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Eevee TF Series
Part 3
Chapter IX

To their surprise, Cathy had returned from lunch much sooner than they had, and they feared what punishment she could possibly have waiting. However, they soon found out that she voluntarily returned early to set up her lecture room. She was all over the room sorting equipment and laying out materials that foreshadowed a very unappealing lesson to come. The last thing she did was lug a bulky bag out of the closet and toss it on the ground. She zipped it open and removed a limp humanoid figure and dropped it on the bed. The whole body rippled with the sudden tremor. The skin was dark and somewhat transparent, and unclothed except for a flat concealing undergarment of the same tan color around the hip.
"This, ladies and gentlemen, is Bob. As you can see," she said as she socked him right in the chin, "he can take a hit." As her fist struck the rubbery skin, the whole body recoiled before settling back into its original state. "He is here so that we don't have to suffer any real casualties throughout your dangerous learning experience." As she said the word 'dangerous,' she gave a mocking slap to the dummy's bare upper chest, obviously getting some amusement out of the idea of subjecting someone to such suffering without consequences.
She spun around to face the students. "You are to respond to him with the appropriate action for any emergency I give you, when I tell you to, understand?" For the next hour or so she sat in her stool behind Bob, calling individuals out of the crowd and barking orders at them. As soon as the individual was instructed, he or she would charge to the counter and fish out a syringe or bottle of liquid and run over to the rubber body on the stretcher. They would breathlessly fill the sterilized needle with a non-existent liquid and spend valuable seconds deciding where to position the needle on the clay-red surface. As soon as the task was completed Cathy would alarm them with an unexpected "Next!" or "He died!" The student would fix their mistake shamelessly or get back in line after putting away the materials.
As soon as everyone had operated at least twice, Cathy halted the activity. "That's enough; you get the idea. What do we use to measure Bob's heart rate, Tuman?"
Valencia turned to face her. "Ma'am? Could you repeat the question?"
She hissed an exasperated sigh. "The machine with the crooked line that goes Beep beep beep and hopefully never Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep; what do we call the machine that measures heart rate?"
"Oh. That would be an electrocardiograph, or ECG, ma'am."
"Good. Now, what do we call a Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep? Aistha?"
"Cardiac arrest or asystole, ma'am," Crystal called out from the back. Recognizing the curtness of the question she stepped closer for another question.
"And what do we do if our patient goes into cardiac arrest, what do we do?"
"Give him a shot of vasopressin, epinephrine, or atropine."
"Right, and what do we not do to him? What instead do we do when his heart rate gets too fast? What then, Piroack?"
Corbyn thought a second and remembered something from medical school. He formed his hands into fists, rubbed them together in midair, and pointed them down, impacting them on an invisible surface. He made a childish Bzz! suggesting some form of electrocution. He smiled knowingly, recalling that, despite popular belief, defibrillation was used to slow down an overactive heart, and not revive a dead one. He beamed, expecting a gold star, but received sufficient laughter instead.
"Right, and what is the Bzz! called, Piroack?"
"Defibrillation, right?"
"Yes. Hopefully you all know by now that you never use a defib machine when you have a flatliner. Don't believe that TV show drama. You defib someone if their heart-rate is too high- actually, you won't defib anyone. Your superiors will do it, but I want you exposed to the idea anyway." She turned around and opened the closet while sitting down. She wheeled out a wire cart that held an expensive-looking machine with numerous cords dragging behind it. She got up and brought it to the other side of the unfortunate, indifferent patient.
She located a specific black cord and plugged it into a nearby power socket. The machine whirred to life, and the large green LED display lit up with many numbers which quickly started fluctuating. A glint of concern flashed across the faces of many in the group.
"Don't worry. As long as you don't screw around you won't get shocked." She grabbed a couple of thin wires that dangled. She applied an adhesive strip to each electrode and applied them to Bob's rubbery chest. "Now, let's say that we gave Bob here a bad shot and he has an allergic reaction. His heart rate is approaching critical, and sedatives aren't working." The students eagerly approached the table. Most of them congregated on the other side of Cathy, while a few stood at the foot of the bed. The mentor stood calmly, leaning on the sturdy counter with the wide cart near her.
"We power on this baby," she pushed a button and the screen changed, showing the familiar ECG line. Bob had no heart, so it immediately went to flatline. "Don't worry about that; normally we would, but in this case, his heart rate is really high." She pointed at a sliding bar that went all the way across the length of the device and had several tick markers along its track. "You use this to set up your power. It's in joules. We usually start with 100J and go higher if necessary." Upon saying this, she moved the sliding bar over to the 100 tick. She cleared any people in her way and grabbed a pair of paddles that were hanging on the machine. She carefully placed them on the solid-colored orange chest.
"Oh, this is the most important part: before you do anything, make sure to warn everyone." Then she yelled a loud "Clear!" With her index fingers she pushed a small button located on one of the paddles, and everyone but Bob jolted.
For a split second the room was filled with a loud and unexpected piercing and resonating Boom rather than a Buzz, which startled even Cathy. Apparently the TV show dramas had it right when they incorporated a small buzz to their climactic defibrillation scenes, because Cathy gave the old machine a very puzzled look. 'That's funny," she said, "it's not supposed to be that loud- probably just because it's old and unused. Anyway, if it worked, his heart rate will be quickly getting back to normal. But if it didn't work, you have to act fast. Increase the power to 110." Again she slid the bar and recalibrated the position of her paddles. With more caution than previously, she yelled "Clear!" and pushed the button.
Instead of the frightening explosion, they were relieved to hear the monotonous, mechanical buzz of the shock being delivered. Being made out of rubber, Bob sat motionless and apathetic. Cathy eyed the paddle again. "Curious." She continued talking about all of the unimaginable misfortunes they could be subjected to when operating the defib, and how to confront them.
Ron was admiring the professionalism of Dr. Ruck almost too much to pay attention to a light tugging on his loose scrub. Hiding behind a student, he risked a look over to his side. The mischievous person responsible for the annoyance was Crystal, who had a preoccupied, yet highly alarmed sideways-facing glance.
"What is it," he mouthed silently.
"Over there," she mouthed back, and she jutted her head slightly outward in Cathy's direction, not changing her alarmed countenance. Ron looked over at Cathy, who was still rambling about what could happen, and gasped almost inaudibly.
"Don't worry, Caverte. You guys are only newbies; you won't need any of this. So, if that doesn't work, what you do is you bring it up to 150-"
Ron paid no attention to this, but to the scene in front of him. Almost impulsively, he shouted, "Eevee!" He immediately cupped his hands around his mouth in embarrassment.
The scene that gave him such a start was, in some ways, frightening. On the wire cart behind Cathy, the small furry reprobate was hanging from a pair of miniature brown paws from one of the ledges, with its tail and hind legs flailing wildly in an effort to climb up onto the cart. Its eyes were half-closed, making an adventurous V shape, and its teeth were showing as it used all of its infinite energy to accomplish its simple reckless task. Luckily, Ron had interjected right before Cathy could return to her machine and come across the dangerous secret.
Ron held his breath as he wished for the runt to hide and for everyone to disregard his outburst. Unfortunately, neither goal was accomplished. Eevee crawled successfully on top of the defibrillator and Cathy rebuked him.
"No, not EV's, are you crazy? You want to kill the guy? I told you, we use joules."
Ron had caught a break, and sighed as he recalled that EV's are, out of luck, a unit of energy and the shorthand for Electronic Volts, which seemed like a perfectly understandable mistake for any newbie to make.
He caught his breath again as Cathy stared at him while blindly adjusting the power perfectly to 150 joules, and not volts. Eevee gasped in playful elation at the arm that had, by chance, been offered to him, and he prepared to leap onto it, much to Ron's horror. Eevee leaped, but missed the arm as it had moved over to pick up the paddle from the holster. Disappointed, Eevee landed on the control panel silently, attracting attention from no one but Ron and Crystal. His tail carelessly flopped around and managed to slide the loose bar all the way to 200 joules. He sat not noticing as he crafted a plan to attack the fugitive arm. His ears playfully twitched and he stepped back for a pounce, accidentally stepping on a button, and being scolded by a series of beeps and alarms.
Cathy was hunched over the body when she heard the clamor. She cursed and turned to the machine, with the paddles still in-hand. She looked with shock at the hazelnut-eyed furry creature in front of her. She had no idea what to make of it except for the observations that it was small and that it was not any creature she knew of.
Her shock at seeing such an unexpected sight made her recoil. She seized herself, pulling in her arms towards her chest, without realizing that her hands were full. The paddles turned their cold metallic surfaces toward and onto her skin, and before she knew what was happening, the button was inadvertently pressed.
All the students could do was watch with the same horror that Cathy was experiencing. Her mind went numb as she felt 200 joules of ill-earned electricity skip lightly across her chest, and five-and-a-half milliseconds later, a powerful jolt that launched her backwards. She fell onto the floor and blacked out.
The students still stood there shocked, almost as much as Cathy was. Not only was the teacher sprawled out on the floor, possibly dead, but there was a small, strange furry creature that had jumped down out of nowhere and was now on her chest, licking her face greedily. It paid the students no mind, but simply stood there applying a wet layer of sticky saliva over the motionless, wide-eyed face.
Finally a hero stepped out of the traumatized crowd to help. It was Crystal, and in an instant she was on the floor trying to resuscitate Mrs. Ruck. Eevee saw her and started trying to lick her and tickle the teacher with his fluffy tail. She grabbed him securely with two hands and passed him to Ron, who returned him to the concealed pokéball. The other students stared wordlessly with expressions of bewilderment at the creature as it was passed over and stored away. Ron stared back as if nothing had happened.
A passerby doctor happened to see the strange scene from outside and rushed in.
"What happened?" He looked at the students for answers and saw the dangling defibrillator pads. "Oh, my goodness! She could be dead by now! Hurry, get me some epinephrine!" Soon a whole team of doctors in green and white was streaming into the room from the teal river outside. At last they put Cathy on a stretcher and she was finally conscious.
She started moving and groaning, despite warnings from the doctors against movement and talking in favor of saving her energy. "Oooooooooohhh, what happened?" She saw Ron leaning over her with a worried look on his face. She narrowed her eyes and almost snarled.
"Mrs. Ruck? Ma'am? Are you alright?"
She gave him a swift, casual blow to the cheek. The doctors quickly crowded around her and told her not to do that. She tried socking them too.
Ron held his head with his hand, ignoring the pain and celebrating the prospect that she was not dead, although his cheek was now burning with the sting of broken skin. Still the oblivious students looked at him as if he was mad.
Cathy started screaming orders and cursing at her medics, receiving only hushes and injections. "Get me outta here! Let me go!"
"Ma'am, you need some rest. Would you like to go home?"
"Yes, get me out of here! Ron, I swear I'm going to-" Her violent threat was cut off as she was wheeled out of the room and the door shut behind her. A strong, serious doctor came forward and addressed the students.
"I'm sorry, kids, but Dr. Ruck will be out for the rest of the day, and possibly the rest of the week. I'm afraid I have no choice but to send you home early. But before I do, would you mind telling me exactly what happened?"
The group was silent except for one of the outside, oblivious students. "That guy had some sort of-"
Ron gave the guy a kick to the shin before he could say any more. "Forgive him, he's delirious. Mrs. Ruck doesn't even know. Somehow, I suppose, the defibrillator backfired at 200J. She just jolted and fell backwards. Will she be alright?" he added to sound innocent.
"Well, only time can tell. She needs to go home and rest. 200 joules through a body like hers can really do some damage. One thing's for sure- she won't be the same," he chuckled. "Well, have a good afternoon." He waved them off and they filed silently out of the room, except for the one with the bruised leg, who limped out, babbling about some non-existent brown fox.
Okay, so that was certainly something shocking, eh? A nice turn of events for this story, I think. Don't hold your breath- it gets better.
This hopefully is the last chapter of Part 3; a sort of season finale, you might say.

In this story:
Ron, Cathy, Bob, and the myriad unnamed characters are (c) :iconchristopherf10:
Corbyn is (c) :iconcorbynprower:
Valencia is (c) :icongolferdude666:
Crystal is (c) :iconyuseidarkumbreon:
Eric is (c) :iconlatios111:

Pokemon, in all its splendor and awesomeness, is (c) Nintendo company.

Thanks for reading! Comments are both helpful and greatly appreciated!

Next (PART 4!!!!) [link]
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youtuberjeremyn1000 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014
Cathy: Yes. Hopefully you all know by now that you never use a defib machine when you have a flatliner. Don't believe that TV show drama. You defib someone if their heart-rate is too high- actually, you won't defib anyone. Your superiors will do it, but I want you exposed to the idea anyway.
Me: ... my mum says so not those random goddamned Korean dramas.
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drat those Eevee and their unrelenting cuteness
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Well, all of the named characters noticed him when Ron yelled out "eevee!" (they were actually paying attention to the lecture) but then Cathy rebuked him; the unnamed characters took him for a madman, as they where on the other side of Cathy from Eevee and couldn't see him.
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I did? Hmm... perhaps I did. I apologize for the inconsistency, but let me explain: I had originally planned for the parts to be divided up into days (when Ron woke up in his hotel, it became Part 3 right then.) When I got to around chapter 7-8 of Part 3, and seeing as how the other parts only got around 3-6 chapters, I felt that Part 3 was just getting a bit too long and I should end Part 3 asap.
However, I promise (because I couldn't imagine it any other way) that there will be a TF before... before the end of Day 3. I hope to make that in Part 4, and then Parts 5-6 will fill the next day.
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