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Eevee TF Series
Part 3
Chapter VIII

A stray wheelchair provided all the luck that Ron needed. To complete the ruse, he swayed Corbyn to steal it- and for vengeance, he made him push. The plan fell together easily, and just in time too, as the entourage was one more left turn away from facing Mrs. Ruck's wrath. The whole group was able to take cover behind the shining steel of the wheelchair's protective frame.
Almost entirely stunned, Cathy caught sight of them and froze in disbelief. "What is th- Where the hell have you been? You have the nerve to come back here, after making me wait for forty minutes- Is this your idea of a joke?"
"Twenty," an unidentified voice muttered before shutting up. Cathy stood upright and drew a sharp breath.
There was silence for a moment, until Corbyn boldly walked around the chair and approached her with a casual pace. "Ma'am, we tried the elevator, but it was taking too long. We tried for the stairs, but one of us," he swept his open hand around towards Ron, "slipped halfway up and fell. He busted his leg and hit the ground hard. We all pitched in to help him get here as soon as we could. Guy needs to lay off the Twinkies." He stepped back a little, proud of himself. He turned his face to look at Ron and smiled, "though I think he's doing better, right?"
Cathy sank her face into her palms and massaged her temples calmly. Between her fingers she saw the faint markings Corbyn's shoe had left on Ron's pant leg. The exact scene played out in her mind as her eyes rolled. Despite the dust storm she had kicked up a few minutes earlier, her mood had actually relaxed and she had no desire to argue the matter further. The embarrassment of blowing up had begun to weigh down on her mind. Soon wanting to distance herself from conflict she decided to simply play along, though without suddenly surrendering dominance over the situation. She removed her hands and placed them at her sides, allowing her fists to rest on her waist. "Well, why didn't you send someone for help?"
"Well, we had to find him a wheelchair to sit in first, and we got a bit lost trying to find our way back here," said Valencia, who stood on Ron's left, placing a delicate hand on his shoulder.
"Which I'm very thankful for," Ron added. Managing a few strained grunts, he stood up with the support of Corbyn and Valencia. "I think I'll live after all!"
An unimpressed gaze scanned the smiling group that stood before her. She threw her hands in the air and walked off, motioning for everyone to follow. "Whatever, we've lost enough time already. Follow me. We need to get you guys into your scrubs." Her white coat flapped gently at her ankles behind her steadfast pace, guiding the students like a gesturing hand. The rogues snickered quietly to each other, delighted for their pseudo-success.
They walked swiftly down the hall, passing by empty stretchers and rushing nurses with clipboards, whose only missions seemed to be endlessly running down the halls with no real destination. Each wore an identical outfit- a teal, loosely fitting cotton V-neck under a white waist-length coat, and similar teal drawstring pants that appeared to be designed more for comfort than for any other purpose. Outside of a hospital, it would have looked outlandish to see such contrasting colors being so boldly worn. But in a hospital, everyone kept their judgments to themselves.
Eric had his wandering hazel eyes bouncing off of every person he passed. He leaned over to Corbyn and whispered, "Get a load of these crazy jumpsuits..."
Corbyn smirked, as did Ron, who was still trying to fake a limp. Eric also gave a silent chuckle before returning to his introverted curiosities, however his eyes kept darting back with anxious compulsion towards the spherical bulge in Ron's pocket. Before, it was largely undetectable, though as they walked down the hallway it was nearly impossible to tear his eyes away, no matter how many distractions were presented.
Cathy looked behind her to make sure of her headcount and stopped next to an undecorated door with a sign that read "INTERN LOCKERS". She leaned over to unlock it with a one of the keys on her lanyard and the door opened to a dimly-lit room. The room resembled a cave in comparison to the array of softly-humming fluorescent lights outside. A silent wave of Cathy's hand motioned for her students to enter.
The room was small and cluttered, and a row of three hanging lights revealed two lonely rows of old blue-gray lockers facing each other separated by a line of old backless wooden benches that sprouted from the old dusty tile floor, which was bare except for a single rusting drainage cap in the center. From behind one of the walls came an indeterminable odor. It was a wonder how a room like this could be found in a modern hospital.
The students pooled into the center of the room while Cathy swiftly passed around them to the opposite end of the room. A pair of bathroom doors, which were not seen before, was separated by a wider door in the middle which Cathy opened. The inside of the narrow closet looked infinitely more attractive than the locker room which time and maintenance forgot, and the students gathered around it. A smell of industrial chemicals and medical plastic arose from the myriad containers and cabinets. Cathy opened a certain cabinet that was almost beyond reach above her and removed a stack of shrink-wrapped bundles of teal-colored fabrics. She handed a stack to Crystal and instructed her to make sure everyone received one.
"Okay, everyone, just rip open the packaging and don't let it hit the floor. These are your scrubs. They're unisex and all the same size." She took one of the quieter students from the crowd by the shoulder and pulled him in front of her. She took his unopened package, ripped it open, and unfolded the contents inside. "You're getting a shirt and pants. Put them on over your clothes. You're getting one set for the duration of your time here, so wash them daily." She threw the shirt at the student and allowed him to put it on. The V-neck went down so far as to allow his red shirt to be seen underneath, and the sleeves drooped below the wrist. Cathy made circling motions with her hand in front of the student's chest. "The fabric is designed so that germs and bacteria have nothing to cling to. Your pants," she paused as she took the pants out of the packaging, and let the packaging fall to the floor, "have drawstrings in the front." She gripped the drawstring on her demonstration pants and handed them over to her reluctant volunteer. "Press the button and pull the string to tighten, doesn't take a medical degree to figure that out." The student was soon fully dressed in full teal with wide, nervous eyes. Cathy gave him a pat on the back and sent him back to his colleagues. Soon everyone was dressed in the same demeaning outfit, generally oversized. A few students had sleeves uncomfortably extending past their wrists. Cathy made sure everyone was properly dressed, and satisfied, she closed the closet door behind her. "Good, now follow me." She led them out of the gloom and back into the bright, appealing hallway.
Ron looked between the tennis-ball shaped lump in his pocket and Crystal, hoping for some reassurance that the scrubs didn't make it any more obvious. He was hoping she would suggest putting his stuff in a locker but she showed no sign of concern, or was focused on other things. With a light sigh he pulled on his pants and tried to shove the thought out of his mind. Crystal smirked at him.
Cathy stepped out of the dark room, locked the door, and led them quickly down the hallway. "You're all college students, so I'll assume you all know the basics of general medical care. You know a band-aid from a full-body cast and you know about RICE and CPR, when to use them..." She started lecturing while walking backwards, not wasting a minute of time. "Piroack!" She turned back around as she turned a corner.
Corbyn looked up. "Ma'am?"
"What is RICE?"
"A dynamic and delicious side dish."
"It's the acronym for the proper treatment of an injury," he replied quickly.
"Tuman, what does it stand for?"
Valencia thought a moment. "Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation."
"Good. Caverte, if you fell down the stairs, what would you use to check out your leg to see if it broke?"
Ron recalled the alibi and felt the bruise on his leg. "X-ray scanner-"
"Or, for a more serious fall, Listia?"
"CT, ma'am," Eric nervously answered.
"Good." She continued down the hall, passing by numerous rooms and shining windows through which could be seen eager, smiling children with their nervous-looking parents, or nervous-looking children with their eager, smiling parents. Every so often a man in white was standing in front of the nervous child, or a green-suited nurse talking to the oblivious parents. They were now on the side of the hospital opposite from where they had begun. Another turn would have brought the tour full circle, however it was stopped short by a single empty room.
The door immediately in front of the group had all the basic looks of any ordinary hospital room: a small window allowing sunlight in, a larger pane of glass separating the room from swift river of teal-green, walls hidden by numerous cabinets and countertop space, and a white comfortable-looking bed that jutted out from the wall.
As soon as everyone had entered, Cathy resumed her lecture. She was pointing out, quickly, every possible detail about the room: what was in the cabinets, what to do in case of X, and what not to do in any given Y. She spoke about their objectives and expectations, fulfilling a superior's demands among other tasks. "Do not question them if they give you something crazy, just do it. I don't want to hear any complaints from anyone, is that understood?" It slowly became evident that she was not going to be the person in charge for the whole week, to the relief of some.
A rapid high-pitch beeping shook the room before Cathy disabled the alarm on her phone. She held it up and saw it read "12:30." She cursed at it and looked back at her students, who were also checking the time.
"All right, looks like it's lunch already. Go up to floor nine- that's the top floor. That atrium is where you're eating today- it's got a nice view, just show the guy at the counter your ID's. Note where we are right now: Room 1-055. Meet me back here at 1:30 or I'm locking you out, got it? Now go, get out." She waved them off, and they were out in a flash. She walked out and locked the door behind her, heading toward he lobby. She was allowed to eat in the cafeteria, but she couldn't stand to be seen eating with her subordinates. She got into her car, pulled out her phone and began to order a sub from a nearby shop.
Of course when she mentioned "Floor Nine," all of the rogues had faces of surprise, anxiety, or fear. Each of them looked briefly at each other before running out of the small room towards the elevators.
It was their second trip to the questionable floor, and their stomachs tingled with mixed feelings and hunger- especially that of Ron, which hadn't been sufficiently filled since the night before. After showing their ID's, each was given a crude box containing small portions of food as well a cup for drinks.
They were on the back side of the hospital, and soon discovered that their secret observatory was actually the main cafeteria. When they finally had their food in hand, they made their way over to the deck to find that, as opposed to earlier, there were many people sitting in the many groups of chairs, chatting away about their many patients and what kind of problems they had, while others listened on intently, munching on noodles or salads. The group's original seats had surprisingly not been touched and were still crowded around the windows as they had left them. With little hesitation they were happily reclaimed.
They spent their time talking about whatever came to mind, until eventually, the real employees vacated, and talk of the morning's incident returned to engulf the group in quiet conversation. Ron's was a pivotal role in the group, being the owner of the strange creature which inspired delight and curiosity. He actually felt a bit embarrassed, and arguably like a fifth wheel whenever they stared at the concealed treasure. "Guys," he would say, "could you stop that?" And when they refused, "You're going to get me in trouble." Usually after that they reluctantly tore their gaze away, if only for a minute or two, before dropping their sights back on the lump like a magnet.
Valencia nervously sipped her drink. After a while she got up and walked over to sit between Ron and Corbyn. "Hey, Ron, are you doing anything this afternoon?"
Ron pondered on this. Valencia was not one to simply ask people about their plans without having some ulterior motive. He figured out what she wanted and laughed a bit before answering. "I was going to hang with Corbyn, why?"
"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go down to the lake with me this afternoon. I hear that the sunsets are a must-see and I'd rather not go alone." Her eyes desperately avoided looking at his pocket, though Ron had already figured out her motive. With a shrug he agreed to accompany her. "OK, meet me at the lake park later. And... make sure you bring you-know-who!" With that she smiled and got back up to throw away her empty bag. She was the first one finished.
Corbyn looked over mockingly. "What was that about? She got a thing for you?"
Ron smirked and gently knocked Corbyn's shoulder for the remark. "Coledge is a pretty strange city. I don't blame her. But did she have to ask for me to bring Vee?"
Corbyn shrugged. "Eh, who knows? Might wanna watch your back though, she might pick your pocket."
"Heh, don't I know. You think I should I go?"
"Why not? What could happen?"
Ron shrugged. Standing up, he motioned for everyone to wrap up their meals in order to get back downstairs in time. Crystal gave him a quick knowing glance.
Part 3, Chapter 8

Hey, I somewhat apologize. But I only do so somewhat. This is because I feel that I have lost some attention due to a lack of plot movement. Saying this, I pledge that the next submission will finally see some movement and maybe some shocking excitement.

By the way, it is reccomended that you read it in paragraph format (the little ¶ sign at the top) if you aren't already. It helps a lot.

Pokemon and its characters are (c) Nintendo
Ron, Cathy, Julia, Don, etc. are (c) :iconchristopherf10:
Corbyn is (c) :iconcorbynprower:
Valencia is (c) :icongolferdude666:
Crystal is (c) :iconyuseidarkumbreon:
Eric is (c) :iconlatios111:

Hope you liked! Like I said, prepare for some movement, as I too hope to see. Thanks for reading!

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