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June 7, 2010
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Eevee TF Series
Part 3
Chapter 1

    Ron awoke with a start, heart beating and eyes tired. Apparently he had been crying in his sleep, based on the small dark circles that stained his ruffled white pillowcase. He usually never got so emotional. It was a characteristic that Julia respected about him- his ability to stand strong through hard or sad times. Well, he admitted, that experience was just a bit overwhelming. He had seen the love of his life being turned into a small fox, even though he kept reminding himself that such an event was physically impossible and absurd. Nothing like that could ever really happen, but the dream felt so lifelike. The street corner, the alleyway, his house- all of them were real locations. He remembered the warm oak smell coming from the fireplace, and the cold, rugged brick floor where he sat, holding what was left of Julia. His hand still quavered from the sensation of running his hand through her rusty-orange fur.
    Her fur. The memory rang and reverberated in his head, and he struggled to choke back some tears. He remembered the irony of finding comfort in caressing Julia's warm coat.
    He also remembered Umbreon being there. He never did find out what happened to it; all his thoughts had been immediately washed out by the catastrophe at the end of his dream. He vaguely remembered that long walk in the dark alley, during which he was invisible, relying on the bright rings gently bouncing in front of him to avoid getting lost. He remembered the glow of the fireplace just before seeing… He clenched his sheets and shook the thoughts away. He was tired of them; they only brought him fear and agony just by thinking about them. Try as he might, though, he could not stop thinking about that soft, smooth, alien fur.
    His mind was heavy with despair as he started getting out of bed. As if responding to his dark thoughts, he suddenly felt a pricking sensation in his feet, like small sharp shards collectively trying to penetrate the skin. When he froze, so did the sensation. He squinted through the darkness at the foot of his bed, where the two mounds of his feet under the covers appeared to be joined by a third smaller mound in between. Ron took his other foot and brushed the middle bump with it. He again received the sharp sensation.
    "Ah-! Jeeze, alright, what's going on-" Ron took hold of the edge of his covers and threw them off in a dash to figure out what it was. All he saw was a small shadow on the white sheets. It was nearly impossible to make out anything in the dark, so he reached over to turn on his lamp.
    At first, Ron didn't know what to think, except that he was getting tired of all the strange things happening to him. Not moving out of his pose, he saw sitting between his feet a small ball of light-brown hair. He didn't want to risk thinking the word "fur," for fear that he'd be correct. He gently tapped it with his foot again, to see if the sensation from earlier still resulted. When his foot touched the soft hair, the ball grew a head and legs. It quickly jumped at his ankle, biting and pawing at it, sending him the same sensation. It didn't exactly hurt, but it was starting to annoy him- not just the biting, but the fact that this thing was in his bed, uninvited.
    "Hey, cut it out!"
    Suddenly, the visitor turned its head on him and stopped what it was doing. It bore as excited a look, with a smile as wide as its tiny mouth could bear.
"Oh no, nono-" Ron insisted, backing up against his bed's headboard. With huge eyes wide open, the thing pounced onto Ron's chest and darted towards his face. The tiny feet tickled his belly as it ran up, and it came to stand on Ron's huge chest, immediately falling onto its side and falling asleep right there, curled in a small ball.
    Ron sat speechless. Despite how utterly strange his situation seemed, pretty much all of his fears from the night were wiped away on the spot. He had no thoughts, as he tried to take in the fact that sitting on his chest was an impossibly tiny creature he'd never seen before in his life. One could easily take it and hold it in one hand, or tuck it into a shirt pocket.
    As it sat there, Ron watched the impossibly small chest inflate and flatten quickly, implying that it had been quite active recently. If he were to make his best guess, he would assume the strange creature was an infant, of whatever species it came from. It had a large bush of a light-brown tail that was as big as the rest of the body, with a cream-white splotch of fur on the tip. Except for a puffy cream-white mane circling its neck, the rest of its fur was the same light-brown color. It had a large head and long, thin ears on top, with tufts of fur sprouting out of each. The area on the head between the ears was noticeably scruffy, decorated with unruly patches of fur that needed to be patted down. In the center of the dormant head, below two huge eyelids, was a tiny spot of a nose, almost imperceptible without closer examination, which Ron took by gently tapping with his finger.
    Obviously the creature was only pretending to be sleeping, as its eyes flashed opened and clamped a set of dull, tiny fangs around Ron's knuckle. Its tail was flicking about wildly like a squirrel's.
"You wouldn't happen to be the ghost of Christmas present would you?" Ron mumbled tiredly, managing to pull his finger away.
The kitten-like head tilted to the side inquisitively with the same look of excitement.
"Yeah, didn't think so," Ron muttered back. It had a determined yet playful look in its deep, brown eyes, now open fully in front of his. Ron was forced to stare into them- a giant pair of eyes, about the size of quarters on the lemon-sized head, gazing playfully back at him.
He struggled to tear his eyes from the furry face, and his head landed with his face looking at the alarm clock on the night stand. His eyes bulged when he saw that it read "5:41."
    "Oh, you're kidding." He hopelessly looked up at the ceiling, then back at the furry wonder on his chest. In that short span of time, the head and tail had retracted back into a curled-up state, without Ron having felt a thing. Only a pair of fuzzy ears stood out from the brown mass.
    Even though he had only gotten a few hours of sleep, he somehow felt completely refreshed. His muscles no longer ached, and his stress and anxiety had mostly dissolved. He was still a little upset about his early awakening, though, because he had to find something to do for the next couple of hours. As if detecting his thoughts, the head sprouted back out, eyes wide open and glittering in the lamplight.
    Ron reached out with his right hand to rub the tiny head. However, the animal snapped with tiny teeth at the extended finger before letting it stroke the soft mane. Ron only smiled at the cute gesture; it didn't really hurt a bit.
    If it weren't for the fact that he was looking at the fur he was touching, he wouldn't have known he was touching anything. It was like running his fingers through thin air or dipping them into a gentle, lukewarm stream. As he stroked, he couldn't help but notice how this little thing reminded him a lot of the Umbreon, except much much smaller and brown, rather than deep black.
    The stroking appeared to settle the volatile furball down a bit. It began to slowly close its eyes and yawned a faint, high-pitched squeak, Eeevvveeee
    "So, is that what you are then, Eevee?"
    The yawn proved to be just an act. It quickly retrieved its excitement, shot its ears straight up, and smiled as it produced an excited EEVvee! It rolled over onto its back and looked up at Ron with its deep, playful eyes, which seemed to grow to cover half of the entire face. Ron chuckled as he reached forward to rub Eevee's belly. It stretched as he did so, extending its short paws as far as they could go, and curved its back a little. It groaned its name again in the same high pitch with which it seemed to say everything.
    Ron thought he was starting to realize the nature of the situation. Though he knew it was probably futile he asked, "What are you doing here?"
    In response, as if actually understanding him, Eevee jumped at his head and wrapped its body gently around his neck, and proceeded to tickle him with its small tongue and purred loudly, still squeaking its name. It then went on to climb up into his hair and started playing with the dark strands.
    "Ah! Okay! Okay, I get it already. You like me." He reached up to retrieve the little menace who had started to nibble at his hair. "But, how did you get here?"
    The little wonder struggled to get out of Ron's hold and dashed towards the side of the bed, jumping off with an adventurous squeak. Ron flinched as he heard a soft thump, and the sound of metal being scratched. He rolled over and looked at the green rug below. Eevee was rolled up in a ball and was resting perfectly in the red half of the now-open ball he had kept in his coat pocket. Again it was pretending to sleep.
    "Ah, so you were in that thing... wait, you were in that thing?" Ron reached over, grabbed the mechanism, and brought it back onto the bed for examination. Eevee hopped out and proceeded to play with Ron's foot, which he disregarded.
    Indeed, the object was much more than just a toy ball. Inside it was pretty much entirely black, with a couple rings of green and silver plates. Eevee was somehow able to fit snugly in one of the halves of it without putting up a fuss. He assumed it was designed for transport, though very crude transport he admitted. Why would such an tightly-packed item be built for the transport of a living being so small that could easily be held in one hand? He looked at Eevee, who was busy attacking his toes, and he confirmed that he could- if it were necessary- carry it around in one hand, or trust it to stay in his coat pocket.
    Certainly, if Eevee were to be sealed in there, it couldn't possibly breathe, or receive food or water. Could it? It couldn't be as simple as shoving the little furball inside and closing it shut. As he thought, he closed the ball in his hands, with Eevee pawing his leg.
    "What the heck is this thing? How does it work?" He knew Eevee's vocabulary was particularly limited, but he hoped perhaps it could answer his questions like before.
    Eevee turned its head away from Ron's impossibly fascinating leg to respond. It tumbled off of the leg and stood in front of the ball. Vee!
    A faint red glow began to appear around its fur, and it eventually became completely engulfed in red light. The outline became deformed, and a bit of the red light reached out for the center of the button on the ball in his hand. Pretty soon, the red light was gone, and Ron assumed it had been taken inside the ball. Of course, he was startled by the sight of Eevee disappearing, and had absolutely no idea what to do at first.
    Frantically, he tried pressing the button on the front. Instead of Eevee reappearing, the ball in his hand suddenly shrank to the size of a golf ball. He quickly reversed this by pressing the button again. It suddenly grew back to the size of a baseball. His anxious hands were not ready for the spontaneous growth, and he dropped the ball. With wide eyes, he watched as the ball fell onto the carpeted floor with a metallic Thud!
    The ball opened back up, and he saw the red glow inside. It sprang out onto the bed, and Eevee rematerialized before him. It jumped up and down with an excited Vee! Vee! Eevee! Vee!, just before running towards his face and pelting him with a barrage of sweet gentle affection.
    Ron chuckled at this movement, which quickly turned into a loud laugh. He didn't care if anyone else was awoken by this as he continued to play around with the brown ball of energy. No individual could bear to look upon it with any amount of contempt, even if it had woken him up in the middle of the night. He looked out the window while scratching Eevee's chin, and realized just how much he loved the sleeping world under the spotlight of the moon.
    He stopped scratching and held Eevee up to his face. "You know what? I think I'll go for a walk. What do you say?"
    Eevee responded with a prompt lick to Ron's nose.
    "Hmm-hmm. All right, then, I'll just go get my hat and coat…"
    As if copying him, Eevee jumped out of the generous hand and bounded for its ball, and nudged it with its small paw, looking at Ron.
    "All right, if you insist."
    Eevee once again glowed bright red and disappeared into its red and white orb. Ron walked over to it and picked up the ball. He gently tucked it away in his coat pocket and, smiling gently, walked out of his room.
Part 3: Ron's First full day in the city...

Okay, I may have gone off of a tangent here. Normally, I am a man of mystery, and not one of This is a little bit "cuter" than most of my works.

Ron wakes from his dreadfully impossible nightmare and finds himself in the company of a baby Eevee.

Hopefully this turn of events might actually lead somewhere, as I have contemplated over so many long nights...

AH! Before I forget...
Pokémon, its characters, events, names, etc. are (c) Nintendo.
Ron (name) is (c) ChristopherF10.

Next: [link]
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