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June 15, 2010
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Eevee TF Series
Part III
Chapter 2

     A chill. A soothing numbness. An upside down world; white on the ground with dark, gray skies. Black branches sticking out from the clouds. Beyond them, a bright white valley that stretched for miles. Everything around whitewashed, and icy to the touch. The world wiped clean, and all troubles erased. Best of all, tiny gentle crystals falling over the scene, melting before touching the ground.
     The thoughts filled and swirled peacefully around in Victoria's mind, soothing her while she lay motionless on her bed. Nothing could put her mind more at ease than this scene of serenity. She loved snow, no doubt. She longed for it. She couldn't get enough of it. Unfortunately for her, it was a wild and impossible fantasy. Every time she woke up from her placid sleep, she faced the cruel, rugged reality. She lived in the middle of nowhere, and, wherever that may be, it always seemed to be scorching hot. It was her curse; she would never be permitted to see even a glimpse of real snow.
     Today would be different though, she beamed. One single thought kept her asleep for a little longer than usual. The place she dreamed of was real, and today, she would finally see it. For the first time in her life, the dream she'd had for as long as she could remember would become reality. She would finally be able to stand, awake, on the incredible mountain she had only dreamt of for years.
     Coledge. Just last night, her parents revealed the news- that they were planning to take a trip there for summer vacation. At the time, however, she had no clue what this "Coledge" place even was, and even felt negative toward the idea. It wasn't until she saw a postcard of the city that she changed her mind. Towering over the whole panoramic scene was a white giant. The label said "Mount Bracherock."
     At that, she couldn't contain her excitement. "Are you serious? When are we going?"
     "We leave tomorrow morning. It's going to take us all day to get there. You'll need to wake up early so we can pack, so get to sleep!"
     She was out light a light. Without another word, she was back to standing on the snowy mountain, looking over the beautiful white-blanketed world beneath her. A sharp sound ruptured the tranquility of the scene; a high-pitched cry from an unseen animal. She turned around to face the source of the sound. Just before being woken up, she heard a rustling in the nearby bushes. White powder was shaken, and the only thing she saw was a brown flash…


     It was a dark and stormy night, or rather, it had been a dark and stormy couple of hours, which had recently given way to a silent and motionless twilight. Ron didn't see this sort of picture very often, the time of day bridging between the bright moon-lit night and the pale sunrise. Ron breathed in the humid atmosphere. One couldn't walk a block without stepping in a shallow pool of the storm's aftermath. Though it was very dark, one could faintly make out the fog that was starting to descend from the mountains. Each streetlight added its own bit of orange glow to the paleness of the sidewalks. The fog became thicker and reflected the purple-black of the night sky above.
     As Ron reflected at the still beauty around him, he thought of the previous night. He tried to shove past the horrible nightmare and thought about meeting the Umbreon. As his mind became wrapped around it, he began to question whether or not it was even real. There was really no explanation for what had happened after Don intruded. The creature had just disappeared into the night without a trace. Though, he pointed out to himself as he rounded a corner, in his dream he recalled Umbreon having a remarkable ability to blend into its surroundings. Ron determined, at that moment, to try and find his new friend, whom he was growing more and more certain, did exist. Surely something of its size couldn't have gotten far, and it had a habit of following him around from what he'd seen. Another turn brought him walking down more empty streets. He had little idea where he was going.
     After continuing on for a good ten minutes, Ron decided he was finally lost. Every building was starting to look the same. Gathering his wits, he continued exploring. After walking still farther, and having given up all chances of finding that alleyway, he found himself witness to an amazing sight. The sun was rising twice. He looked again and saw that the second sun was a shimmering reflection in the calm lake. An old, rotting sign on the shore quickly told him where he was: Lake Windbell.
     It was huge, quite possibly the largest lake he had ever seen in his life. The far shores, assuming there were shores, were completely fogged over. If one looked out, the gray water began to fuse with the gray clouds until the lake appeared to rise up into the sky. All around, the lake was surrounded by alternating benches and trees. On one of these benches was a faint silhouette of a person, with no other thought in mind than to just sit and watch the lake. Ron slowly approached from behind. The woman he saw looked familiar…
     He was about ten feet away, when a voice emanated through the thick fog.
     "Ron? Is that you?"
     Now he recognized her. Crystal. They both attended the same college class, and were now both in Coledge on the same internship. He had a feeling he'd run into her eventually. She was a very peculiar person, with a special sort of personality. She was always cheerful, yet could be completely reclusive at times. She was full of mystery, indeed. Much of it came from the odd gem she always wore as a rule around her neck. No doubt that it was what she took her name after; her birth name was one of the many things she kept to herself. However, while being famously secretive, she was a fountain of generosity, always helping others, caring for those in need, and showing deep respect for everyone. Most interestingly, to complete the package, was that she had an odd sense about everything. By just looking at anyone, she could easily discover anything about them that her flirting mind could want to collect. She knew things, and whatever she didn't know she pried to figure out. Her senses were remarkably acute. There was no such thing as sneaking up on her.
     "You got me. Hey, Crystal." He confidently walked over to the back of the bench and leaned on it, placing his hands on the bench around either side of Crystal.
     Her head turned skyward to face his, but her deep, pale eyes quickly went back towards the clouded lake. "A bit early for you to be up, don't you think?"
     "I would say the same thing about you. What are you doing out here so early?" Ron was expecting an answer, so he casually sat down next to Crystal.
     "Well, you know me. I'm a morning person. I love getting up early. The sunrise is what I really love, though. It's so much different here than back home." She shifted her position a little bit toward Ron.
     Ron was smart, though. He knew Crystal wasn't trying to be affectionate; she was trying to get inside his head, and was succeeding. There were a lot of heavy thoughts in there that he didn't want investigated yet, though. He gently slid over a little in the opposite direction on the seat.
     "Ron," she said sternly, "is there something on your mind?"
     He tried to maintain his racing thoughts. He knew that his friend wasn't exactly what one would call "normal." Back in high school, they were good friends, which is why Crystal had told Ron about her secret ability. She had some sort of extrasensory perception; she was basically a natural psychic, so she boasted. He tried his best to keep his thoughts out of his present mind- especially those memories from his dream and his encounter the night before. But, in order to hide one's thoughts, one has to think about them.
     "How about you tell me about your dream?"
     Too late. She had read him like a book, as she always did. Her head tilted slightly and her bright blue eyes were fixed on him.
"Ah... err… well…"
     A muffled humming sound halted his defensive babbling, and a red glow appeared from inside Ron's coat pocket. It suddenly shot out like lightning, escaping his clothing and landed gently on the bench between the two students. The red glow was overcome by a bright flash of white light. Almost as quickly as the white flash had appeared, it faded away, leaving behind shades of brown. The brown haze became clear and outlines began to reveal a body and appendages. Fur took over the spectrum, and a small head developed, with eyes shimmering, bright with excitement.
     "Oh, great..." Ron looked down at Eevee with mildly disappointed and disapproving eyes which were entirely disregarded by the ignorant ball of energy. It promptly turned around to face Crystal, before jumping on her and smothering her face with tiny swipes of its smooth, wet tongue.
     "Oh! –pfft! Ron! –pfft! What is this?!" She was laughing, struggling to get a hold of the creature, only to be overpowered by its squirmy nature.
     Ron reached over. "Here, I got 'im." He swiftly thrust one hand underneath the furry belly, and snugly clasped the other hand around its back. Firmly gripping, he finally managed to pull the feisty nail away from its magnet. Eevee was still trying its best to get away, kicking and wriggling its paws everywhere and biting Ron's hand, though it was all futile. It eventually gave up with an exasperated cry of submission.
     Crystal smiled, taking pity on her attacker. "Aww, I think it likes me. Now, would you like to explain to me exactly how you have an Eevee?"
     Ron was busy tending to his mischievous companion when the question arose, and was a bit thrown off. "H-hold on, how do you know about this guy?"
     "Oh, that's right. I forgot you never had a childhood." She reached over and retrieved the distraught creature, allowing it to cuddle up on her shoulder. "Eevee is a Pokémon. You remember Pokémon, don't you? Back in elementary school, when kids would stake their entire reputation on a card game?"
     Ron nodded idly and tried his best not to get involved. Getting a lecture from Crystal usually doesn't go very smoothly. "Yeah I suppose... wait, Pokémon, you said?"
     "Finally paying attention? Yes. Back then there were only about one hundred fifty."
     Ron's eyes widened. "Only! There were that many?"
     Crystal laughed to herself. "Where have you been for the past ten years?"
     Ron returned the chuckle half-heartedly. "Wait a second... that kid at the bus stop mentioned something about Eevee and Pokémon…"
     "Don? Who for some reason you think may have something to do with your taxi driver?"
     Ron sighed at her raised eyebrow. "You know I really don't like it when you do that…" He noticed that Eevee was actually sleeping on Crystal's shoulder, without pretending. "How did you get him to do that?"
     Crystal acknowledged her sleeping guest. "This little guy is very young. He seems to be very playful, and just wants love and attention. Just give him what he wants, and he'll return the favor. Besides, you tired him out. You still haven't answered my question. How did you, possibly the most timid, unexciting person I know, come to possess a living, breathing Pokémon- and an adorable one at that- which as far as I know, aren't even supposed to exist?"
     Ron opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He looked back at how he'd gotten himself into this dangerous conversation. There was nothing he could hide from Crystal. He gave in. "Okay, but can I trust you not to tell anyone?"
     "I suppose you're going to have to," she said, smiling, as she gave Eevee a satisfying rub on the back.
     "Okay, so, it all started about two nights ago when my cab driver almost hit this cat…" Ron dived into the story of how he got to the city and all of the strange events since. It was an exhilarating experience for the trio, as Ron was impressed with how well he managed to recount his tale without sounding like a deranged nutcase. At no point during his story did Crystal laugh in utter disbelief, or show any signs of lost interest. She tried her best to take in all of the detail he had given her and tried to analyze it; to figure out how such a bizarre occurrence could possibly happen in real life. Eevee, though still asleep, showed as much interest as possible by twitching its ear whenever it heard its name, but otherwise slept through the whole conversation.
     "…and so, I decided to go out for a walk, and now, here I am, at the lake, with you."
     Crystal nodded in approval, careful not to crush her shoulder-partner. "Hmm… It still bugs me, though. How a person could have no idea what Pokémon even are, yet manage to have possibly the only one in existence in the world... it makes me a bit jealous, actually. Tell you what, here's my take on this," she said, as she woke up Eevee and passed it back over to Ron. "The only possibility I see is that your cab driver might, possibly, have something to do with it. You haven't really come in contact with anyone else in the city, so it could be Don, if anyone here is behind it. You might want to ask him about it sometime."
     Ron pondered on this a bit, carefully receiving the sleeping burden back from Crystal. "What do you recommend I do? I can't just say, 'Hey Don, a little kid dropped this earlier. Is it yours?' Besides, he has a way of backing out of awkward conversations."
     "Well, you could just do what I do. Catch him off-guard and pressure him about whatever it is you want to know. That's how I got some loser to spend a whole hour talking with me on some lonely beach early one morning!"
     "Wow, it's really been that long? Well, I should probably get back to my hotel. I have to get ready for some lame college class. There's this one crazy girl there that has a nasty habit of getting into people's heads." Ron got up and slipped Eevee into his coat pocket.
     "It's been nice talking with you too, Ron. And you better take care of that little angel!"
     Ron was already walking away from the lake, down the steadily busying sidewalks. He hurried, now having some insight to the mystery surrounding the innocent little being he was secretly carrying. He heaved a gentle sigh of relief; it felt good to get the weight of things off his chest, even if he was ultimately forced into it.
Crystal faced him until she couldn't distinguish him from the other individuals. There was some obscure characteristic she liked about him that she couldn't quite put her finger on. He was a bit naiive and easily manipulated. He was strong-hearted, yet gullible. She found it almost cute. Oh and Ron, try to be careful…
     She turned back around to face to sun; the bright, warm face of an old friend that she could greet any day, under any condition. She always felt the most comfortable under the colorful morning sky; when dark shades of black from behind rippled into the different vivid colors of a brand new day before her. She sighed, smiling up at the spectacular sunrise. Today is a new day...
Well, I feel very confident with this piece. As I said recently in my journal, I would be taking some more time writing these things (this one was four pages!) before unveiling it. I have been estranged from the computer for many days, but it appears to have paid off, as I can daydream about how this is going to go whenever someone else is using the computer. The only downside, besides having my hair look like that of a Hobbit's everyday, is that I will usually forget the master plan(s) I develop overnight.

As I said, it is a working progress, and a slow one at that. I have been reading over my summer textbook and I truly believe it has helped me a little. I'm actually seeing connections in my work that I didn't even notice while writing it! I hope you can see it too. (Notice the final phrase of this story and see if you can reference it!)

I have FINALLY introduced more characters! YAY!

Victoria is (c) :iconwarriorcatgirl365:
Crystal is (c) :iconyuseidarkumbreon:
Pokémon is (c) Nintendo
Ron and all other characters, unless otherwise mentioned, are (c) ChristopherF10.

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