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Eevee TF Series
Part 4
Chapter III

Each second Ron stood there on the rocks was another chilling blow to his racing heart. The last thing he had seen was Valencia jumping into the water after they saw Eevee struggle and go under. That was over two minutes ago. His eyes bulged and his back froze into a rigid stupor when he saw a stream of bubbles rise and burst on the surface. The volatile barrage was accompanied by a mystifying, though enticing display of blue and teal lights that appeared to be coming from under the water. Had she actually drowned? If Eevee and Valencia drowned when they went for a swim, what would happen if he tried to save them? He had no time to think and without a word he waded into the water, fully clothed, and dived.
His eyesight underwater was terrible. All he could see was green, and occasional dark-brown blurs. There was no trace of any more bubbles, and he could no longer see any of the dazzling blue lights. The sun shone down on the surface above and cast shimmering rays down to the rocky floor. He continued to swimming in the direction Valencia had been, still seeing absolutely nothing.
"Oh man, what happened, Val?" He muttered to himself. He looked all around him and still saw only green with brown specks. He kept thinking to himself, Oh man, oh man, oh man! Val, where are you? He came up to the surface for another breath. He then found that his underwater navigation was worse than his sight, as he was more than fifty feet from his target area. He made his way over to the shore to try and recalculate where he needed to go.
On the rock, he could still see the aftermath that the explosion from the bubbles had made, with faint ripples still roaming around. He scanned the lake surface but could not find the place where the two swimmers went down. He took a deep satisfying breath and looked around him- the scenery was very calming. It helped him to concentrate and organize his thoughts.
Suddenly a movement in the water caught his attention. It was too noticeable to be a mere ripple or a shadow, and his sideways gaze snapped immediately over to it, like a cat that had spotted a mouse. He could faintly see, several feet from where he thought the drowning took place, a small brown blur flying somewhat rapidly just below the surface. A faint wake was being created and plotted out exactly where the blur was going. It was unmistakably Eevee, but Ron saw no sign of the bright yellow-and-white one-piece that Valencia had been sporting earlier. As it approached the shore Ron slid off of the rock and rushed over to the shore again. He stood on the rocks, ready to receive whatever was coming to him.
Eevee was about fifteen feet away, and Ron could now make out his features- his head, tail, tiny legs. Though, he could not comprehend how he was swimming because his paws were motionless; in fact, it became apparent that he wasn't moving on his own at all. Yet, as he approached, all Ron could think about was where Valencia had gone off to. Now ten feet away, Ron could faintly see an invisible blur following Eevee, making the water right behind him surge and ripple. Eevee's static form continuously floated towards him, slowing as it approached the shore.
At last something popped out of the water. It surprised Ron because it was not brown, or furry, and he had not seen it there before. A very rigid, navy-blue line of ridges jutted out of the water and bobbed up and down as it followed the brown blur, completely disappearing when not above the water. As it got closer more and more of the bumps became visible as it bobbed higher. Surrounding the ridges underneath was a tenuous turquoise-blue island that floated lamely on the surface before submerging again. A pair of flat turquoise flaps soared up occasionally at the end of the elusive blue tract.
"Oh, my goodness," Ron muttered. It appeared that the thing following Eevee was an aquatic creature, with pale-blue skin and a two-pointed tail like a dolphin's. Before Ron could see any more detail, it completely submerged again. As if in a pounce, Eevee came out of the water, followed immediately by the completely exposed turquoise creature, and the two landed in a dripping-wet pile over on Ron's left. He rushed over to the strange sight on the grassy rocks. Now completely out of the water, he could see exactly what it was that was following Eevee.
In a nearly-motionless disheveled heap lay a familiar, cat-like figure. Its whole light-blue body was gently heaving, panting. The line of dark-blue bumps continued up the tail and back all the way to its neck. Like Eevee, it had a mane, but it was white, pointed, and looked like a fin. Its head was decorated on each temple with a pale-yellow, blue-rimmed fan that looked like an ear, and a similar fin on the top. The rear half of the head was dark-blue and an ornate point pattern jutted out down the forehead between the eyes. It had a short muzzle with a small black nose. Other than the fish-like features it looked like any normal house cat, which Ron saw as ironic because the cats he knew generally abstained from the water.
Its blue legs were sprawled out on the grass, and it panted loudly. Its large eyes were tightly and fearfully squeezed shut, and it made continuous clear sounds through its pointed teeth each time it panted, Vape, vape, vape, vape…
Ron knelt down next to the creature, keeping his distance. Somehow he knew he had seen it somewhere before, and when he heard the sounds of the rapid breathing he recalled his conversation with Valencia from earlier.
"And you have awesome powers- powers over your environment and the elements."
"Yeah, I remember you saying something like that, like your favorite- that bluish what's-its-name…"

"Vaporeon," he muttered. Now confidently knowing what it was, he felt more comfortable around it, though he was sorry that Valencia wasn't around to see her favorite creature. He reached over gently in front of him and placed his hand gently on the crest over the stiffly clenched eyes. The eyelids loosened as Ron's shadow came over them and when he touched the cool, smooth skin, they fluttered open and looked wearily up at him. They were, as was Ron's first impression, very beautiful. They looked dazed and confused for a moment, and there was a fair hint of hazel-green on the edges amidst the enigmatic ink-black. As they focused on his figure, however, all traces of green dissolved away, replaced by a deep-purple tint under the large black blots, and the picture was completed with a small elliptical white spot in the corner of each eye.
It blinked slowly, and then turned its head a little more. The corners of its mouth twitched as they strained to pull up in a faint smile, then its lips parted in a wider smile, which appeared to take all of its energy. Out of its pink mouth came a drawling, soothed Rrreooooonnnn… and its head fell back lifelessly to the ground.
The yellow flipper on the side of its head fell over Eevee, who was lying in a similarly collapsed position. Ron had almost forgotten about the furry mess, and he leaned over him apologetically. He removed the fin and uncovered the shivering brown figure, which was soaked, and he looked as if he was just waking up from a long nap. He coughed with his little Vee! chirps and a pool of water sprang out of his gaping mouth, rolling down his mane and cheeks. He looked up at Ron, with a squalid, though somehow happy expression and sighed. He then saw his blue savior lying next to him, jumped up onto its wide belly, and curled up playfully. Vaporeon lay still, blacked out.
Wishing not to disturb Vaporeon, Ron reached over and tried to remove Eevee. He received, however, an angry series of whines and bites.
"Wha- what is it?"
Eevee-Vee! Eevee seemed to be very adamantly attached to the blue creature, as if the soaked character had some arcane knowledge that Ron could only hope was comforting.
"Hey, what happened down there? Where's Val?"
Eevee stood up on Vaporeon's side with a wet, obstinate look, and squint with reproachful determination. Vee! He lifted his paw up in the air and thrust it back down into Vaporeon's side indignantly.
Ron was getting nervous and frustrated. "No, no. Where's Valencia?"
Again Eevee pointed at Vaporeon.
Ron was filled with a mixture of emotions. He felt like an idiot arguing with the little brown fox, but he was nervous, and thoroughly fearful that Eevee, in his unintelligible language, might be right. "So, this- you're saying that this is Valencia?"
Eevee nodded his head, exasperated.
Ron felt a shiver go down his back. Even with foreign animals, a nod was a universally affirmative sign. "No, that's impossible. This looks nothing like Val-" as he looked down at the gently closed eyes and the slender legs, he felt a wave of rapport wash through his mind. Eevee was his only witness, and he had to depend on his word, even if it was only 'Eevee'.
The more he denied that the blue fish could possibly be his friend, the more he began to believe that it was his friend. His face flushed white; it made somewhat poetic sense, but only somewhat. Valencia had always considered the viewpoints of others; she had dreamt about what it would be like to be one of the fantastic creatures she constantly talked about. She had gone in the lake to rescue Eevee, and this creature that Eevee was insisting was Valencia came out of the water holding Eevee by his mane.
Ron recoiled at the painful realization. He had no idea what to do but stand aloof and watch Eevee cuddle on top of the motionless being.
"Impossible, impossible," he kept mumbling. "Val? Oh, my goodness…" he began hyperventilating. He held his chest tightly, worried he might explode. "What to do… Aw, man… What am I gonna do?" He continued ruminating on the facts and, as he began to conclude, the creature before him could only be Valencia, and Valencia could only be the creature. It made perfectly logical sense, even though the paradox of an impossible identity was simply tossed away.
He tore his gaze from the chaotic enigma of the two creatures and looked across the lake at the green, wooded mountains in the distance. He looked up at the serene mountainous towers that eclipsed the sun. He began calming down, slowly starting to become accustomed to his incredible situation.
"Ok, what am I going to do?" He pondered. He paced over to the rock he had sat on earlier and leaned back onto it, allowing his feet to dangle as he looked up at the cloudy sky. "That hotel allows animals, right?" Eevee looked up at Ron and chirped affirmatively. He reluctantly ripped himself off of the stand-in Valencia and crawled up Ron's leg to sit next to his head on the rock. He gave him a friendly lick to the temple and shook out his drying fur.
"Oh, gee, thanks," Ron retorted, getting his face sprayed with water. He wiped it off and reached for his coat. In one of the pockets he felt for his box-shaped cell phone and opened it quickly. He reached into his wet pants pocket and also took out a flimsy card that had a number on it. He tried his best to read it, punched into his phone, and called it. While the phone rang he rummaged through Valencia's bag and grabbed a couple of bright-colored beach towels. He gently placed one over Valencia's blue body and wrapped her up snugly. He picked up the bundle and gently laid it across the rock slab. A hefty voice sounded on his cell phone.
"Hello, Don? It's Ron. I need a cab over at the lake. Now."


The trees loomed forbiddingly overhead as the blonde-haired figure sneaked down the worn, dirt path. On each side of the path the lush grass reached out desperately to touch him but fell short at the dirt as he rushed past. He almost expected there to be wolves howling in the distance and fog springing up around him to block his path, forever encasing him in the desolate jungle, but he continued to push on, stopping every few feet to aim his camera and take a picture of a cluster of fungus or a mossy, fallen tree. Up ahead he saw the outline of a wooden bridge and knew he was almost at the river. Eric paused to listen for any voices and made a dash for the bridge, careful not to step on any crisp leaves or trip over any stray roots.
He stood proudly on the old, burgundy-painted bridge. On either side of him a sloshing stream passed beneath, gurgling its way down to the giant lake below. If one followed the stream they would actually come across several rapids that rendered the mountain stream just shy of a waterfall. In the other direction one could find a small lake at the top of the mountain with a recurring glacier that melted during the day and froze up during the night sort of like a mechanical fountain.
Eric quickly snapped several shots in both directions of the stream. He leaned over the bridge railing to get a straight-down shot of the water. He mused at the last picture in his display screen, but then he frowned a bit.
"It would be so much more impressive if that ugly little worm wasn't there," he muttered. He looked at the bottom of the screen and noted a slender, white mark that looked like a worm. "Wait a minute…" he pressed a bar on the device and it zoomed in on his picture. He continued zooming in until the white streak reached across the display.
"What is that?" he murmured. He leaned further over the railing and tried to look under the bridge. He recoiled and shrieked at the sight he saw. He fumbled with his camera and it fell out of his hands to rest on the grassy bank below. He stood rigid on the bridge, with his face blanched white. He spun around and heard shouting and knew that the patrols had heard him. Faced with the prospect of being caught sneaking around in a crime scene he had no choice but to jump over the railing. He landed lightly in the water, trying hard not to make a sound. Grabbing his camera he jumped backwards and sat, curled up, under the bridge.
It was a really dank, dark situation, and Eric wished he was somewhere else. He breathed, exhausted from his stunt and from fear. He could hear heavy running approaching from further down the path. He sat still and quiet, eyeing and cursing the thing that brought him down there in the first place. Across the stream from him lay the bleached-white figure of a woman, or at least, what used to be a woman.
The poor soul was sprawled on her underside across the bank underneath the bridge. Her knee and hand lay in the freezing mountain water as it freely floated past, indifferent to her presence. She had on old, ragged jeans and a clean, loose-fitting coat that covered up most of her body like a blanket. The only thing that brought humanity back into Eric's mind was the small camera that she held in one of her phlegmatic hands and her white-blond hair that was tucked into her shirt collar. The eyes in her white head that rested on a rock were deep and pale brown, and stared intently across the flowing water at Eric's camera.
She seemed very contrite, as if she was under the bridge by choice; not a single part of her looked like she was viciously slaughtered- there were no bloodstains, and her body looked completely untouched. He couldn't imagine anyone committing such an act of evil. A wind rushed by and he shivered fiercely under her grave gaze and tried hard to think of what he was going to do. All of his pondering was broken by the abrupt, thundering sound of slowing footsteps over the bridge.
"It was right around here."
"Get ready, 'e might pop out of anywhere." Eric heard the two men above him fingering their weapons, allowing the metal pieces to clink menacingly, sending shivers down his already-freezing spine. Eric shifted around slowly under the bridge and held his breath as he saw, through the boards, the two officers. Each was stern-eyed and clad in light-brown with a small, gleaming gun skyward held near an ear, as if expecting a top-class raid of criminals to materialize from the trees and fill the forest with a barrage of lead.
Eric silently heaved a sigh of relief as he heard the footsteps trail off behind him. If he was spotted by the authorities in a closed park- a crime scene- with a dead woman… he couldn't bear to think of what could happen. When he could no longer hear them mumbling or walking he slowly leaned forward to look around outside. There was no movement and no light-brown-clad officers in sight anywhere. Thankful for their departure, he stood up slowly, but he paused as he stared at the pale body. She held her camera close to her chest, coveting it above everything else. Curious, Eric mouthed the words "Excuse me," as he reached forward and snatched the camera, which smelled of death and decay. He powered it on and opened up the memory to look at the pictures she took, and many were like the ones that he had taken; fungus, that fallen tree, the stream. One picture, however, stood out to him: it was a picture of just a handful of green leaves; nothing really stood out to him much, except the simplicity of the photo. Underneath the rosy hand was a autumnal ground covered in vivid, red-brown leaves.
He politely turned off the camera and returned it to her frozen chest. He carefully stepped into the stream and stepped out from under the bridge. He turned around to face the bridge again and decided to snap a shot of the woman from a distance, in case he was caught and questioned. He could pretend he was the guy who reported seeing the body in the first place.
He tiptoed back onto the dirt path and made his way along the path, away from the two officers. He tried to calm himself down by pretending he had never met the deceased at the bridge, and assuring himself that the police had left and it was okay to be there. But nothing he did could slow his racing heart. He broke into a nervous sweat and picked up his pace to a controlled jog. As he passed every other tree he looked back to make sure that no one was there, but he kept feeling like some unseen, shadowy presence was trailing him.
As he sprinted he came to another fork in the road and froze stiff. He had no idea what to do, and hoped that some sign would come along and sway him one way or another. He looked both ways and tried to discern which would be the better choice, when he heard footsteps behind him. His head turned, wide-eyed around to see the approaching men from before. One of them looked up and did a double-take ahead with surprise.
"Stop! Freeze!" As if Eric wasn't already. He saw them run forward and make a formation, weapons drawn. His mouth gaped open and he whimpered helplessly. He waited for them to make another move, and he bolted down the left path, not having a clue where it would take him. Behind him he could hear shouts telling him to stop and to freeze, but he heeded none of those warnings and kept running as fast as he could. All he could think about was thrusting one foot out in front of the other in rapid succession, doing anything to escape the nightmare he had gotten himself into. He found himself blindly running down winding paths without thinking about where they led or what could be down them; it was a miracle he had not already run right back into them.
He rushed along with his head back, looking at the trees that passed over him so slowly. His only hope was that he would be able to make it out of his situation and not have any more problems. His heart thumped painfully as it struggled to keep him alive and running; all he could hear was the wind flapping in his ears and his feet stomping the hard ground in front of him. He thought he had finally escaped, when a piercing blast resounded through the thick forest air.
At first he felt nothing, but a split second later he felt something warm biting at his arm. Suddenly he lost all feeling in his leg and he tripped over an unseen root. He flew a couple feet, still going very fast, and he heard a loud crack as his face hit the ground. Feeling light-headed, he looked over at his arm, which he could hardly discern from the red leaves around him. His eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat when he realized that his arm was being covered in a thick liquid that was profusely flowing from his elbow. He blinked in disbelief and his head dropped to the ground. All depth perception was lost to him, and soon everything was black. He thought he was dead, but he could still hear the footsteps of the two men that ran over to him.
"No! Dammit, what the hell was that?!"
"I-I, he was running-"
"He's just a kid! You're not supposed to shoot! You don't shoot unless they have a gun!"
Eric lied there, hoping that he looked dead enough to be argued over.
"I- I'm- sorry."
"Tell him that!"
The second officer sighed and almost started crying. "What do we do now?"
The first officer cursed under his breath. Then calmly, "We came because there was a murder reported here." There was a pause as he scanned Eric's motionless body. "Let the CSI's handle this." The men holstered their guns and walked away, their footsteps crunching through the thick layer of dead leaves in the distance. Eric was left alone in the hazy silence.
He decided that he would not move until he was sure that no one else was around. He waited several minutes for his attackers to leave, staring lazily at the forestry around him. The wind that was blowing over him felt refreshing, and he could no longer feel any pain in his arm. He carefully moved his head around to look, but it was still covered in that impossible red fluid that made his stomach churn uneasily. With his good arm he struggled to position himself onto his back, and he made his way into a sitting position. His leg was still numb, and his pants were covered in dirt and bits of leaves.
With his neck he swiveled his head around to face upwards. The trees swayed gently and their branches knocked crisply with the mild wind. He felt absolutely calm and completely ignored his injuries. Reaching over, he grabbed his camera from his pocket and pulled it out staggeringly. He fell onto his back, enjoying the sound of the crunch beneath him. With one hand he gripped the black box a good distance over his head. A strong wind passed through the clearing and the upper branches of the trees opened wide. Light from the bright afternoon sun poured over him as he took the picture. His hair flew wildly and he reveled in his exhilaration.
His hands fell to the ground around him, and he started giggling. "Well," he muttered, "if I'm going to die, I guess this is the perfect place!" He laughed loudly, hoping the police heard him. Then, he sighed as he calmed down, the sun caressing his arm generously.
He smiled at the idea, and he sat up with enthusiasm and delight. He reached over with his dying arm and picked up a handful of light-brown and red leaves, eyeing them and soaking them in. The sunlight fell perfectly over the leaves in his palm and he smiled, but the serene sight soon gave him curiosity.
The edges on some of the brown leaves began to radiate in the sun with some innate green light, and it flowed up the individual veins and spread to the crisp surfaces around them. Soon he was holding a handful of healthy, green oak leaves, and he laughed in amazement, not at all scared by the strangeness. He picked up another pile of dead foliage, and it too turned green with life. With his reddened finger he poked through the pile, turning the pieces over. His eyes glowed when he remembered seeing this phenomenon, from the dead person's camera under the bridge. He felt obliged to record the strange anomaly on his own camera, trying hard to get a good picture of the green leaves in his hand.
He threw himself back onto the ground and rolled around like a child in the warm light, not caring if anyone saw him. The leaves under him cracked and popped as he did so. He began picking up huge piles of leaves, and felt a warm feeling inside as they turned green for him. Again he fell onto the ground and covered himself in leaves. He became imbued with a fantastic, animated sensation; his leg no longer felt limp, and his arm felt completely painless, making him feel superior. He removed the green leaves from his arm and saw that all the caked blood was gone, and the hole where the officer's bullet had entered his elbow was completely healed over. Eric swept a hand through his clean, blond hair as he relaxed, basking in the sun. He felt happier than he ever had felt before, and his eyes shined with a peaceful golden hue.
Part 4
Chapter 3.

True to my word, there was a tf on Day 3, so you can put away your pitchforks and breathe a sigh of relief.
Sorry about the week-and-a-half or so wait, but I spent a huge amount of time implementing details and editing stuff. It's torture, but it works in the longrun.

Hope you liked it! Thank you, readers, for your generous support. It helps SO much! :D

Pokémon, Eevee, Vaporeon are (c) Nintendo

Ron, Don, and unnamed characters are (c) :iconchristopherf10:
Valencia is (c) :icongolferdude666:
Eric is (c) :iconlatios111:

Corbyn is (c) :iconcorbynprower:
Crystal is (c) :iconnixillumbreon:
Victoria is (c) :iconwarriorcatgirl365:

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