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May 18, 2010
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Eevee TF Series
Part 2
Chapter V

Ron now possessed no fear. He felt no doubt or concern as he successfully stroked the soft head of the strange animal. To Ron's delight it apparently did not mind being petted, especially by this human. In fact it pushed its head against Ron's gentle hand, showing strange affection in its deep red eyes. Ron stared at the calm eyes as his hand passed over the thin, smooth fur covering its head and neck. As his hand felt it, he felt a deep enthralling sensation, some kind of inner connection that made him nearly giddy. His smile widened, beaming, and the cat in front of him seemed to go along with it, its eyes growing a bit brighter. Ron started gently scratching under its chin and behind its ears- if they could be called "ears." A pair of interestingly floppy bulbs protruded from its head where a cat's ears would be. Despite having no slots or holes, Ron could only assume that the animal could hear through them. The animal blinked, dragging Ron's attention away from its bulbous ears- and tail of the same shape- back to its eyes.
Those eyes… Ron sat and continued staring at them, feeling them stare into him- not at him, but deep into his head and inner being, somehow understanding his feelings, and sharing its own with him. He had only seen the thing twice in his lifetime, yet he felt like they'd known each other for a year at least. The softened cab headlights reflected off of the crimson eyes, creating a distinct little circle of light against each of the deep black pupils. This effect added to the already endearing look held by the…
"Umbreon…" Ron felt himself quietly murmur the word- a word completely alien to him, yet it felt remarkably tender to the tongue, as though it were commonplace.
As soon as he had said this, the creature lay down and casually rolled onto its side, looking back up at Ron with the same playful expression. Ron reached forward to stroke its side, smiling back at it. When he touched the thicker fur, the creature surprised him when it mumbled a somewhat high-pitched umbreon!
Ron's hand stopped and he looked with mild astonishment, raising an eyebrow. "What did you say?"
The shadow repeated itself with a flowing reaffirmed reply: UMbreon!
"Strange..." Ron pursed his lips in thought. "Well, if you insist on saying that, I might just have to call you that… Umbreon."
Umbreon acknowledged the name and rolled over. Stretching its legs a little, it seemed to showed comfort under the human's hand which was stroking its irresistibly soft fur. It produced a loud purring sound, satisfying Ron as he continued to pamper the new friend.
By this time, Ron had almost completely forgotten about being waited upon. Don was sitting in the cab, anxiously watching his companion's moves to make sure things didn't turn South. Ron was the only doctor here, he thought to himself; what would old Don do if he were left alone to tend to any serious wounds? He noticed that the cat-thing's rings were still flashing, but at a much slower pace, which he assumed must have meant a calm mood. He began to become frustrated again as he saw Ron sit down on the pavement and continue to pet the stray. Rolling his eyes at how long this was taking, he cut off his engine, opened his door and stepped out.
"Ron! Hey, gas ain't cheap, you know! Come on! Hurry up with that thing!"
As soon as the door had opened, both Ron and Umbreon jumped on their feet, startled.
"Oh crap, Don, I'm sorry, I got a little carried away with this little guy…"
Ron looked down next to where he had been sitting, to find that his shadowy little companion was nowhere to be seen. Even with the light from the cab out, the moonlight allowed only the blue-gray color of the road to be seen. He ignored Don and waited again, staring into the darkness of the alleyways and the porches of the silent homes that surrounded him. Not a single ring glowed, nor did a bright red eye shine.
"Where did it go?" Ron was looking everywhere, including under the car, to no avail.
"Where'd what go?" Don replied with a tinge of annoyance.
"Oh come on, don't try and tell me you didn't see it this time! I even pointed it out!"
"You mean you're still obsessed with that stray?"
Ron sighed. He felt a bit embarrassed, but also a bit offended. He'd never go out of his way to do something crazy unless he was sure about it. "That's not just any old stray, Don." He spoke with a face bathed in seriousness, which was necessary if he wanted to prove something this ludicrous to a person like Don. "It couldn't be. You saw those rings… and those eyes…"
Between each of his pauses, a small tingling sensation was felt on his arm and neck. He looked down, and noticed that small pools of water were collecting on his skin. The rate of these soon turned into a steady rain, and Ron was left standing in the middle of the road getting his hat and clothes wet.
"Come on, kid," Don offered, his tone calming down. "Give it up and get over here."
Ron gave another full scan of the area before giving up. Defeated, he sulked back to the cab. The rain was picking up quickly.
He opened the door and carefully sat down, trying not to get the seat too wet. Don turned his key and started up the engine again. The headlights flickered on as the cab finally made its left turn into the alleyway.
Ron looked over. "D'you say something?"
"Nah, probably just a motorcycle."
"Hmm…" Ron sat back in his seat and buckled up. He got excited when he saw a red flash in the darkness outside, but became downtrodden to find out it was just a distant radio tower. He let his eyes fall shut, reclining his seat back a bit. The sounds of the rain on the windows and the tires rolling over the old wet road were especially soothing.
The cab arrived at the main road through the city. The traffic was still standstill, but that didn't matter as the cab crossed the road at an intersection, about two miles ahead of where Don had lost his temper and pulled off the road. One could only imagine the frustration of the drivers on the highway who had to stop for a single old, dinged-up cab to cross at the traffic light.
"Hahaha, beautiful," Don remarked with a smile. "We'd probly still be a few blocks back if we hadn't cut around this mess."
The cab continued for another mile until it found the rear parking lot of the Black Cat. The parking lot, well hidden, was accessible only by the side street that the cab had taken, and by a narrow alleyway that branched off of the busy road in the front. Despite the number of people staying in the hotel, there seemed to be only half that number of cars in the lot. Don circled around and found a spot close to the rear entrance of the building.
Dodging the rain which was starting to come down in heavy curtains, the two men dashed around a line of dumpsters into the hotel entrance. They stood in the entryway, allowing the rain to drip onto the black carpet, which was decorated with a tattered and scuffed "WFICCME" printed on it. Of course, many visitors had brushed their feet on the welcome mat before, removing much of its original paint and material. Ron and Don added to the mat's casualties and took a minute to collect themselves.
"Oh, wait a minute, I forgot something!" Ron began to turn around, but Don stopped him.
"Whoa!" He grabbed him by the shoulder, "you ain't going back out in this weather. Wait'll rain lets up, I'll go n' get your stuff."
"Alright, thanks." Ron was very thankful, but his emotions were washed away in the rain.
Don led Ron into the nearest elevator, and pressed the button labeled with a 3. The doors slowly closed, when a hand was thrust into the opening.
"WAIT!" A female voice echoed in the dull metal room in the elevator, and the door slowly opened again, revealing a young woman, soaked from head to toe in her bright yellow poncho, with a leash in hand. Silently, she darted into the elevator, followed by her now-dark yellow dog, also wet. The men separated, making room for the new guests.
"Hah… Thank you… Hah, these elevators take forever…" She looked up and saw Ron. Upon seeing him, she quickly lifted herself up and corrected her speech. "Ah, fancy meeting you again, and under the same circumstances. Strange, right?" She was apparently also under the strong, demoralizing effects of the rain that hindered Ron. She spoke with a certain lack of enthusiasm, or masked enthusiasm, that gave her an extremely casual feminine tone.
"Oh trust me, that's becoming less and less strange for me today." Ron extended his arm. "Hey, I don't remember catching your name-"
She cut him off. "Hey, Don, I nearly didn't recognize you under all that water there." She extended her arm to shake hands. Don happily obliged, offering his less shaky hand.
Ron interrupted the greetings. "Ahem."
"Oh, right." She extended her arm to Ron. "I'm Cathy."
He shook her hand. "Ron."
She switched her gaze between the two men in front of her. "You two related or something?"
Ron quickly corrected, "No-no, he's just a friend. He drove me all the way here from Lancaster."
"That far, huh? What are you doing out here then?"
He faltered a little. "Well I, uh... I'm an intern, and I'm supposed to come over to the regional hospital here and work for a week."
Nonchalantly, "Huh, what a coincidence."
"You mean…"
"Assistant surgeon. 5 years."
Ron was very tired from the day's excitement. Under different circumstances, he probably might have been thrilled.
Don entered into the conversation. "So Ron, what was it like?"
"That thing you stopped me for in the alley."
"What are you two talking about, now?" Cathy bent over and patted Sassy on the head, eager to eavesdrop on the conversation.
"Well," Ron began, overcoming the intimidation Cathy imposed, "Coming back from dinner- which, Don so kindly took me to-"
"Adorable," Cathy smiled.
"Cool it hon," Don flashed.
"We uh... we detoured around rush hour traffic by taking some side streets…" He spent a good deal of time telling his two companions about the view from the old roads and the mansion across the sea of houses and industry. When he was about to get to the part with the cat, the elevator finally reached its destination with an interruptive "ding!" Don eagerly wished to continue the story, possibly tired from having spoken so much already, so he invited himself and Cathy into Ron's room. Ron hesitated at first, but knew he wouldn't get far in trying to avoid it. Continuing the story, Ron led the group down the colorful hallway into his room. He fumbled over his words as he searched in his pockets for his card-key. He slid it in the lock and the door made a muffled chink sound, coming ajar. The trio stepped in.
Once again, Ron was greeted with the homey scene before him. His bed called to him, appealing to his state of absolute exhaustion. However Don pulled him away from that hope.
"Well, kid. That all?"
"Your story there. You stopped at the part where you got out of the car."
"Oh, uh, well… you know what? Meet me for breakfast tomorrow? I'm just really tired." He gingerly directed this more at Cathy, the only one he knew he was actually telling the story to. He suspected Don was only trying to poke at him.
"All right, sounds good. Get some rest; you have your doctor thing tomorrow, right?"
Tiredly, "Right."
Don shook his hand and turned around to leave the room. Cathy stayed a moment to say good-night in her casual, quiet style. "See you tomorrow." She turned around and slowly walked out, looking back over her shoulder slightly. Her dog followed her out silently, wagging its tail gaily.
Finally, Ron was alone again. He immediately celebrated being able to have a good-night's sleep. However, he knew his earlier encounter would pervade his thoughts for several more hours before his mind would allow him any chance to sleep.
Episode V: Umbreon strikes back! LOL not!
Ron and Umbreon finally make contact, until Don steps in...
Also another character is introduced.
All pokémon are (c) Nintendo.
All characters, names, etc. are (c) ChristopherF10.

Next: [link]
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