almost sending both of them off the bed, and squeezed her tightly with little paws. "Valencia! You're awake!" he chirped as he nuzzled his head against her shoulder.
Supine, she tried her best to hug back with her strange arms. She recalled how small Eevee was the last time she saw him, and was impressed with how strong- and squirmy- he was now that they were at the same level. His soft fur tickled her hairless chest and arms, and she started to chuckle at his cute gestures. She smiled wide and beamed with pride at the way he was talking like an excited three-year-old child to a mother. Overcome with joyous rapture she managed to clench him securely with her paws and held him up over her head, both of them giggling in delight. She let Eevee down and he jumped onto her side, giving a sweet flitting lick to her cheek. She smiled and returned the gesture.
"What do you mean 'awake'?" she asked finally.
"After you saved me at the lake you were tired and fell asleep. But now you're awake!"
She thought then for a moment about what he was saying. Back at the lake, she was with Ron when she saw Eevee struggling and sink underwater. She had impulsively ran and dived into the cold water in order to save him, but after that, it was all a blur. All she remembered was a blinding blue light everywhere and then darkness. "No no-," she stuttered, "I'm still asleep; I'm dreaming."
The Vulpix behind her perked his ears and spoke to her for the first time in his smooth voice. "What are you talking about?"
She looked over her shoulder at him. "I'm dreaming that I'm a Vaporeon."
His eyes widened, but he then scoffed and Eevee giddily followed with a giggle. "No, I don't think so," he said in a lighter voice, shaking his head and allowing his orange bangs to sway freely.
Now it was Valencia's turn to share in the laughter. "What, are you suggesting that I'm not dreaming- that I've been magically turned into a pokémon?" She started laughing harder. "Don't get me wrong; that sounds cool and all, but what sense does that make?"
"It makes perfect sense."
She stopped laughing and took a more serious tone. "What are you saying?" She looked with confused black eyes into Vulpix's deep brown eyes and then to Eevee's for answers.
Eevee's gaze flew about the room randomly in thought. He suddenly jumped up and down excitedly. "Oh! I almost forgot! While I was in the water you saved me and you got all sparkly. Then you got all shiny, and then you were a Vaporeon!" He jumped onto her again, happy with himself, and started hugging her.
Her head shook again, trying to deter Eevee. "Wait a minute-" she paused. Eevee stopped his snuggling and turned to look brightly into her gaze. "You're saying that you actually saw me become a Vaporeon?"
"Yup!" he chirped.
The Vulpix smirked. "Well, there you have it," he replied matter-of-factly, "Straight from the mouth of the runt."
"I'm sorry; straight from the mouth of the cute little runt."
"Hehe, that's better!" he purred contentedly.
Valencia's face stretched and her mouth opened. She turned to Eevee who was starting to play with her tail. A brief glimpse of a vision came to her mind of herself approaching Eevee and grabbing him with her teeth rather than her hands, which, in her dream, felt completely natural. She vaguely remembered swimming faster than she ever had swum before, carrying Eevee by his mane in her tightly-clenched mouth. Her conversation with the Vulpix had yielded a strange thought that she pondered- What if she wasn't dreaming? What if all of this was real? As she contemplated it, she noticed how realistic everything in the room looked and felt. In her dreams she never felt cold- never really felt anything beyond emotions. She would never be confined to a bathroom tub; she was always out swimming in the ocean and astonishing other clueless people with her flawless, impressive form.
Her heart soared up in her chest and her countenance turned from confused to awestruck. She felt light-footed and a mixture of incredible feelings filled her being, making her want to jump off the bed and fly around the room with infinite joy. "Oh, my goodness!" she whimpered as she slowly got up. She chirped jubilantly and clumsily tackled Eevee, holding him tightly in her arms and smothering him with copious, gratuitous warmth. "Oh, my goodness!" she repeated, louder, with Eevee giggling in delight. "I can't believe it! I'm really a Vaporeon! I'm really really really a real Vaporeon! This is the greatest day of my life! This is so amazing!" She began laughing uncontrollably with elation, and Eevee struggled desperately to release himself from her constricting hold.
Still holding Eevee, who was flailing his legs and tail wildly, she looked over to the Vulpix that had so calmly called her from her excited trance. "Yes?"
"You want to kill the little runt?"
"That's 'cute little runt'!" came a strained shout from underneath Valencia's arms.
"Sorry; you want to kill the cute little runt? You seem to be choking him."
Valencia looked down and saw Eevee's purpling face with imploring, remorseful eyes. "Oh! Sorry, 'Vee," she atoned with a polite chuckle, and she immediately released him from her chest. Finally unplastered, he fell backwards gasping for air and the natural brown color quickly returned to his head.
"That's okay," he returned, quickly getting over it.
"It's just... this is incredible!" she said as she helped him back up. "All my life I've wished for this; you have no idea!" In every possible way she could think of she conveyed how happy she was with her unexpected blessing, and elaborated on all of the amazing things she could then do. On the top of her list was her newfound ability to communicate with her newfound friends- a trait she came to cherish above most things.
Not noticing the time, she continued to talk until Ron and Don came out of the bathroom with mixed faces, discussing certain topics that neither one of them probably wished to discuss.
Eeeeieeee! Chapter Vee!
Here it is, guys. Enjoy!

Pokemon is (c) Nintendo
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