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Eevee TF Series
Part 3
Chapter VI

…Whatever happens, wherever we go, I know I'll love it. I don't know when I'll be back... or if I'll ever be back, but until then, take care.

She looked around her room and, satisfied, shut down her computer. Travel would not allow for internet access, so she made sure to share her wonderful news with her friends before leaving. No one would believe that she was going to spend her summer in the snow. They would be incredulous; summer is supposed to be spent on the beach, and not on some boring mountain. That was not an opinion of hers, however. Nothing, she thought, could be more exciting. Again she found herself daydreaming about the climactic moment when she would finally stand in her favorite snowy scene; finally smell the chill, see the wondrous white blanket, and look down at the world around her.
She made sure to pack everything she would need- thermal clothes, her phone, music, but most importantly her sketch-pad. Drawing was one of her passions, and she figured that she would be practically lost without it. She hoped to spend hours in her imagined snowy clearing, simply sketching every detail that she would encounter; even after she left, she could keep the image with her forever.
As she looked around her room, she made sure to check on every detail. Her window was closed and locked, her bed made, all electronics powered off. She heard her name being called from outside, along with the jarring sound of an old car horn. Picking up her lightly-packed suitcase, she floated out the door, locking it. A large vehicle waited for her, and she could see her parents smiling with enthusiastic faces towards her. Smiling back, she dove for the car door that was left open for her and crawled in, dragging her case along through the thin dirt and grass.
Her father's RV was huge- practically half the size of their small house. Through her window she took the opportunity to steal another look at the house before the vehicle lurched forward, stealing it back. A lone fir stood to the right of the dusty garage, in which was stowed her father's trucks. A dirt walkway led from the road to the front porch, where a swing stood, old and rarely used. Next to it, a kitchen window and wooden door, whose burgundy paint was faded and peeling. As her little brown house disappeared in the dry screen of dirt, blue and green mountains in the far distance around her seized her attention. Soon she would see them up close, and escape for a week or so from the little dusty crater her family chose to live in. Living in the valley, she would sit outside on the porch swing for hours every day, sketching the distant scenery. She'd feel the hot sun beat down on her knees, but the chill of the strong winds from the mountains was always calling her.


"Is that what I think it is?"
"That depends. What do you think it is?"
All eyes were fixated on the red marble in Ron's hand. "Very funny, Ron. Bringing your toys to work now?"
Ron shrugged casually, smirking and raising a challenging eyebrow at her.
"That couldn't possibly be a real..."
"Perhaps it is?"
"Perhaps it isn't and I end up smacking you?"
Ron was impressed with himself. He was actually fending off his prying friends by playing into their confused frustrations. He didn't particularly the sort of jeering himself, but he felt like building suspense playfully. After all, they had brought it upon themselves. "Perhaps it isn't?"
Valencia was beginning to get a bit red in the face. Whether it was from embarrassment or contempt was anybody's guess. She continued staring at the peculiar ball in Ron's motionless hand; the one she had seen somewhere before, though she refused to accept its legitimacy. "Will I have to smack you, then?"
Ron looked to Crystal and smiled, giving up his little game. "Nah, it is."
Eric peered inwards. "What is, exactly?"
Ron looked up from the precious mystery in his possession to meet his eyes. "It is." Crystal chuckled under her breath at Ron's messing around. Of course she was in on the whole controversy and knew, in fact, that it was. What Ron had in his confident hand actually was. Whether the others saw it or refused to see it did not matter, because it was, just as Ron had succinctly explained.
Unmistakably upset, Valencia looked over at the artifact. "Crystal, care to enlighten us? Is it, or is it not?"
Crystal picked up the game quickly. "It all depends on how you see it, really."
"You mean on how we are supposed to see it?" Corbyn pitched in.
Ron spoke for Crystal. "Perhaps."
Eric once again chimed in. "And how exactly is that?"
"How's what?"
"The way we're supposed to see it."
"What about it?"
He gave an exasperated sigh. "How are we supposed to see that?"
"With your eyes, I hope," Ron returned.
Eric struck his finger out at the menacing hand wavering in front of him. "What is that?"
Ron smiled. Indeed, inside jokes can be hilarious, especially when they are yours. Building up a good amount of drama, he replied coolly. "What do you think it is?"
A moment of silence.
Valencia chimed back in. "It... looks like a toy pokéball."
Ron closed his hand, as if time for his game had run out. He was actually getting a little tired of the individuals who had provoked him earlier and were attacking him presently. "Okay, so what is it?"
"I just told you. It looks like a toy pokéball. But, you were talking about having some sort of pet."
"Yes, so what is it?"
"It's a toy pokéball and you're delusional."
"No it's not."
"How's that?"
"It's not a toy pokéball."
Her eyes narrowed into a face of irritation and curiosity, looking into his shockingly cool, serious eyes. "Wha- you don't expect me to believe..."
"So what is it?"
She stared, and took a minute before answering. "It's a pokéball?"
"Is it?"
"It is."
"What is?"
She spat out an exasperated Huh! "It's a pokéball. Is that it? Is that what it is? You are holding a toy pokéball in your hand!"
Ron smiled. He reached over and patted Valencia on the back. "There, was that so hard?"
She heaved a sigh of relief, glad the little game was over. "I ought to smack you right now, but I won't. Now tell me: what does that little ball have anything to do with anything?"
"You should know, Val. What is a pokéball?"
"An item from a fantastic, fictional universe- though how that is supposed to be different from a toy one is beyond me."
"That's because it is." Crystal started laughing again. The rest of the crowd started chuckling a bit too.
"Don't start that again. How is it not a toy?"
Crystal placed her hand on Valencia's leg. "Val. I've always known you as young at heart. Can you not see what is right before your eyes?"
"Val. Is as in exists, as opposed to resembles. Get it?"
Valencia was secretly dreading this, because she didn't want to sound crazy earlier. She somehow knew what Ron was implying, but it was unlikely- rather, utterly impossible that her deepest fantasies could somehow be correct. But if the truth was, and it was part of her dreams and desires, then the only stopping her from opening her mind to it was her pride, which she began to peel away from. She sighed and crossed her arms. "So... it's a real pokéball, then. How exactly is that possible?"
Ron retrieved his tiring hand. "Ha! I don't really know. It's pretty cool, though, isn't it?"
Valencia leaned back in her seat. She was genuinely irritated with him now, but she couldn't be. The thing in itself was impossible. Here was a perfectly honest young man in front of her, and now he couldn't possibly be holding anything other than a real pokéball; he and her both knew the kind of beating he'd get if he had pulled her leg that far. She felt her heart skip a beat as she finally accepted the amazing, though physically impossible possibility. She knew she loved pokémon. She'd always secretly wished her life was exciting enough that they were real. Here in this perfectly honest young man was an opportunity for it to be real, though for some reason some deep instinct forced her to refuse it. The only way to grasp at her dreams was to accept the impossible. The only way to go with her logic was to go against it. She started thinking: Well, if it's real, then there's a pokémon inside. Let's see Ron pull that off. Then she started thinking at the same time: If it's real, then does that mean that there's really something inside? Maybe he's not crazy. Maybe I'm not crazy. What could be inside? "What kind of pokémon do you have in there, then?" She asked this with hope mixed with doubt. She still didn't want to sound too desperate, and tried to act with sarcasm.
Ron saw the honesty in her vibrant green eyes. There was no hiding it; she was, after all, one of the most ambitious human beings he had ever met. He couldn't keep attacking her and squeezing her with anticipation, but she still had some doubt and Crystal saw it too, concurring with a twitch if her cheek. "Wouldn't you like to know," he replied.
"Oh, come on, Ron," Corbyn interjected. "Will you shut up and show us already? What's this 'pet' you got us all worked up about?"
Ron looked over and laughed. "You really want to see?"
A chorus of shouting tossed him back in his chair.
"Alright, alright!" He pressed the puny button on the side of the sphere. To mostly everyone's astonishment, the ball suddenly grew in his hand to the size of a small baseball, and an air was created from all the nervous and excited chatting. Ron leaned forward and placed the ball carefully on the wooden table next to the window. It rolled a bit, but found an unpolished notch on the otherwise flat surface to rest on. At last, he announced, "Alright, you can come out now!"
Okay, a shorter bit this time. And a little bit of comedy at that. In this rather short chapter, Ron discusses philosophy as he builds suspense. In the process, he really ticks off his friends. But its all in good fun.
Victoria finally leaves on her trip to Coledge.

It appears that reading Catch-22 is messing with my head and pulling out interesting ironies with it. I kinda like them, don't you?

Pokemon, pokeball, etc are (c) Nintendo
Victroia is (c) :iconwarriorcatgirl365:
Crystal is (c) :iconnixillumbreon:
Corbyn is (c) :iconcorbynprower:
Valencia is (c) :icongolferdude666:
Eric is (c) :iconlatios111:
Ron and other characters are (c) :iconchristopherf10:

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warriorcatgirl365 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010
oh god the suspense is killing me! COme out little eevee!
ChristopherF10 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010  Student Writer
Goodness! It's amazing how much excitement a story can build just by hindering an expected event!
So interesting are the responses to this, it makes it sound as if the simple little event of Eevee's appearance is the climax of the whole story (even though we all know, by the title, that it is not).
warriorcatgirl365 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010
doesnt ron know that he has to push the button again to get it out?
ChristopherF10 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010  Student Writer
Hmm.. idk. I've always just seen the ball thrown and open up upon impacting the ground (or in mid-air).
I guess I'll just have it so Eevee can come out whenever he wants to (just 'cause he's so mischievous XD)
warriorcatgirl365 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010
yeah, the cute little devil should have frre will, seeing as ron dont know squat about pokemon
ChristopherF10 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010  Student Writer
Well, he knows a little. I mean, he knows the basics; just about as much as any run-of-the-mill person off the street. Pokemon is so popular in the culture of the contemporary world of Coledge that pretty much everyone can see the yellow, spikey-eared mouse and say "Pikachu."

Whenever you see a difference in personalities, you can automatically assume that a lesson is taught or that the weaker personality will be influenced by the stronger. Like in the Disney movie Up.
corbynprower Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
oh here's comes the cute eevee again
Latios111 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2010  Student General Artist
thats interesting, a perfect to stop....get the people in excitement....

great job as usual
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