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April 9, 2010
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Eevee TF Series
Part 2
Chapter II

Ron dropped his luggage and took in his new living quarters. It looked like any average hotel, with basic standard accommodations and nothing much more. Through the spacious room's single window, a gray-tinted light from the foggy mid-day sun flooded in, illuminating the half-closed green shades. The room faintly smelled of previous occupation, especially of a recent pet. Smirking, he felt overwhelmingly thankful that he was not born with any pet allergies. Hanging on a wall to his left was an old flat-screen television. In front of it lay a large queen-sized bed, with covers neatly drawn over it and numerous pillows placed at the head. Flanking the bed on either side were night-tables, each with a cream-white lamp on top. On one table was placed a telephone and room-service menu; on the other was the TV remote and channel guide. Over, closer to the door, sat a bare desk with a rolling chair in front of it. Ron nodded at the room and walked over to the side of the bed, before falling forward onto the old soft mattress. Utterly exhausted, he hadn't gotten a wink of rest since his experience last night with the mysterious cat incident. For the first time since leaving home, he took a much-needed nap without any crazy cab drivers, or even crazier animals interrupting him.

A few hours of peaceful quiet passed before a small dog started yapping from a room down the hall. Ron groaned, half-asleep, and tried to roll onto his back to drown out the noise. He groaned again as a large lump gave him an unpleasant jab from within his coat pocket. "Oh, right. That little ball-thing," he muttered. He sat upright and yawned, deciding it was about time for him to investigate it.
As he pulled the object out he remembered how weighty it had felt earlier at the bus stop, and was surprised that he had not realized it was still in his pocket until now. It was, upon closer inspection, more detailed than it had appeared before. Between the bright red and white hemispheres, there was a shallow trench coming to meet with the circular white button. Ron eyed the button with irresistible curiosity and, remembering the soundproof walls of his room, reconsidered pressing it; he was prepared for just about anything. He felt himself raising his free hand out of compulsion to touch it, and rubbed his finger over the smooth button. Before he could apply pressure however, his stomach violently growled, and he soon painfully remembered his surging hunger. At once he abandoned his curiosity and gently placed the ball in his coat pocket to examine it later. He swiftly ran out of his room, locked the door behind him, and pocketed the key card. Recalling the elevator's annoying speed, Ron decided to turn left for the stairs, which required only a slightly longer walk.
Ron passed by the receptionist and picked up a pamphlet from a wall display next to the lobby door. Inside it contained a visitor's guide and a map of various locations in the city's downtown area. He found what he wanted in the jumble of colorfully printed streets and stores: a decently located Steak 'n Shake a few miles from the hotel. The diner was probably within walking distance, but his stomach was not going to be patient enough to accept that. He set his mind on this and finally walked out of the lobby into the darkening and busying sidewalks.
He decided it was probably not a good idea to risk the possibility of getting lost in the city, so he signaled for a cab. He was reluctant to do so however, remembering the last experience he'd had in a cab not too long ago. As Ron recalled his extraordinary trip with his eccentric driver, he slowly decided that he had probably judged the man a bit too harshly. After all, he probably could have gotten a rude driver, or one that grossly overcharged him. While Ron was slow to open up to new people, he admitted that Don was a fairly nice person. Regardless, he decided he'd probably had enough of him for one day.
Very soon a yellow dinged-up city cab came rolled up and stopped right in front of Ron. From within the tinted windows of the taxi came the faint sound of the doors unlocking, and Ron quickly opened the door and jumped in to avoid delaying any traffic behind him. After he shut the door, the driver sped off into traffic, asking in an awfully familiar voice of rugged recklessness, "Haha hey, Ron! Where're you off to buddy?" As if fate would have it any other way; it was Don.
Ron, bracing himself in his seat against the jerking motions of Don's cab, groaned softly to himself. "Hey, Don. Ah, I was hoping to find a good diner in the area. It's just-"
"Oh, Steak 'n Shake, perhaps? You know I just dropped off this real quiet guy over there a little while ago and was just telling myself, 'After I drop off this guy I'll prob'ly just go get a bite there tonight!' Mind if I join you?"
Ron shifted nervously in his seat and buckled up. Half-reluctantly, he replied, "Uh, sure, I guess. You know where it is, I guess?"
"Sure do! Man, what a coincidence seeing you again. You know you looked kinda spooked when I drove off earlier. Seen it before, it takes a while to get used to this old city. Don't you worry, though- I got your back, alright?"
Ron distinctly recalled that moment when he saw the strange animal figure in the cab earlier, and felt the same spooked expression creep over him. He looked around his seat, seeing if he could find whatever it was that startled him earlier. "Yeah, uh... funny you should mention that. I don't know, I guess I may have been a little tired or something, but... erm... did you have a d-dog in here with you?"
Don risked a quick look in the rear view mirror, which Ron met with a curious glare. Don raised his eyebrow with a look of confusion and of uncertainty. "A dog, eh? Well, I don't think so. I do in fact allow dogs in my cab, but I don't usually take my dog around in here. Scares away the customers," he added with a slight chuckle.
Ron skeptically accepted the explanation, though he still tried to figure out what exactly he'd seen in the window that morning. It didn't exactly look like any dog he'd ever seen, now that he thought of it. A mix between dog and fox, more like. Just like in that kid's game. How it could have been in the cab, he couldn't begin to guess, unless Don was trying to pull off another prank. He managed to push the issue out of his head to focus on other matters. Obviously, tonight was not going to be the last time he would ever see Don in the three-or-so days he was going to be staying in Coledge, seeing how he seemed to be one of the few cab drivers in the immense city. Getting to know him a little more probably would be a good idea. Ron gathered up his courage and conveyed his ponderings to Don:
"So, Don... I'm guessing that since we have by sheer coincidence managed to be paired up on yet another outing together, I suppose I should use this time to get to know my loyal cab driver a little." Ron bit his lip. He was actually impressed with himself. Not only was he making conversation with a stranger, but he was the one engaging it, and with the cab driver; with the person he was more or less hoping to stay far away from.
Don looked back and gave a chuckle. "Tell you what. Ask me again in the diner, alright?"
Ron nodded, a bit surprised. Normally Don would talk non-stop, but after having received an open invitation to talk, he turns it down? Ron sat back and rolled his eyes at the man's capacity to baffle him.
The cab rounded another corner. Up ahead in a plaza amongst the taller buildings lay the restaurant with the familiar classic look, situated off in the corner of the plaza. It had the appearance of any regular Steak 'n Shake, except with notably fewer cars in its notably smaller parking lot. As the cab rolled up to the plaza, Ron gazed out at the bright reflections of the restaurant's lights and the streetlights in a small nearby pond.
After Don drove the rusty, old cab off of the road he maneuvered into the parking lot and found a decent spot close to the restaurant entrance. The two travelers stepped out of the vehicle. Don slammed his door casually and headed inside, but Ron was bent over with his head ducked inside the cab collecting his belongings. Even though he was only going to dinner and knew there was no way a thief could raid the closely-parked vehicle, he still felt safer taking all of his possessions inside with him.
As he was bent over, however, the strange ball toy slipped out of his coat pocket and rolled onto the floor of the cab. Even though it was not even his, Ron immediately retrieved the item and shoved it back in his pocket securely. This thing he especially did not want Don to learn about, considering what humiliation could potentially come out of his taunting mouth. Though, he did not plan to keep it hidden forever. After collecting everything to his satisfaction, he closed the door and rushed inside to dine with Don- an action which only a few hours ago he would have never possibly considered.
Hey, viewers. Sorry it took so long. Spring break just ended, and transitioning back to school has been hectic. However, I personally like where the story is going. It will be SO MUCH longer than (and hopefully as good as) the Vulpix story.
(spoiler alert) In this part, Ron remembers his hunger and goes out for a bite to eat. However, his plans are hindered by a certain cab driver that just won't go away.

Next: [link]
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