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July 10, 2010
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Eevee TF Series
Part 3
Chapter VII

A purpling, fuming face sat obscurely in the shine of the reflective metal elevator doors, with green eyes blazing hot enough to melt a pair of holes in the flat surface. Cathy was a time-bomb, waiting to go off, and her fuse hinged on one of two events. If the doors opened on the elevator she'd been waiting in front of for nearly twenty minutes, or if something else decided to annoy her, she was ready to discharge a jumble of severed heads and swears across the hospital interior. The interns that had accompanied her earlier stood along a wall outside the floor bathrooms. Wide-eyed and pale, they waited for whatever sort of unfortunate revenge the volatile woman could be imagining behind her purpling face and dangerous green eyes.
"Where the hell are those ignorant little…" she shook her clenched fist tensely at her side as a trickle of swears and threats passed through her teeth. She expected no response, of course, and her students knew she did not want any response, which was lucky for them; all except the one student who did not know that she did not want any response and gave one.
"Perhaps they got lost?" he asked, knowing nothing of Mrs. Ruck's unmatched capacity for irritability. He realized that he was doomed before she had turned her scornful eyes to him. The fuse was lit.
She was over right in front of him, half-grumbling. "Excuse me, but I don't think they let people into college if they can't even count to one!" She turned back toward the elevator and started pacing while vehemently ranting. "I told them to go up one floor. One! Is it too much to ask to take on just a bit," at this she displayed her almost-pinched fingers, "of mature responsibility?" Her hand fell back to her side in a frustrated slap. "It's that Caverte. I knew he was trouble the moment I met him. When I see him I'll.."
The ding of the elevator sounded, immediately stopping her. She instinctively spun around and calmly stood upright, collecting herself and hiding all traces of hostility. The metal doors opened, and a tall man in a white overcoat similar to Cathy's casually stepped out, looking over a personal clipboard. He gave Cathy a silent little wave of the hand, and walked off, eyes on his clipboard. The doors closed again behind him. Cathy, embarrassed, went back to her ranting.
"Where the hell are those little..."


There was absolute silence from the crowd as a red glow dramatically faded into view, projected from an unseen source within the ball. The silence was broken by a loud sound like thunder and a high-pitched hiss coming from the ball as it sprang open, exposing the furnace of red energy inside. There was some fluid motion in the energy; it seemed to be swirling about randomly, casting off bits of translucent matter in little flares that dissipated into the air. A swirling sound was heard as the red energy seemed to shoot out of the ball in a tall arc, and strike the table which the ball rested on.
A lump of the bright energy formed beside the ball. It flashed in an unidentifiable shape full of odd angles and lightning-like deformities. After the ball had snapped shut, the stream of light coming from inside was cut off. Whatever was inside the ball before was completely out. Slowly, the red energy began to coalesce into more of a small mammalian shape, with a head, body, and very small legs.
A silhouette of an animal began to appear in the red light as it started to fade, revealing a body covered in light-brown fur. A pair of large ears protruded from the top, and a cream-white mane of raindrop-shaped tufts decorated the small neck. A large brown fluff of a tail swished around playfully behind the body.
The head inclined upwards and two thin brown eyelids shot open to reveal a pair of tall, deep, resonant eyes. The creature's tiny mouth smiled wide and opened, letting loose a squeaking Eevee-Vee!
The morning sun shone in through the clear glass panes, and shimmered in the large brown eyes, which covered almost half of the face. The small head looked up at the face of Ron first, and then saw Corbyn beside him. The brown eyes picked up movement to the side, and it spun its naive head around to see the spectrum of other humans to whom he was being exhibited. The brown ovals somehow seemed to grow even bigger, as the tiny body was almost overflowing with excitement. He obviously loved attention; he was being bombarded with a satisfying helping of it, and was assailed with a barrage of patronizing Awwwwww's, though he ignorantly absorbed all of it, and thanked his audience with cute gestures and high-pitched Vee's, which only seemed to increase the excitement of his audience.
Valencia stooped from her chair. "Would he mind if I tried to hold him?" She said in anticipation, gently stroking the soft fur. She was truly, deeply interested, and sorry for doubting Ron earlier, and she tried to convey this through her slow and innocent speech. She should have asked before petting, but neither Ron nor the Eevee seemed to mind. She, however, did entirely; she realized that she might be one of the only people on Earth to have ever done what she was doing presently. She honestly had no other idea of how to react to a real, live pokémon- a cute one, at that.
"Certainly, Val- just watch out; he's a bit of a scamp." Eevee turned to him and gave him a scrunched-up face that suggested offense and hurt feelings for being labeled such an impossible term, and tried to disprove Ron's accusation by jumping into Valencia's lap before she could wrap her arms around him. However, he simply couldn't hide his rogue nature and soon had his holder's face dripping wet with licks from his tiny, pink tongue. He made his way up onto her head and played with the silky brown strands of hair, leaving it in a matted, tangled mess.
"Oh, s- stop that!" She managed, and she took her free hand to try and regain control over the energetic creature. He gave up on her head and playfully jumped onto and attacked her raised arm, pawing with clawless paws and biting with tiny, futile teeth. "I see what you mean!" She took him with both hands and passed her bundle gently over to Eric, who gratefully accepted the gift, before suffering the same fate and releasing the little furball back onto the table.
At that point, Ron grabbed the pokéball and stuck it back in his coat pocket. He then retrieved Eevee by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck- a gesture to which Eevee had apparently grown accustomed to and showed unexpected contentedness; he struggled, trying to give Ron an excited lick or two. As soon as Eevee was back in his possession, Ron passed him over to Corbyn, who had wordlessly been watching and grinning at the whole spectacle.
Just like the others, Corbyn's smiling face was soon covered in sticky kisses and his arms marked here and there by shallow dents from small, dull teeth. Corbyn thanked his attacker with a quick kiss to the forehead- an action which he soon regretted when he tasted thin fur in his mouth- and handed him off back to Ron.
He held Eevee up to Crystal. She shook her head politely and said, "No, thank you," but Eevee had other intentions when he leapt from Ron's grasp onto Crystal's lap. He started to attack her, but soon gave up and fell asleep on her shoulder, tired from all the excitement. Again, he received more unacknowledged Awwwwww's from his wet audience as he effortlessly entertained them with a squeaky yawn and the steady rise and fall of his chest.
Ron reached back into his coat pocket and brought the pokéball out. He pointed the button side in the direction of the exhausted bundle. A beam of red light shot out and enveloped the Eevee, who was undisturbed, and dissolved the furry image back into the red energy. The red light disappeared back inside the button, which faded back down to a gray-white color. He held it out just a moment longer to be sure, and placed the ball back in his pocket before sighing and leaning back in his chair. He observed the devastation his little friend had caused, as he saw the delighted, enthused, and shiny-wet faces of his companions. Each was engaged either in drying their chins or finger-combing their hair back into an acceptable position, and laughing at their misfortunes. The most elated was Valencia, whose face was grinning with restrained laughter and whose eyes were still clenched behind stray locks of hair. "He's quite the little rascal, isn't he!" She laughed, running her fingers across her forehead, and opening her eyes at Ron.
"Indeed, he is!" Ron returned, patting the lump in his coat pocket.
She continued. "But he's so adorable!"
"Indeed, he is!" Ron repeated. Agreement was offered by everyone in the group.
"Well, Ron, allow me to ask the big question." Corbyn turned to him, looking at him with solemn, suspicious face. "How, exactly, did you get that?" He pointed a finger at Ron's coat pocket.
Ron followed the finger down to the lump in his pocket. "Men's Warehouse. $149."
The others laughed.
"You know what I mean, Ron." He spoke lightly with precision and strong intent. "How did you get that little Eevee? You're not really one to go through the trouble that I would imagine it takes to get a creature that is so infinitely rare."
Ron paused and thought about what to say. He looked to Crystal, but she provided no help. She looked as if she wanted to hear the story again, exactly as she had been told that morning, or as if she were completely oblivious- a word not often used to describe her.
"Well," he began. He saw all of the other attentive faces admiring him, the holder of such a popular, miniature being. They all adored him now, and they wanted answers. He admired his newfound importance almost as much as his cute little burden. He continued, trying not to sound pompous. "To be honest, I just found it yesterday afternoon." He was not surprised to see some eyebrows rise around him. "I was looking for my hotel, and I happened to find this thing," he pointed at the lump in his coat, "right outside! I had no idea what it was until this morning, when I learned that that little guy was inside. He actually woke me up- rather rudely, at that." The others pictured the scene and laughed.
"Oh, you are so lucky! He is so cute!" Valencia sighed.
"How is this possible?" asked Eric. "I mean, aren't they supposed to be… you know, fictional? Isn't Pokémon just an idea that Nintendo introduced, and got like billions from the whole deal?"
Everyone looked at Crystal, who looked like she was going to say something. "Err…" She closed her eyes in deep thought and consideration. "There are just some things in life that don't have answers. Perhaps… no, even if someone did that… I can't theorize anything. The biggest problem is that pokéball. Somehow, it seems that some genius figured out how to convert matter into energy, and contain it. That's all I can think of," she concluded.
The others sat in silence for a moment.
"Well, I wish I was the guy behind that idea! I certainly wouldn't be here right now!" Eric received a couple chuckles for that joke.
"Or," Crystal continued, "perhaps it is what it is; an object from another universe- completely alien to us, yet it's sitting right here in this very room. It is real. You all saw it- you all got slobbered by it. Yet…" The others thought of their own theories, though, not voicing them. No one could possibly deny that the pokéball existed and that there was an Eevee inside. One impossibility lead to another, creating a massive web of mystery that was probably never to be solved.
Corbyn broke the tension. "Say, Ron, what hotel were you talking about earlier?"
"The Black Cat Inn. Why?"
Corbyn's face lit up. "Really? No way! That's where I'm staying too! I guess you're lucky to be staying there, huh?"
"You mean- how they-"
"Allow animals," they said together.
"Yeah, I suppose it is a good thing. Where are you?"
"I'm on the left side of the second floor. You?"
"Just around the corner."
"Hmm. Hey, you want to walk together after…all this?"
"Sure." Ron looked at his watch. "Oh, dear. Cathy's not going to be happy when she finds us. We've been here for like half an hour!"
Crystal looked up from her meditation. "Then, why don't we find her instead? The sooner the better." She got up and stretched a bit. She walked over to the panorama for a last look and then walked across the icy-white tiles to the elevator. The draft was picking up again, and she embraced her exposed arms. The others also got up from their long sitting. Each peered over the table through the window at the scene below, and followed Crystal, who was waiting by the console. She pressed the only button available, and waited. Apparently someone else had used the elevator since they got off. This time, Elton John could be heard.
Eric held up a finger for attention. "So, wait a minute. What's our alibi?"
"That's a good question," Corbyn replied thoughtfully. Suddenly, he turned around and gave Ron a swift kick to the shin, knocking him over.
"Oof! Ow! Jeez, what was that all about?!"
"You tripped and fell in the stairwell, remember? You were out for like half an hour!"
Everyone was laughing again. Corbyn smiled and offered Ron his hand, helping him up.
"Well, you could have given a warning, you know."
Corbyn shrugged, and his tilted his head back a bit, showing he was sorry. The elevator made a ding, and the door opened for them. They all hopped in, except for Ron, who limped over to the corner. Crystal stood, smiling at him, and pressed the button on the gold console with a "1" on it. The elevator descended.
Chapter 7: The return of Eevee!
I know this was a major cliffhanger for all of you, and I apologize for yielding YET AGAIN at the beginning. XD

In this part, Ron and company continue their dissent in the ninth floor lounge. Eevee gets his way and...err... gets to meet new people. Also, we see Cathy get steaming mad for the first time.

Thanks for reading!

Pokemon is (c) Nintendo. Nintendo is (c) Nintendo.
Corbyn is (c) :iconcorbynprower:
Crystal is (c) :iconyuseidarkumbreon:
Valencia is (c) :icongolferdude666:
Eric is (c) :iconlatios111:
Ron, Cathy, and all other characters are
(c) :iconchristopherf10:

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