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May 20, 2010
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Eevee TF Series
Part 2
Chapter VI

Despite his aching and exhaustion, Ron could not fall asleep. For several minutes he tried each of several tactics to fall asleep without success. For the remainder of the night- at the conclusion of such an exciting day as he had, he lay on his back, sprawled his arms and legs across the white sheets, and stared at the ceiling behind closed eyes. As his alarm clock crept past 12:59, he all but gave up and decided to try something else.
Slowly, he got up and walked over to his window. He lifted his arms and reached for the dark-green curtains to pull them apart. His sleepiness left him when he saw the expanse before him. He had a perfect view of the city. On his left behind some shorter buildings was the giant mountain, an ominous shadow in the dark. If he looked down, he could see the many buildings that surrounded the relatively short four-story hotel. On his right, if he squinted, he could see the old mansion Don had described, and the flashing radio tower. All the memories rushed back into his head of the day that had passed, and what was to come. He left the curtains open and hopped back into his bed, which was conveniently positioned so he enjoyed a full view of the landscape. He finally fell asleep, but the view of the mountain was not what set him on his way. The pale-blue moonlight pouring in through the glass wiped away all of Ron's anxieties and tensions, putting him into a gentle ease. He couldn't stop staring at the perfect white circle hovering in the sky- staring back at him like the eyes of that Umbreon...

Ron gazed down in wonder at the glowing red eyes which were serenaded by the steady flashes of the rings. He pressed on. At five feet away now, it simply looked up, seeming to mirror same wonder that he projected. If it weren't for the sinister red eyes, the ominous pulsating rings, and the blackness which surrounded them, Ron would have possibly considered it an affectionate display. Even park squirrels would never let him get as close as he was getting unless he had a lot of food to offer, but he didn't seem to need one with this creature. Ron slowly knelt down onto the black-gray asphalt, face to face with the creature's captivating eyes.
Almost on cue, it lowered its head and jumped towards him, aiming for his chest. Ron caught it as it landed snugly, right into his arms, which cradled his friend comfortably. It adoringly rubbed its head against Ron's arm and purred loudly in a low grumble. In response, Ron carefully took his left hand out from under the reasonably heavy animal and began to stroke its soft black head. He gently caressed the 'ears' and made longer strokes down to the tip of the tail. Each of the strange rings his hand passed over gave no indication of being different from the rest of the fur; it all had the same soft velvet texture, and the sensation of the fur under his hand gave Ron exciting chills.
Ron carefully lay backwards onto the pavement. His precious package gently picked itself up and walked up onto the left of Ron's chest, and lay down, putting its head on Ron's shoulder. The oblong black lobe-like ears brushed against Ron's temple, and it pressed its forehead against his cheek. Ron beamed and stared up at the small milk-white body suspended in the sky, watching over the world as it slept.
"Oh, I wish I could take you home."
The furry rings glowed in agreement.
"Julia would just love you!" Ron felt a sudden shift of weight on his chest. The Umbreon had repositioned itself, standing on Ron's chest with its nose staring down at him. The calm red eyes had a faint glow of alarm as if sensing danger.
"What is it?"
The weight of the Umbreon hopped down onto the pavement. It motioned anxiously with its head for Ron to get up. However, Ron only sat up and moved next to it, shoving off the idea of any possible danger existing in the delicate moment he was sharing under the moonlight. "What is it? Something wrong?"
Umbreon stared at him with intent in its eyes. The strong red glow surged back. The pupil submerged in the sea of lava, and the moonlight's reflection was also swallowed up by the bright intensity. The rings had stopped pulsing, remaining strongly aglow without disappearing.
Ron now felt something too. Something was not entirely right, but he couldn't tell what. He brought his right hand around him to his side to get up, but before he could do so, Umbreon leaped at him. It landed right on his chest, knocking him back down. Standing on his chest it stared down, nose-to-nose, with lethal eyes piercing into Ron's. Again Ron felt the deep connection to the creature he felt before, a slim sense of security hidden deep beneath the glaring eyes.
As he pulled away and looked down around him, he started seeing more and more of the asphalt beneath him. His shadow was also nowhere to be seen, whitewashed by the moonlight. He also felt cooler, the pristine night air tickling him from the inside. His arms were fading from sight, and soon he could see right through his abdomen. He was turning invisible, as was the Umbreon, however it showed no sign of fear as it completely disappeared from vision. Ron could somehow feel the tranquil state it was in, and the same calmness soon rested in him.
Soon however, Umbreon came back into visibility about five feet from Ron. Again, it motioned for Ron to follow it as it headed towards the darkest alley on the street.
Ron stood up, somehow invisible and without a shadow, and followed his guide down the dark road. The path made an abrupt right turn, and Ron was quickly surrounded in blinding darkness. The only light he could still see was in the glowing rings leading him, so he continued following without hesitation. Up ahead he could see no sign of the alleyway ending, and he wondered who could possibly own the buildings they were walking by, or if possibly the road he was on was a one-way street and he was going the wrong way. He tried to put these fleeting thoughts aside and think about nothing in particular. He started whistling quietly and patting his invisible legs to a shaky, unsteady beat. His guide stopped and gave him a serious glare, putting an end to it. Ron threw a smile and chuckled a little bit at the somehow cute quality it was clearly trying to hide.
They had been walking for what felt like several minutes, when Ron finally saw a glimpse of light several hundred feet ahead. This new hope quickened his pace. His partner showed no opposition, joining in.
Upon exiting the dark tunnel, Ron found himself in a familiar location. Instinctively, he looked left to find a large, dark wooden door with a shining brass handle. He looked down and saw wood flooring of the same color. He soon realized he was somehow inside his house, several hundred miles away. He tried to formulate his thoughts while he stood stupefied in front of his bedroom. His hand impulsively reached out to open the door and see his Julia, until he saw a light glow coming from the hall to his right. Umbreon was already in front of him, going down the hall, and motioning for him to follow. Reluctantly, Ron stepped away from the door and obeyed.
As Ron followed, his head was wrapped around trying to form conclusions about what was going on, even if they made no sense at all. Before, Umbreon seemed alarmed when he had mentioned Julia, and then he was somehow led, on foot, back to his house. Was there something wrong with Julia? Did the animal somehow know what was going on? He quickened his following, nearly passing Umbreon. An orange glow ahead was growing brighter, coming from the living room. He quickly ran out of the hallway and ran to the balcony railing over his living room. There was Julia, sitting comfortably on the floor in front of the fireplace. This was clearly the source of the warm glow, but why did Julia have the fire on, when it was so warm already? He wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead. He looked down at Umbreon. Wishing not to upset it, he quietly put his arms on the balcony railing and waited for whatever he was meant to see. It didn't take long.
Ron rubbed his invisible eyes to make sure he was not seeing things, and for good reason. He could have sworn that he saw a huge flame lap out at Julia. It seemed ridiculous, but soon after the fact, he saw Julia sprawled out on her back in front of the fire. There was a small spot on her chest which was glowing brightly before it quickly faded. Julia quickly recovered and frantically patted her chest as she sat back up. She looked everywhere around her, seeing right through Ron and the Umbreon, as if about to be attacked. She groaned and looked at her hand, and then her arm. Ron couldn't see anything odd for a while because of the shadows caused by the fire's glow, but soon the silence was broken by her panicked scream
Ron tried to jump over the railing and run over to his wife, but some force kept him in his place; he was petrified.
Continuing, he saw Julia's ring slip off her finger as they shrunk into small, plump digits. She frantically pulled her shirt off with difficulty and shrieked; she was covered in orange and cream fur. Ron's jaw dropped. He could only watch her arms and legs shrank, as curly red hair soon replaced her blond hair. He saw her try to stand but quickly she fell down again in a heap on the floor. A huge, red, bushy tail sprang out from her abdomen, covering her. The last thing he saw was her large brown eyes trembling, reflecting the fireplace's bright warmth in the dark room.
Ron snapped free and broke through his shock. He turned to his left and bolted down the flight of stairs. Invisible or not, he could see that Julia needed comfort, assuming she was even alive down there. He rushed and flew down next to the pile of clothes which she had fallen under and started removing them, uncovering the small form of a orange-brown fox.
His mind went back to the previous afternoon, when he got out of Don's cab. He remembered seeing a creature of the same likeness hiding in the back seat. He mentally walked down the streets to the bus stop, to the boy playing the videogame…
"Vulpix," he murmured, through his pants of shock. Julia opened her deep eyes and looked at him longingly. He was slightly startled at the unexpected response. He looked back down and saw his arms came back into view, along with the rest of his body.
He wept softly, thinking about what Julia was going through and wishing he could help. She feebly walked up to him and crawled into his lap. She looked up at him with her deep eyes, radiant with firelight. He saw a small tear run down from them. He lifted her up to his chest and caressed her gently, supporting her legs like a cat. Her neck wrapped around his, and he put his left hand on her back, stroking her like he did with Umbreon. Her rusty fur was intensely warm to the touch, but that only added to Ron's long embrace.
"H-hey, hey, honey it's alright... I-I'm here, it's alright..." He sat on the floor with her and held back his tears, trying not to crush his wife under his huge arms.
As he started to whimper, Julia looked again into his eyes. Immediately, he started stroking again, and refused to stop. He remained on the brick floor and sliding his hand down Julia's red pelt, sniffling as he brought his hand back to her head. He tried kissing her neck and forehead several times, clinging to the fairytale belief that maybe a human kiss would magically reverse whatever had happened, but nothing changed. She was still a Vulpix, and he was still…
Chapter VI, and the end of Day 2 for Ron. For clarification, its possible that I may have skipped a day in the story, so just keep that in mind.
In this part, Ron goes through a dream sequence, and sees Umbreon and Julia again.

For those who are wondering, yes. The action will be occurring soon. I bypassed a whole lot of dull action I was going to put in, but I may have locked myself in a corner with this bit. I WILL find a way to get through it ASAP.

Umbreon and Vulpix and Julia (name) are (c) Nintendo.
Ron, Cathy, Don, and any other names are (c) ChristopherF10.
Until next time,

Next: (Part 3!) [link]
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ChristopherF10 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2010  Student Writer
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Thank you for your interest in the story, though! :D
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Ron is seeing a vision of what was happening to his wife back home, but he thinks it was just a dream. After all, how could something so unimaginable happen to such ordinary people?? (insert evil laugh here)
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