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Eevee TF Series
Part 4
Chapter III

With every passing second standing on the rocks, another chilling blow crashed against Ron's racing heart. The last thing he had seen was Valencia jumping into the water after they saw Eevee struggle and go under. That was well over two minutes ago, before the sight of bubbles streaming towards the surface and bursting made his eyes bulge and his knees buckle. With each internal punch of his racing heart, his mind screamed No!, desperately hoping his friend was okay. The violent barrage in his chest was soothed only by a subtle display of blue and teal lights which emanated calmly from the deepest part of the lake, as if the moon had taken residence in the sandy lake bed.
Any plan he tried to formulate inevitably dissolved before it could take shape. Valencia was the best swimmer he knew, and she would immediately know what to do in such a situation. A million thoughts rushed through his head, such as how a novice could possibly hope to rescue an expert, or what could be waiting for him if he did dive after her. The anxiety and helplessness began to drag him down in a similar fashion, and his breathing thinned.
Another strong convulsion finally shook him free of his shock. The flow of frantic thoughts through his pale head was suddenly cut off as he made up his mind. Without any hesitation he waded his way to the waist-deep water, fully clothed, and awkwardly dived under the surface.
His eyesight underwater was terrible. All he could see was pale green, and occasional dark-brown rocky blurs. There was no trace of any more bubbles, and he could no longer see any of the dazzling blue lights. The sun shone down on the surface above and cast shimmering rays down to the hazy sandy floor, providing him with minimal lighting. He continued to move in the direction Valencia had gone under, not seeing any trace of her.
Come on, Val, where are you... His head spun meticulously in every possible direction, with only the infinite turquoise surrounding him. He kept thinking to himself, Oh man, oh man, oh man! Val, where are you? With a bubbly grunt he shot upwards to the surface and gasped for much-needed air. Valencia often teased him for his measly 20 second breaths, but he was pushing his way into the 30s. As soon as the water trickled out of his tightly-clenched eyes, he scoffed, finding himself much further out than he had planned to go, almost 80 feet further than he wanted to go. With a groan, he began to put the summer swimming camp he went to as a kid to use, and stroked his way over to the shore to try and regather himself, still keeping a rigid eye out for anything he didn't see before.
Back on the rocky shore, Ron paced along the water's edge as he nervously grabbed at his soaked hair. He tried his best to let the natural serenity around him calm him down so he could organize his thoughts, with little success.
A quick, sudden movement in the water caught his attention, and his focus entirely snapped towards it. Too deliberate to be a fish or an insect, he could faintly see a small brown submerged blur sailing towards the shore, creating a noticeable wake like that from a small boat. It was unmistakably Eevee, as a few soaked features occasionally stuck out of the lake, but Ron saw no sign of Valencia's bright one-piece. As Eevee approached, Ron bolted over towards the shore to meet him, still keeping his eyes out for Valencia.
At about twenty feet away, the blur began to slow down and the flanking waves relaxed. Ron could definitely make out Eevee's features- his head, tail, tiny legs. Though, he could not comprehend how he was swimming because his paws were motionless; in fact, it became apparent that he wasn't moving on his own at all. His eyes were closed, likely unconscious. Yet, as he approached, all Ron could think about was Valencia's whereabouts. Now ten feet away, Ron could faintly see a nearly invisible blur following Eevee, making the water behind him surge and ripple. Eevee's static form continued to float towards him, slowing ever more as he entered the knee-deep water.
At last something popped out of the water, though it surprised Ron because it was not brown, or furry at all. A navy-blue line of firm ridges jutted out of the water and bobbed just above the surface behind the brown blur. Ron remarked at how well they blended with the water, completely disappearing when submerged. As it got closer, more and more of the bumps became visible, bobbing further out of the water. Surrounding the ridges underneath was a tenuous turquoise-blue island that floated lamely on the surface before submerging again. A pair of flat turquoise flaps soared up occasionally at the end of the elusive blue tract.
"What the hell," Ron mumbled, a familiar hand covering his lips in a bewildered gesture. Whatever was bringing Eevee to him appeared to be some aquatic creature, with pale-blue skin which glimmered brilliantly in the sunlight and a two-pointed tail like a dolphin's dripping with white water. Before Ron could see any more detail, it completely submerged again. The mysterious creature then pounced completely out of the water and onto the rocky shore, carrying Eevee gingerly by his mane. The two landed in a dripping-wet pile near Ron's feet, making him jump back. Now completely out of the water, he could see exactly what it was that was following Eevee.
In a nearly-motionless disheveled heap lay a furless cat-like figure. Its sky-blue body was gently heaving, panting with closed eyes. Gleaming with moisture, the creature's skin was hard to look at without being blinded by reflected sunlight. The line of short dark-blue bumps which announced its presence like a shark's fin lined the creature's back from the tail all the way to the head. A regal, pointed, pearl-white mane resembling a fin wrapped completely around the neck. The small head was decorated on each side with a pale-yellow, blue-rimmed fan of an ear, with a similar fin crowning the watery beast.
The strange creature panted heavily in front of him with slender legs sprawled out across the grass. Its large eyes were tightly and fearfully squeezed shut, and it made continuous gasping sounds through its pointed teeth each time it panted, Vape, vape, vape, vape...
Ron knelt down, keeping his distance. Somehow he knew he had seen the creature's shape somewhere before. As he heard the sounds of the rapid breathing, he began to connect the dots, recalling his earlier conversation with Valencia.
"And you have those awesome abilities- powers over your environment and the elements."
""Yeah, I remember you saying something like that, like your favorite- that bluish what's-it's-name..."

"Vaporeon," he whispered, remembering. He had seen the figure before, countless times, but he had never paid much attention, nor had any of the pictures which Valencia shoved in his face ever resembled something as realistic as what was sprawled out in front of him. He blinked, recalling his recent encounter with Umbreon, and the calm awe he felt in front of the strange dark creature, which looked remarkably similar to the majestic one at his knees. He took a deep breath and calmly reached over in front of him, placing his unshaking hand on the pointed forehead crest above the stiffly clenched eyes. The eyelids loosened as Ron's shadow covered them. When his warm palm touched the cool, smooth skin, they fluttered open and looked wearily up at him in a dazed squint. Ron's immediate impression was how beautiful they seemed. They shook in confusion for a moment, trying to collect an image of the hand's owner. Ron noticed a faint hint of hazel-green around the eyes' edges amidst the enigmatic ink-black irises. As they focused on his figure, however, all traces of the light brown color seemed to dissolve away, replaced by a deep-purple tint in the dark abyss.
It blinked slowly, and then turned its head a little more, groaning. He had made a similar sound waking up that morning, though it was with much more annoyance than the gentle, curling hum the creature made. The corners of its mouth twitched as they strained to pull up in a faint smile, then its lips parted in a wider smile, which appeared to take all of its energy. Out of its pink mouth came a soothed Rrreooooonnnn... before the head fell back to the ground.
The yellow flipper on the side of its head fell across Eevee, who was lying in a similarly collapsed position next to the Vaporeon. Ron had almost forgotten about the furry mess, and he leaned over him apologetically. He removed the fin and uncovered the shivering brown soaked figure, which looked as if he was just waking up from a long nap. He coughed with short articulated chirps, and small spouts of water shot out of his tiny mouth. He looked up at Ron, with an exhausted, yet delighted expression as he sighed back down. A deep pant from his blue savior made his head spin, and with a grunt he pounced onto the wide belly, curling up with satisfaction. The Vaporeon lay still, totally blacked out.
Wishing not to disturb the stranger, Ron reached over and tried to remove Eevee. He received, however, an angry series of whines and bites.
"Come on, Vee, leave them alone, we gotta go find Val-"
Eevee-Vee! Eevee seemed to be very adamantly attached to the blue creature, as though the lifeless heap was a long-lost parent. He looked up at Ron with a surprisingly stubborn expression, making Ron draw back.
"Hey, stop that, now's not the time." Ron insisted, looking out over the still water, the familiar nervous pounding of his heart returning. Still, Eevee resisted. "What happened down there? Where's Val?"
Eevee stood up on Vaporeon's side with a wet, obstinate look, and squinted with determination. Vee! He lifted his paw up in the air and thrust it back down into Vaporeon's side indignantly. Vaporeon's chest rippled beneath it, though it did not stir.
Ron's nerves were beginning to burn as confusion added smoke to the flames. "No, no. Where's Valencia?"
Again Eevee's paw poked at Vaporeon with a chirp.
Ron's head spun with a mixture of emotions. He felt like an idiot arguing with the young fox. In a confused frenzy after the ridiculous day, an icy nervous needle pricked his skin, as he felt thoroughly fearful that Eevee might actually be trying to answer his questions. "So, this- what, you're saying that this is Valencia?"
Eevee nodded his head with wet exasperation, giving the blue skin another affirmative prod.
Ron felt a shiver go down his back. Even with foreign animals, a nod was a universally affirmative sign, though there was obviously some misunderstanding. "No, that's not Val. This looks nothing like-" as he looked down at the gently closed eyes and the slender forelegs, Ron's mind was soaked in a chilling wave of familiarity.
The more he denied that the blue fish creature could possibly be his friend, the more he began to imagine it was possible. Clinging to the belief that she was alright began to drag him into accepting Eevee's testimony, as ridiculous as it seemed. His face was flushed white with the realization that the idea made somewhat poetic sense, but only somewhat. Valencia had always dreamt about what it would be like to be one of the fantastic creatures she constantly talked about. She was the one that went into the lake to rescue Eevee, and this creature came out of the water holding Eevee by his mane.
Ron's head shook painfully. He felt his thoughts dancing to insanity's lullaby as the logic began to sink in, as he began to accept the impossible notion. He had no idea what to do but stand aloof and watch Eevee cuddle on top of the motionless being.
"Impossible, impossible, no..." he kept mumbling. "Val? Oh, my god..." his breathing took off. He held his chest tightly, worried he might collapse with the others. "What the hell... oh god, Val..." He continued ruminating on the facts and, as he began to conclude, the creature before him could only be Valencia.
He tore his gaze from the chaotic enigma of the two creatures and looked across the lake at the green, wooded mountains in the distance. He looked up at the serene mountainous towers that eclipsed the sun. He began calming down, slowly starting to become accustomed to his incredible situation.
"What do I do..." he pondered as paced over to the rock his jacket was still drying on. "That hotel allows animals, right?" Eevee looked up at Ron and chirped affirmatively. He reluctantly ripped himself off of the stand-in Valencia figure and crawled up Ron's leg to sit next to his head on the rock. He gave him a friendly lick to the temple before shaking out his matted fur.
"Thanks," Ron retorted, getting his face sprayed with water. He wiped it off and reached for his jacket. In one of the pockets he felt for his phone, quickly wiping away the water from the screen and turning it on. He hastily reached into his wet pants pocket and also took out a flimsy card that had a number on it. He tried his best to read it, pounded the numbers into his phone, and called. While the phone rang he rummaged through Valencia's bag and grabbed a couple of bright-colored beach towels. He gently placed one over Valencia's limp blue body and wrapped her up snugly. He picked up the bundle and gently laid it across the rock slab. A hefty voice sounded on his cell phone.
"Hello, Don? It's Ron. I need a cab over at the lake. Now."


Aged trees loomed formidably overhead as the golden-haired figure sneaked down the worn dirt path. On each side of the path, lush grass reached out desperately to touch him but fell short at the dirt's edge as he rushed past. He almost expected to hear wolves howling in the distance and fog springing up around him to block his path, forever encasing him in the isolated jungle. Despite the fear that he was running through some fantastic dreamscape, Eric pushed on, stopping every few minutes to aim his camera and take a picture of a cluster of fungus or a fallen tree blanketed in dewy moss. Looking ahead, he faintly made out the outline of an old wooden bridge. The river was close, and he was dying to capture some water shots. He stopped and paused a moment to listen for any eavesdropping voices and made a dash for the bridge, careful not to step on any crisp leaves or trip over any outcropping roots.
The old wooden boards creaked under his steps as Eric walked onto the bridge, with aging burgundy paint chipping and peeling away, revealing rusted screws. The wood was damp, as was the misty air above the river. On either side of him a sloshing stream passed beneath, gurgling its way down to the expansive Lake Windbell below. The hydrology of the park was particularly interesting in that a natural spring halfway up the slope supplied the stream with very cool underground water. Eric dipped a cupped hand into the incoming water and tasted it, remarking at the straight-from-the-bottle flavor.
He wiped his hand gently on his pants and began quickly snapping several shots in both directions of the stream. Letting the abstractist inside him get carried away, he leaned over the bridge railing to get a straight-down shot of the water, hoping to focus on his minimalist reflection. He mused at the last picture on his screen before a perplexed frown crept across his face.
"What the hell is that?" he muttered to himself in silent confusion. Glancing at the bottom of the screen, he noted a slender whitish streak that resembled an old root, or perhaps some discarded trash which was ruining his pristine picture. He pursed his lips at the thought. With the press of a button his camera image zoomed towards the odd object strewn across the dark bank.
"What is that?" His whisper was swallowed by the stoic, indifferent stream below. As he leaned further over the railing and squinted, trying to peer under the bridge, he recoiled at the sight he saw. A small, panicked shriek broke out and interrupted the peaceful setting around him. His shaky hands tried to seize his camera, which spun out of his grasp and fell to the grassy bank below. He stood frozen on the bridge, with his face bleached white. He spun around and heard shouting and knew that the patrols had heard the yelp, and were going to be headed his way soon, stacking his anxiety against him quickly like a small rock in a flooding river. Faced with the prospect of being caught sneaking around in a crime scene he had no choice but to jump over the railing, into the scene he hoped to never see again. With a grunt he hurled himself over and landed with a quiet splash in the water, trying hard not to make a sound. He scrambled for his camera and, jumping backwards, sat curled up under the bridge.
Eric wished he was somewhere, anywhere else. The peaceful forest he thought he knew was suddenly unmasked and reality splashed in his face like the icy cold water soaking his ankles. His breathing ran away from him, exhausted from his stunt and from fear. He could hear heavy footsteps approaching from further down the path. He sat still and quiet, eyeing and cursing the thing that startled him and sent him to his watery grave in the first place. Across the stream from him lay the bleached-white figure of what used to be a young woman, motionlessly staring at him from her crude grave.
The poor soul was sprawled across the bank laying on her side underneath the bridge. Her knee and hand were carelessly resting in the icy mountain water which flowed freely between her bloated fingers. She had on old, ragged jeans and a loose-fitting coat that covered up most of her body like a blanket, her only comfort. The only thing that brought humanity back into Eric's mind was the small camera that she held in one of her waxy hands. The eyes, pale yet deep brown, were buried in her white head which rested on a rock and stared intently across the flowing water at Eric's camera.
Her calm gaze made her look contrite, as though she was tucked away under the ancient bridge by choice. Not one part of her appearance suggested any violent end; there were no bloodstains- in fact, her body looked completely untouched. Another look at her camera, still clenched tightly in one of her hands, ripped all sense of security from his quivering soul. What made her different from any other wandering photographer, such as himself? It could have been him in her place. A chilling sympathy made him wish he could take her place. A wind rushed by and he shivered fiercely under her steady, unblinking gaze. His mind raced, trying hard to think of a plan. All of his pondering was broken by the abrupt, thundering sound of slowing footsteps over the bridge.
"It was right around here."
"Get ready, he might pop out of anywhere."
Eric heard the two men above him fingering unseen weapons, allowing the metal pieces to clink menacingly, sending shivers down his already-freezing spine. A glance back at his unenthusiastic companion did not give him the consolation he hoped for. Eric shifted around in crucial stealth and held his breath as the light shining through the boards was broken by the two officers. Each was stern-eyed and clad in light-brown with a small, gleaming gun held at a formidable ready position.
Eric heaved a delicate sigh of relief as he heard the footsteps fade into the sound of the wind behind him. If he was spotted by the authorities in a closed park- a crime scene- with a dead woman... his thoughts trailed off into a million scenarios where he was desperately trying to deny being a killer. When he could no longer hear the officers mumbling between themselves, he slowly poked his head out of the shadows of the bridge-crypt to look around. No movement caught his eyes, nor was there any sign of the light-brown-clad officers to be seen. Grateful for their speedy departure, he carefully got back onto his feet to leave, but he paused as he stared back at the pale, innocent body. The nameless woman held her camera close to her chest, as if coveting it more than her own life. Curious, Eric mouthed the words "Excuse me," as he reached forward and snatched the camera, which only had a faint smell to its worn plastic casing.
With a press of a small, dirt-ridden button, he stepped into the eyes of the recently deceased. It was a proper camera, he admitted, for the environment she was surveying, and he envied it only slightly. Lightweight, with a decent lens, and the color was subtle and attractive. The old, slightly-cracked screen flickered on, and in a few moments Eric had opened up the memory to look at the last pictures the owner had taken, the last glimpses of the world. Remarkably, and many were like the ones that he had taken; landscapes, greenery, a fallen tree, the bridge above them.
One picture in particular called his attention: a small hand holding a bundle of bright green leaves, with nothing else really standing out, except for the calm simplicity of the photo. He lifted a knowing eye towards the woman, who he could only guess shared his nature aesthetic. Underneath the warm, life-imbued hand which held the leaves was a autumnal ground covered in vivid, red-brown leaves and small smooth pebbles peppering the ground. This picture was the most recent, according to the timestamp, and he was relieved to not see any evidence of a violent death captured in the digital memory. Eric reflected on the curious picture in silent awe, contemplating the picture's meaning in sympathetic vain. Perhaps she was simply collecting all the green leaves in the area? He began to feel like he was digging too deep into the picture, which may have not had any intended statement whatsoever. Come on, Eric, his head mumbled, you're not an art major, are you?
With hesitation, he turned off the camera and walked back towards the body to return the treasure he borrowed. The temptation to steal the camera's memory card was mounting, as the mystery of the last picture was still stinging in his mind like a mosquito's bite. The fact that his fingerprints were now all over the instrument only made the stinging burn more intensely. At the same time, however, the thought of depriving the woman of her only possession didn't feel right at all, and with a mute grunt, he returned the camera to her daisy-white arms. A dim smile seemed to lighten up the face, though Eric swore it must have been like that the whole time.
The afternoon sun lit up his hair as he carefully stepped into the stream and stepped out from under the bridge's cool shelter. Feeling watched, he turned around to face the scene again and decided to snap a shot of the woman from a distance, in case the law caught up with him and he was questioned about the incident. He could always claim to be the guy who reported seeing the body in the first place, if nobody else was going to claim knowledge.
With one last look at the cold woman's bony fingers, he turned and continued deeper into the park, cautiously avoiding the patrolling officers who were apparently already alert. He tried to calm himself down by insisting he had never met the deceased at the bridge, and assuring himself that the police had left and it was okay to be there, doing what he was doing. Everything he said was immediately refuted by his anxious heart as it beat against his chest faster than his walking pace. He broke into a nervous sweat and picked up his pace to a controlled jog, though not avoiding a creeping lightheadedness. Paranoid, he kept looking frantically back over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't being followed, though he constantly felt like he was being trailed closely by some unseen shadowy presence.
As his jog evolved into a careful sprint, he stumbled into another fork in the road and froze stiff, panting as bullets of sweat dropped to his feet. His memory of the park's layout escaped him, and on top of that he was certain someone had heard him by now. He began frantically scanning the area for a sign to tell him how to escape the forest, still keeping his ears out for any voices as he tried to decide what to do. Both paths looked exactly alike, as the rest of the park was beginning to look. The light was starting to fade as well, not aiding his vision in the slightest. His foot set down on the left path, before the sound of footsteps in the distance seized him. His head turned, wide-eyed, to see the outlines of the officers he saw before. One of them looked up and did a double-take ahead with surprise.
"Stop! Freeze!" the other shouted, as if Eric wasn't already. He saw them charge forward in tandem, weapons drawn. His mouth gaped open and, not thinking, bolted down the left path without a clue as to where it would take him. Behind him shouts rang out telling him to stop and to freeze, but none of these warnings could be heard over the clash of his feet and the wind rushing past. All he could think about was thrusting one foot out in front of the other in rapid succession, doing anything to escape the nightmare he had gotten himself into. He found himself blindly running down winding paths without thinking about where they led or what could be down them; it was a miracle he had not already run right back into them.
His golden hair whipped against his face as he looked up at the trees passing over him at a steady pace. The shouts were slowly getting softer behind him, and he felt some of his overwhelming rush of fear melt away like a breaking fever. His only hope was that he would be able to make it out without any problems. After all, he only wanted some pictures. His heart thumped painfully as it struggled just to keep him on his feet. All he could hear was the wind howling past his ears and his feet slamming into the hard ground in front of him. A grin finally surfaced on his face: he had finally escaped, and his pace slowed down to a more comfortable jog, before a piercing shock wave pierced the calm forest air, echoing and ringing in his ears.
Fractions of a second passed before he felt something like fire biting at his leg. Suddenly he lost all feeling below his knee and he tripped over an unseen root. He flew and tumbled a couple feet, still going very fast, and he heard a loud crack as his face hit the ground. Feeling light-headed, he tried to get up, with no success. His leg felt distant, as though an enormous rock had fallen on it, pinning him down. He strained to look down at the leg, which was hardly discernible from the red-brown leaves he landed on. His eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat as he realized the large dark smudge on his pant leg was not dirt, but was being covered in a thick liquid that was profusely welling from deep within. He blinked in disbelief and his head dropped to the ground. All depth perception was lost to him, and soon all colors were lost to obscurity. He felt dead, or close to it, though he could still hear the footsteps of the two men that ran over to him. He cringed as his racing heart continued to bloody up his leg.
"No! Dammit, what the hell?!"
"I-I, he was running-"
"He's just a kid! An unarmed kid! You don't shoot if they don't have a gun!"
Eric lied there, hoping that he looked dead enough to be argued over.
"I- I'm- sorry."
"Tell him that, dumbass!"
The second officer stuttered more and knelt down beside Eric, overwhelmed. Eric could feel him staring at the crater left in his right calf. He silently begged the officer to not vomit, as he tried his best to deeply bury the intense pain. "W-what do we do now?"
The first officer cursed under his breath, then calmly paused in careful thought. "We came because there was a murder reported here." There was a pause as he scanned Eric's motionless body. "Let the investigators handle this."
Eric's eyes flashed open as the men holstered their guns and walked away, their footsteps crunching through the thick layer of dead leaves in the distance. He was left alone, possibly for dead, in the hazy silence. He continued to grit his teeth, which he swore must have been pushed halfway into his gums.
In his twisted logic he decided to remain motionless until he was sure that no one else was around. He waited several minutes for his attackers to leave, staring lazily at the forestry around him with eyes half-closed. His head was still spinning and his vision crept in and out of focus. The wind that was blowing over him felt refreshing, and as the coolness of the early evening wrapped around him, he could no longer feel any pain in his leg. He carefully moved his head around to look, but it was still covered in the impossible red fluid that made his stomach churn uneasily on sight. If it had only been a patient's blood... his mind drifted about in a daze.
With his good arm- the one that hadn't braced his fall, he struggled to roll himself onto his back. Avoiding a few anguished screams, he made his way into a full sitting position. His leg was still entirely numb, and his entire leg was covered in dark splotches and bits of leaves. He could feel the blood rushing from his head, and he desperately wanted to fall backwards.
With his neck he swiveled his head around to gaze up at the dim pink-orange sky above. The brightest stars were starting to show themselves as the large sun was starting to dip past the horizon. The black trees swayed gently and their branches knocked crisply with the mild wind which shook a few leaves towards him. The serenity melted the pain in his leg, and he was able to shut it out. Reaching over, he grabbed his camera from his pocket and pulled it out with quivering hands. Finally giving in, he fell onto his back, enjoying the sound of the soft crunch beneath him. With one hand he gripped the black box a good distance above his head. A strong wind passed through the clearing and the upper branches of the trees opened wide. A flash of light from the setting sun poured over him as he took the picture. His hair flew wildly and he reveled in exhilaration.
His hands fell to the ground around him, and a weak chuckle broke the silence. "Well," he muttered, in a hoarse voice, "if I'm gonna die, what better place?" He laughed calmly, hoping the police could hear him. Then, he sighed as he calmed down, the sun caressing his arm delicately.
Gradually, he smiled at the idea, and he sat up with strange enthusiasm. He reached over with his weak arm and picked up a handful of light-brown and red leaves, eying them and soaking them in. The sunlight fell perfectly over the leaves in his palm and he smiled, but the serene sight soon lent to curiosity as the edges of the dead leaves began to radiate in the sun with a brilliant green light. Eric blinked in disbelief as the glow traveled up the leafy veins and spread to the crisp surfaces around them, rejuvenating them. Soon he was holding a handful of healthy, green oak leaves, and he laughed in amazement, not at all put off by the impossible sight. He picked up another pile of dead foliage, and sure enough they were painted green with life in his hands. With his reddened finger he poked through the pile, turning the pieces over. His eyes glowed when he recalled the photos from the dead woman's camera. He felt obliged to record the strange anomaly on his own, trying diligently to get a good picture of the green leaves in his hand.
He threw himself back onto the ground and rolled around like a child in the warm light, not caring if anyone saw him. The leaves under him cracked and popped, before becoming a lush green carpet at his touch. He began picking up huge piles of leaves, and felt a warm feeling inside as they all did the same for him. Again he fell onto the ground and covered himself in piles of the leaves.
"Is this it then? Am I slipping away?" He softly spoke to the blanket of leaves, as a tingling wrapped over him. A fantastic sensation awoke his leg, which no longer felt limp. He removed the green leaves covering his leg and saw that all the caked blood was gone, and the hole where the officer's bullet had entered was completely healed over. Beneath the healed skin, a grassy glow was slowly fading from view. Eric swept a hand through his clean, blond hair as he relaxed, basking in the sinking sun. Crickets joined him for his moment of rapture. He felt happier than he ever had before, and his eyes shined with a peaceful golden hue.
(Updated 6/3/15)
Part 4
Chapter 3

True to my word, there was a tf on Day 3, so you can put away your pitchforks and breathe a sigh of relief.
Sorry about the week-and-a-half or so wait, but I spent a huge amount of time implementing details and editing stuff. It's torture, but it works in the longrun.

Hope you liked it! Thank you, readers, for your generous support. It helps SO much! :D

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corbynprower Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
golferdude666 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010
Wonderful. I am so grateful you have been so kind as to keep writing such beautiful pieces of art. Thank you for this series, I will keep watching and reading. My brother's birthday is today, and this feels like a birthday present for me. I wish you well in the rest of your works!
glaceon-rules Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
But your brother's evil mean!
golferdude666 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
ChristopherF10 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Student Writer
Aw! Thank you so much! :D Tell him I said Happy Birthday!
golferdude666 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010
If you want, you can tell him yourself. He is :iconmh-chan:
Latios111 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2010  Student General Artist
Awsome :D
ChristopherF10 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Student Writer
Lol, Oh Eric, what have you gotten yourself into this time? XD
I was coming really close to his TF, but I didn't want to put that in just yet, so I hinted it at the end. Nothing screams 'somethings happenin' more than a change in eye-color, right? :D
Thank you!
Latios111 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2010  Student General Artist
right, thats just crazy lol
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