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Eevee TF Series
Part 3
Chapter IX

To the group's surprise, Cathy had returned from lunch much sooner than expected, and each of them wondered in fear if they had mistaken the return deadline. However, they soon found out that she voluntarily returned early to set up her lecture room. She was busily running around the room sorting equipment and laying out very foreboding lecturing materials. The last thing she did was lug a bulky bag out of the closet and toss it on the ground. She zipped it open and removed a limp dummy figure and dropped it on the bed. The whole body rippled with the sudden tremor. Somewhat transparent, the dull dark synthetic skin was largely unclothed except for a flat concealing undergarment covering the hips.
"This, ladies and gentlemen, is Bob. As you can see," she said as her fist impacted the lifeless chin, "he can take a hit. There is literally no way you can kill him, so he is going to join us in our learning experience today." She spun around to face the students. "You are going to respond to him with appropriate action for any scenario I give you, understand?" After everyone was briefed, she smiled and sat down on a rolling stool. For the next hour or so she sat behind Bob, calling individuals out of the crowd and barking orders at them. As soon as the individual was instructed, he or she would charge to the counter and pantomime the appropriate response. They would fish out a syringe or bottle of liquid and run over to the dummy's stretcher. They would breathlessly fill the sterilized needle with a non-existent liquid and spend valuable seconds deciding where to position the needle on the rubberized surface. As soon as the task was completed Cathy would surprise them with an unexpected "Next!" or "Dead!". Each student would fix their mistake accordingly or return to the student dugout.
As soon as everyone had performed at least twice, Cathy halted the activity. "That's enough; you get the idea. What do we use to measure Bob's heart rate, Tuman?"
Valencia turned to face her. "Ma'am? Could you repeat the question?"
She slouched with an annoyed sigh. "The machine with the crooked line that goes Beep beep beep and hopefully never Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep; what do we call the machine that measures heart rate?"
"Oh. That would be an ECG, ma'am."
"Good. Now, what do we call that Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep? Aistha?"
"Cardiac arrest or asystole, ma'am," Crystal called out from the back. Recognizing the curtness of the question she stepped closer for another question.
"And what do we do if our patient goes into cardiac arrest, what do we do?"
"Give him a shot of vasopressin, epinephrine, or atropine."
"Right, and what do we not do to him? What instead do we do when his heart rate gets too fast, Piroack?"
Caught off-guard, Corbyn thought for a second before he formed his hands into fists, rubbed them together in midair, and pointed them downward, impacting them on an invisible surface. He made a childish Bzz! and smiled cheekily. He recalled that despite popular belief, defibrillation was used to stabilize an overactive heart, and not to revive a slow one. He beamed, expecting a gold star, but received only a few chuckles instead.
Cathy waved off the class clown, expecting nothing less. "And what is the Bzz! called, exactly?"
"Defibrillation, right?"
"Yes. Hopefully you all know that you never use a defib machine when you have a flatlining patient. Don't believe any of that TV garbage. You defib someone if their heart rate is out of control- well actually, you won't defib anyone. Your superiors will do it, but I want you exposed to the idea regardless, just in case." Without getting up from her stool, she turned around and opened the nearby closet door, wheeling out a wire cart which held an expensive-looking machine with numerous cords dangling behind it. With some effort she brought it to the other side of the unfortunate Bob, whose pale eyes looked on with indifference.
Within the mess of cords she isolated a specific black one and plugged it into a nearby wall outlet. A large green LED display lit up with many numbers which quickly started fluctuating as the machine whirred to life, a dull sigh after a year-long slumber. A glint of concern flashed across the faces of a few students.
Anticipating the unease, Cathy smirked at her group with a look of prowess. "Don't worry. As long as you don't screw around you won't get zapped. Most machines nowadays are more portable, but this fossil uses the same procedure." Grabbing a couple of thin dangling electrode wires, she applied an adhesive strip to each and applied them to Bob's rubbery chest. "Now, let's say that we gave Bob here a bad shot and he has an allergic reaction. His heart rate is out of control, and sedatives aren't working." The students eagerly approached the table. Most of them gathered on the side opposite Cathy, while a few stood at the foot of Bob's death bed. The caped mentor stood over them with a calm collection, her elbow leaning on the cool machine.
"First," she began, "we activate the sensors," she pushed a button and the screen changed, showing a familiar heart rate line, though because Bob had no such organ, the screen immediately showed a flatline. "Don't worry about that; normally we would worry, but in this case let's imagine his heart rate is sporadic." She pointed at a sliding bar that stretched in tickmarks across the length of the device. "Use this to input an intensity, in joules. We usually start with 100J and go up from there. Now comes the fun part." Upon saying this, she moved the sliding bar down to the 100 tick. She cleared any people in her way, not unlike many medical dramas Ron had seen before, and grabbed a pair of metal-faced paddles mounted on the machine. With a steady breath Cathy carefully positioned them in certain places on the flabby rubber chest. "One on the sternum, one on the apex, got it?"
The surrounding students matched her steady breathing as they looked on, taking careful mental notes on the procedure.
"Oh, this is the most important part: before you do anything, make sure to warn everyone. Tuman, hold these paddles steady for me." Cathy stepped back towards the machine as Valencia moved into position. She looked to Cathy and gave a loud "Clear!". With her index fingers Cathy firmly pressed a small button located below the monitor to deliver the livesaving shock. For a split second the room was filled with a bright explosion accompanied by a loud and unexpected Boom piercing the air, rather than a mechanical Buzz, which startled even Cathy. Everyone but Bob jolted.
Apparently the TV show dramas correctly portrayed the climactic defibrillation scenes, because Cathy gave the old machine a very puzzled look. "Odd," she mumbled, "it's never done that- probably just getting old. Anyway, if it worked, his heart rate would normalize. But if not, you have to act fast. Increase the power and go again." Again she adjusted the bar and waited for Valencia's go-ahead. With greater caution, she yelled "Clear!" and pushed the button, keeping a careful eye on the paddles.
Instead of another frightening explosion, everyone was relieved to hear the monotonous, mechanical buzz of the shock being delivered. Being made out of rubber, Bob sat motionless and apathetic. Cathy eyed the paddle again. "Huh." She continued talking about all of the frightening situations the interns could be faced with when operating the defib, and explained how to deal with them.
Ron was admiring the professionalism of Dr. Ruck, almost too focused to notice a gentle tugging on his loose sleeve. Hiding behind a student, he risked a look over to his side. Crystal's arm was tugging at his, as her preoccupied eyes caught his in her peripherals. He felt a tingle of her urgency in her tugs.
"What's up?" he murmured silently.
"Over there," she mouthed back, jutting her head slightly in Cathy's direction, her face not changing its alert expression. Ron looked over at Cathy, who was still rambling about unheard instructions. As the events which were unfolding behind her came into view, he froze and slipped a short gasp.
Cathy caught this and locked eyes with her pupil with an eerily supportive smile. "Easy, Caverte. Don't worry, you guys won't really need any of this while you're here, but you still should know proper procedures. Anyway, if that doesn't work, what you do is you bring it up to 150-"
Cathy's words slowly blew past Ron's ears like a gentle summer breeze. His eyes were fixated on the chaotic scene developing over his instructor's shoulder. Almost impulsively, he half-shouted a name before he cupped his hands around his mouth. Crystal had clenched his arm with a firm grasp as the outburst set in, and all anyone could do was watch in stupefied shock.
On the wire cart behind Cathy, Ron's friend was dangling by a pair of miniature brown paws from one of the ledges, tail and hind legs flailing wildly in an effort to climb up on top of the cart. His eyes beamed with mischief and his teeth were clenched as he strained to use all of his energy in his simple reckless climb.
In his infinite fortune, Ron had interjected in time to create a distraction he didn't realize he didn't want. He held his breath as he wished for the runt to hide and for everyone to disregard his outburst, though to his dismay, neither goal was accomplished, and Crystal only tightened her grip on his arm. Eevee had crawled successfully on top of a nearby countertop, and Cathy's chiding slowly filled Ron's ears.
"What the hell, eV's, are you crazy? You want to him to die? I told you, we use joules. Here, Tuman, let me take those paddles, thank you."
Ron caught his breath and a mildly lucky break. Cathy stared at him intently while blindly adjusting the power perfectly to 150 joules, and not volts. Behind her, Eevee gasped in unheard playful elation at the arm that had been extended exclusively to him, and with his tail pointed towards the fluorescent lights above, he prepared a pouncing stance. Ron had fractions of seconds to panic as Eevee leaped and missed Cathy's arm as she moved over to pick up the paddles. The fox, disappointed, landed on the control panel silently, attracting attention from no one but Ron and Crystal. His tail carelessly flopped around and managed to slide the adjustable power bar to the highest setting. He sat obliviously as he crafted a plan to attack the renegade arm. His ears strategically twitched and he stepped back for another pounce, accidentally stepping on a button, which summoned a series of beeps and alarms.
Cathy was hunched over Bob when she heard the clamor. She cursed and turned to the machine, with the paddles still in-hand. Her eyes widened with wordless panic at the hazelnut-eyed fur-covered creature in front of her. The shock of seeing such an unexpected sight made her recoil back towards the bed. She seized, pulling in her arms towards her chest, before realizing her hands were full. In a matter of seconds, the paddles had shamelessly turned their cold metallic surfaces towards her, making contact.
All the students could do was watch with the same horror that Cathy was experiencing. Her mind went numb as she felt the tickle of electricity skip lightly across her chest. Her legs buckled and soon she was gracefully floating, before a powerful jolt launched her backwards. She fell onto the floor, convulsing. A brown hazy flash of light in front of her eyes soon turned to black.
The students stood over the body of their instructor with horrified shock. Not only was the teacher sprawled out on the floor, possibly dead, but for no foreseeable reason an unrecognizable brown fox had jumped down out of nowhere and was now on her chest, licking her frozen face with greedy satisfaction, paying the students no mind.
Finally a hero stepped out of the traumatized crowd to help. In an instant Crystal was on the floor trying to resuscitate Mrs. Ruck. As soon as Eevee saw her, he moved to lick her and tickle the teacher with his bushy tail. Without hesitation, Crystal grabbed him securely with two hands and furtively transferred him to Ron, who returned him to the concealed pokéball without a word. The other students only stared with expressions of bewilderment at the inexplicable creature as it was handed over and stored away like a rabbit in a hat. Ron calmly avoided eye contact, as if nothing had happened at all.
A doctor happened to pass by the room and immediately saw the strange scene, rushing in.
"What happened?" He looked at the students for answers and saw the dangling defibrillator pads. "Oh, my god! Hurry, grab some epinephrine!" Soon a whole team of doctors in green and white was streaming into the room from the teal stream outside. Bob was shoved out of his bed and Cathy was gently set in his place. Soon, the proud surgeon was regaining consciousness as strands of brown fur clung to her nose and lips.
She started moving and groaning, despite warnings from the doctors. "Oooooooooohhh, what the hell happened?" She saw Ron leaning over her with a worried look on his face. She narrowed her eyes and nearly growled before seizing in pain again.
"Oh god," he managed, with panic in his eyes, "are you alright?"
She reached up and gave him a swift smack to the cheek. The doctors quickly crowded around her and tried to hold her down, for her own safety as they explained.
Ron held his head in his hand, ignoring the stinging pain and celebrating the fact that she was not dead, although his cheek was starting to feel the burn of Cathy's nails. Still the oblivious students looked at him as if he was crazy.
Cathy started screaming orders and cursing at her medics, receiving only hushes and injections.
"Ma'am, you need some rest. Would you like to go home?"
"Yes, get me out of here! Ron, I swear when I see you again-" Her threat was cut off as she was wheeled out of the room and the door shut behind her. A doctor with a serious build came forward and addressed the students.
"It would seem that Dr. Ruck will be out for the rest of the day, and possibly the rest of the week. I'm afraid I have no choice but to send you home. But before I do, would you mind telling me exactly what happened?"
The group was silent except for one of the outside, oblivious students. "This guy had some sort of-"
Crystal gave the rat a kick to the shin before he could say any more. "Forgive him, he's just stressed from what happened. Dr. Ruck doesn't even know. It seems like somehow the defibrillator backfired; I mean, she just jolted and fell backwards, without warning. Will she be alright?" she added with concern in her eyes.
"Well, only time can tell. She needs to go home and rest. It looks like she may have overloaded the defib machine or something, that may have done a deal of damage. One thing's for sure- she won't be the same," he chuckled. "Better watch your back. Well, have a good afternoon." He waved them off and they filed silently out of the room, all except for the one with the bruised leg who limped out, muttering something about a brown fox which nobody else would admit seeing.
Okay, so that was certainly something shocking, eh? A nice turn of events for this story, I think. Don't hold your breath- it gets better.
This hopefully is the last chapter of Part 3; a sort of season finale.

In this story:
Ron, Cathy, Bob, and the myriad unnamed characters are (c) :iconchristopherf10:
Corbyn is (c) :iconcorbynprower:
Valencia is (c) :icongolferdude666:
Crystal is (c) :iconnixillumbreon:
Eric is (c) :iconlatios111:

Pokemon, in all its splendor and awesomeness, is (c) Nintendo company.

Thanks for reading! Comments are both helpful and greatly appreciated!

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Cathy: Yes. Hopefully you all know by now that you never use a defib machine when you have a flatliner. Don't believe that TV show drama. You defib someone if their heart-rate is too high- actually, you won't defib anyone. Your superiors will do it, but I want you exposed to the idea anyway.
Me: ... my mum says so not those random goddamned Korean dramas.
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Well, all of the named characters noticed him when Ron yelled out "eevee!" (they were actually paying attention to the lecture) but then Cathy rebuked him; the unnamed characters took him for a madman, as they where on the other side of Cathy from Eevee and couldn't see him.
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However, I promise (because I couldn't imagine it any other way) that there will be a TF before... before the end of Day 3. I hope to make that in Part 4, and then Parts 5-6 will fill the next day.
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